A Brand New Cover

I have a shiny new cover to share…

On a Barbarian World is the latest in the Phoenix Adventures. There is action, adventure and romance as Aurina Phoenix (half-sister of the deep space convoy Phoenix brothers) crash lands on a distant alien world and finds herself claimed by a barbarian warlord.

On a Barbarian World will be out mid-December.




26 thoughts on “A Brand New Cover”

  1. Great cover ~ looking forward to reading the next Phoenix Adventure!! You’re a great writer, and I appreciate your communication on works in progress as well as the frequency of releases! Love to re-read your books; the Hell Squad series is a particular favorite 🙂

    1. Thanks, Julia! I appreciate the kinds words. I love writing my action romance stories and I love my awesome readers. I’m thrilled I’ve found readers like you who love the stories I write. And a new Hell Squad story is coming very soon (-:

      1. Love the cover. I haven’t read any of your books. Unfortunately I was unable to download the free books. Will have a friend see if he can help me. Looking forward to reading them.

        1. Glad you love the cover, Ann. We have to get you your free books! If you’re still having trouble, contact me through my website or send an email (up in the Contact section) and I will get you sorted out.

  2. Wow! Love the blues in this cover. The detail in the veining is awesome . He is one stunning hunk! I’d hate to face that vicious looking weapon he’s holding.

    1. Thanks, Lin! I really like the blue too…although I’m running out of different colors for the Phoenix Adventures books!! Yep, Kavon is pretty easy on the eyes…and we get to see the weapon in action in the book (-;

  3. Wow! I am loving that cover! The colors! The pic of the planet on the bottom! The sword! And of course, the sexy hero!

    1. Glad you approve, Christine. And a sword plays an important role in the story too…it is the treasure they are hunting.

  4. Love the cover. I also wanted to day that the Anomly Series was the first I read of yours. They definitely made me an Anna Hackett fan for life. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Christi. A fan for life is like the best compliment ever!! Oh, and I’m so pleased to hear the Anomaly Series was the first series you read of mine – like I said, they where the first stories where I sat down and wrote what I loved.

    1. Yay, Susan. I’m giving it that final polish right now and then very soon that barbarian will be all yours (-; Everyone girl needs a barbarian warrior for Christmas!

  5. Bertha Alicia León

    Blue and black are my favorite colors! And that sword… Wow! Love this cover and the hero portrayed in it!
    I can’t wait to read this book…

  6. Talk about sexy!!! Wow. Hope he’s as badass as he looks with a touch of drop dead handsomeness;-) Can’ t wait. I was wondering which of the other Phoenix’s u would write about next. Hope she is as dangerous as Dax????

    1. Cheers, Vinita! Yes, Kavon is pretty badass (-: Aurina isn’t quite as dangerous but she’s a deep-space scout and pretty opinionated…she can hold her own.

  7. What a fantastic cover, it really gets your attention! The detail of the sword, the shadowed profile of the sexy, alphalicious, barbarian wielding it, (by the way Anna this is a great teaser not showing his face completely which allows us to use our imagination) and the barren almost inhospitable looking planet in the background. IMO this cover is a definite winner because if I saw it in a bookstore, I would pick it up right away to read the blurb and that’s the whole point of a cover, GRAB the reader’s eye and draw them in. Mission accomplished, excellent cover, and can’t wait to get my hands on him uh, I mean the book. 🙂

    1. Yay, Sheri, I am thrilled you love it. And you nailed it on the tease — I always try to obscure faces so a reader can picture their own version of the characters. I’ve read some books where the cover image just bugs me because it is so far off my vision of the character.

      And he’ll be in your hands…oh, I mean the book will be in your hands very soon (-:

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