Cover Reveal: Claim of Eon

The fierce warriors of the Eon Empire now have a budding alliance with Earth…but the ravenous insectoid Kantos will do anything to tear it apart.

I am SO excited to be back in the world of the Eon Warriors and the tough Terrans bringing those warriors to their knees! These stories are always such a wild, action-packed ride, and I love seeing a big alien warrior fall for a feisty, smart heroine from Earth.

But now, it is time to see how a disciplined, independent female Eon warrior deals with a good-looking, smart, and tenacious hero from Earth. Second Commander Airen Kann-Felis of the Eon warship, the Rengard, is all about her work. Despite being fiercely drawn to Sub-Captain Donovan Lennox of Earth’s Space Corps, she tries to keep their relationship professional.

When Airen and Donovan are on a shuttle mission together, they find themselves under attack by the Kantos and forced to crash-land on a deadly prison planet. With only each other to depend on, it is a race to survive the Kantos and the planet’s dangerous criminals.

As always, I am super excited to show you the cover for Claim of Eon and to celebrate by giving away some signed Eon Warriors paperbacks. Scroll down to take a peek and enter!

Claim of Eon
Eon Warriors #6
Release Date: Tuesday July 7th

Cover for Claim of Eon

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Mark of Eon featuring Airen and Donovan

Sub-Captain Donovan Lennox stood on the bridge of the Rengard, staring out into space. It felt nothing like his usual post aboard the Space Corps high-tech ship, the Divergent.

He missed working with his crew. But he was learning a lot from the Eon and the Rengard’s warriors.

And there was one warrior he liked watching most of all.

Second Commander Airen Kann-Felis was sharp, dedicated, and a stickler for the rules. She was also gorgeous. Donovan had never gone for flashy. He liked quiet and understated, and Airen had that in spades. She was all smooth white skin, like cream.

Donovan liked cream.

Not for the first time since he’d come aboard the Rengard, he wondered what she was like when she relaxed. When she set the second commander aside and let the woman shine through.

A muted alarm sounded.

“Airen?” Malax asked.

Airen frowned at a console. “We’re showing a problem in an access conduit on the central deck.”

The war commander frowned. “Did we pick up a stowaway? Kantos?”

“There’s no sign we did. But it is close to the helian room.”

After he’d joined the crew, Donovan had learned that the Rengard had some top-secret, high-tech helian technology that helped run the systems on the warship. It also made it a target.

“I’ll check it over personally,” Airen said.

“I’ll come with you.” Donovan shifted toward the door.

She hesitated, but Malax nodded. “An excellent idea. You can show Donovan some of the internal systems.”

Airen was quiet as they walked down the corridor. He’d learned that she didn’t say too much unnecessarily. Finally, she stopped and pressed a palm to a maintenance door. It opened silently to uncover a tight maintenance conduit.

Turning sideways, they slid into the space.

When Donovan’s shoulder brushed hers, he saw her jolt.

“Do I upset you?” he asked.

“What?” Her black eyes, threaded with pale-green strands met his. “Of course not.”

“I feel like I make you nervous.”

She lifted her chin. “I’m still getting to know you.” She turned. “Here.”

She dropped down and opened a smaller conduit tunnel. She crawled inside, giving Donovan a glimpse of her slender, firm ass before she disappeared. He looked at the ceiling for a second, praying for some control. The last thing he needed was the second commander catching him with a hard-on tenting his uniform pants.

Dropping down, he followed her in.

“The damaged area is just up here,” she said.

She stopped. Together, they crouched in the conduit. He looked at the melted, burned-out patch of metal.

“What the cren?” she muttered.

“Something came through here.” Donovan arched his head, looking up through the incinerated hole above. The edges had dripped then solidified.

Her brow furrowed. “There’s nothing on scanners.”

“Some of these Kantos nasties are good at evading scanners.”

She turned again, and this time, Donovan got her toned ass just inches from his face. He swallowed a groan.

“There’s a trail of…something sticky.” Her frown deepened, as she gestured at the floor of the conduit.

Donovan saw the glittering trail and, as Airen started crawling to follow it, he followed her.

They turned a corner and a second later, he spotted a slug-like alien. It was leisurely eating one of the Rengard’s components.

“Is it Kantos?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” she said.

The alien turned. It looked almost cute…until it bared a large set of fangs at them. Then it moved. Faster than any slug should move.

As it launched itself at him, Donovan grabbed it. Its squishy body oozed between his fingers, and its teeth snapped at his face.

Airen shoved in close and grabbed it as well.

“It’s slippery,” he warned.

The alien slipped free of their hands and landed with a slap in front of them. Before it could launch at them, Donovan hit it, knocking it against the wall.

“Pin it,” Airen yelled.

Donovan pulled his leg up and pressed his boot against the slug. It tried to slide free but he kept it pinned to the wall.

Airen’s armor shifted, a knife forming on her arm. She reached past Donovan, her body pressed against his, then stabbed the slug’s body.

The creature slumped.

She pulled back.

“Nice work, Second Commander.”

“You too, Sub-Captain.”

He pulled his boot back and watched the slug’s body lie motionless in the conduit. Then he turned his head and found his face inches from Airen’s.

She stilled, her gaze catching on his lips.

The air in the conduit charged.

“You have gorgeous eyes,” he murmured.

Something flared in them, the delicate strands of green glowing turquoise.

Unable to stop himself, Donovan leaned forward and touched his mouth to hers.

She gasped and pulled back. She licked her lips. Then suddenly, they were both moving. The next second, Airen Kann-Felis threw an arm around his neck and kissed the hell out of him.

Donovan groaned. She tasted so fucking good. He angled his head, deepening the kiss and heard her make a hungry, little sound.

Suddenly, Airen jerked back. Her cheeks were flushed with color. “This is inappropriate.”

“Two consenting adults enjoying each other?”

“We work together. Our species have an alliance.”

“That’s nothing we can’t work around. I’d like to know how you taste, Airen, all over.”

Her cheeks flared with color. “No.” She pulled back, her shoulders stiffening. She tossed her braided hair back over her shoulder. “I do not get involved with people I work with.”


She shuffled back through the conduit and touched her communicator. “I need a small containment box brought to my location.”

“Yes, Second Commander,” a warrior responded.

Then her green-black eyes met Donovan’s gaze. “My error in judgement will not happen again, Sub-Captain.”

He raised a brow. “You aren’t attracted to me?”

Something indescribable flickered across her face. Then, she licked her lips and turned away.

No comment? Well, we’ll see, sweetheart. We’ll see. She definitely hadn’t said she didn’t want him.

It was a good thing Donovan was a patient man, and had always excelled at strategy.

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  1. Absolutely love the new cover, as always Melody has done an awesome job. Can’t wait for Donovan and Airen’s story.

  2. Alison Motherwell

    I’m really looking forward to starting this series. It sounds awesome. Just finished team 52 so I’m raring to go

  3. Thea Sugarman Lee

    I am super excited, I got hooked on you books last year? The year before? You always bring a great balance and it never a wash, lather, rinse, repeat with your storytelling.

  4. Sterre van Ooijen

    Can’t wait for this book!!!!😍😍😍 also can’t wait to read more of Sassy, Wren and Malax!!!!😍😍😍😍

  5. I’m a new reader and so happy I found you on Facebook. I’m enjoying your books so much! Thank for the hard work!

  6. Hi Anna , great cover. Love all your books, just finished Tane !,,,,, l cried and sobbed in bed Doona stuffed in mouth so husband couldn’t hear. I think l will start from the beginning and binge the series. Don’t ever stop writing you are a gift from god. Stay safe . Samantha

  7. Awesome cover. And the storyline sounds excellent. I haven’t read all the Eon books…but I’m working on it.

  8. I love reading these books and escaping to what I KNOW will be a wonderful adventure – can’t wait for the newest book to become available! Count me in! (hugs from Tucson – it’s HOT here! 🙂 )

  9. Sherill Posner

    If only the world were like your book cover, what a happy place it would be. Stunning enticing cover; adore it. Looking forward to seeing D mated; love that it is a male Terran and a female Eon Warrior.

  10. I really love the blue and purple themes of previous releases so would have preferred that, but there’s no denying this cover is smokin’! The preview teaser is also great.

    Ah, so Airen wants to resist does she? We will see how she stands up to both Donovan and her helian. (It knows what it wants)

    I’m really looking forwards to seeing the reversal of roles. Let’s hope there’s not too many Wren-style pratfalls from Donovan in this romance. He’s going to have to unleash his A-game if he wants to get anywhere with the SC.

    /adds to ‘want to read’

  11. Shannon Ferguson

    A great cover with a gorgeous couple. Love the female Eon Warrior paired with the sexy dark chocolate man from Earth!

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    Good luck all 🤞🤞🤞

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