Anomaly Series Book 4

Science Fiction Romance Salvation

He was once a power-hungry crime lord and John Brown can never forget it. He’s lost most of his memories—most of his soul—but no one trusts him…not even himself. Then his calm, boring existence is shattered when he wakes up chained in a secret underground lab. Tortured, experimented on, his only hope is a feminine voice in the darkness.

Eve Myles has a very big secret. One she doesn’t plan to share with anyone. She’s spent a lifetime surviving people intent on abusing her psychic abilities and once again, she’s trapped in some Frankenstein’s lab. When Mr. Tall, Dark and Broody arrives in the cell beside hers, she takes her chance to escape with him. Thrust into the treacherous terrain of the Australian Outback and hunted by their captors, these two survivors will stand side-by-side and fight.

John and Eve are shocked by a passion that burns hotter than the desert sun and soon yearn for a chance at a life neither one of them thought possible. But even if they survive the dangers around them, they may not survive each other’s dark secrets.

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