Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I buy signed paperbacks of your books?
I wish! I live in Australia, so postage to send books internationally is prohibitive. I am happy to send up to three free signed bookplates that you can stick in the paperbacks you can purchase from Amazon or other online retailers. And if you need more bookplates, you can also purchase more from me. Just send me a message titled Bookplates and let me know.

2) Will your books be available as audiobooks?
Yes! I have several series available in audio with more on the way. These include Team 52, Treasure Hunter Security, Eon Warriors, Hell Squad and Galactic Gladiators. Check out the Audio page for more info.

3) Will there be more HELL SQUAD books?
Yes! There are two more books. Hell Squad Survivors (a collection of novellas) and Tane. Both books coming in 2020.

4) Are there more Galactic Gladiator books coming after Imperator?
Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Carthago yet! Check out the House of Rone cyborgs starting with Sentinel.

5) Are Hell Squad, Galactic Gladiators or Team 52 available at other retailers?
The Gladiators and Team 52 -- not yet! These series are currently exclusive to Amazon but once they are finished their exclusive runs, they will head out to other retailers in the future.

Hell Squad books are slowly rolling out to the other retailers (about one book per month!)

6) I love Lastite Lala from the Phoenix Adventures! Will she have a book?
I love Lala too. She will get a book but she needs to grow up a little bit first. I will give you a hint about her story -- her hero has appeared in some Phoenix Adventures books.

7) Are the Phoenix Adventures books available in paperback or audio?
The prequel story Among Galactic Ruins is available in paperback. At Star's End is currently through a publisher and I don't have control of it. Until I do, the rest of the series won't be available in paperback or audio!

8) I loved WINTER FUSION! Will there be more books in the Perma Series?
I have lots of ideas for the ice planet of Perma! I don't have anything in the works right now, but I think there will be more. Stay tuned.

9) Will there be more books in the Anomaly Series?
Well, it was supposed to be a trilogy and now it has four books in it! At this stage, I don’t have anything planned, but never say never.

10) Do you have any new series planned?
Yes. They are fast-paced, action-packed and super sexy. I can tell you some will be science fiction romance and some will be contemporary romantic suspense. Expect to see more of the tall, dark, and mysterious Vander Norcross (who appeared in the Team 52 series briefly) in 2020.

11) Are you planning to write more paranormal romance?
Not at the moment. I started out writing paranormal because I read a lot of paranormal. But I always knew I wanted to write action-filled romance and now my heart belongs to science fiction romance and contemporary romance with an action edge.

12) How come you don't write any really long books?
The main reason is because my stories are so action-packed. I think 100,000 words of action might be too exhausting for everyone! And also I'm a busy wife, mother, author, reader, domestic goddess (okay, that one might be a slight exaggeration!) and I prefer to read and write shorter novels.

13) Do you have a printable list of all your books?
I do. Take a look at the Booklist buttons at the bottom of the Books page.

14) What’s your writing schedule?
I write every day, around the schedules of my two young sons. 2016 marked the year I gave up my first career as a mining engineer to officially become a full-time author. Now my work is also what I love to do!

15) Any advice for aspiring writers?
Stop aspiring and start writing! Write every day. Write when the writing is tough, write when the words are flowing, and finish that book.

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