Cover Reveal: Galactic Gladiators – Cyborg

Ready for some more gladiators?

This time we’ll be peeking inside the doors of the House of Rone at the Kor Magna Arena. Today I’m revealing the cover for Cyborg!

Cyborg is the story of Magnus Rone, the cool, emotionless cyborg imperator of the House of Rone, and human survivor Ever Haynes…who happens to be pregnant with his baby!

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Galactic Gladiators #10
Release Date: Tuesday April 3rd

Cover art by the awesome Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Guardian featuring Magnus and Ever

Magnus’ internal heads-up display streamed with text. It warned him of the number, size, and power of the incoming enemies.

He didn’t panic. He couldn’t panic. He had emotional dampeners that kept him cool and focused. With a simple command, he could compartmentalize any emotions he might feel. Generally, he left his dampeners running all the time.

Life was far more efficient without emotions.

He strode towards the body of the Earth woman. A fighter charged at him with a wild, desperate cry. Magnus simply smacked the man with his cybernetic arm and sent him flying.

Another fighter leaped in front of him, swinging a ragged sword made of scrap metal. He lifted the sword above his head, and thrust it toward Magnus.

Magnus’ cybernetic hand flashed out and he caught the blade in his palm. There was no way the dull sword could penetrate his high-tech metallic skin. As comprehension dawned, the fighter’s eyes opened in shock. With his organic arm, Magnus slammed a hard punch into the man’s face. He collapsed in the sand.

Finally, Magnus reached the woman.

He crouched, ready to pick her up, and suddenly she rolled, throwing sand into his eyes. It had no effect on his artificial eye, but his right eye stung a little. He blocked the pain.

The woman was already launching her attack, her arm swinging in a practiced move.

He caught her fist in his and finally looked at her face.

No. It couldn’t be. He knew this woman.

Shock penetrated through his dampeners. She shifted, bringing her knee up. He deflected the blow and yanked her in close. He catalogued her appearance in a second. Tall, fit, more muscular than her sister. She wore loose-fitting leather armor. Black hair with a slight curl, and eyes the same pale green as her sibling. Although those eyes were currently dull, and under the influence of the silver implant at her temple.


Magnus frowned internally. He was cataloging facts, not constructing a personal opinion about what Ever Haynes looked like. His program must have a glitch.

How did he know her? He was sure he’d only ever seen her picture before. But with her pressed against his body, something whispered through him. A memory. A bone-deep knowledge of her he shouldn’t have.

She shoved against him, and this time, he lifted her off the ground. She made a snarling sound, then slammed her head forward and headbutted him.

Drak. Pain flared.

He dropped her, and took a step back. She came at him again, and he gripped her arms. They scuffled across the sand, and he fought hard to subdue her without hurting her. She was very well-trained.

His gaze moved to the implant embedded at her temple. His systems scanned it, and he knew he needed to short-circuit it to release her from its control.

He touched the implant and shot an electrical impulse through it.

She let out a cry and collapsed. Magnus lowered her to the ground, and this time, when she turned her head, he saw pain-filled eyes.

“You.” Her voice was low and husky.

“You know me?” he asked, frowning.

“Yes…” Her eyes fluttered, and then her face contorted.

Something was wrong. A red warning flashed on his controls. Her heart rate was decreasing.

Drak. He touched the implant again and her vitals evened out. The Thraxians had tied the implant to her main systems. Magnus cursed again. And he’d just fried it. Without it, she’d die.

His jaw hardened, unfamiliar emotions churning inside him. He had an expert medical team that dealt with cyborg implants. They would find a way to remove it.

“Can’t…breathe.” She tore at the armor on her chest.

Magnus helped her remove it.

She heaved in a breath. “Help me.”

“I will, Ever. Your sister’s here. We’re getting you out of here.”

“Neve.” Her face went pale and she grabbed his organic hand. She pressed it to her abdomen. “Please, help me.”

Magnus went still. Her stomach was swollen and rounded. It had been hidden beneath the armor. His sensors picked up a second, faint heartbeat inside her.

“Please, help the baby.”

Ever Haynes was pregnant.

The words echoed in him. Magnus was unable to procreate and had never given any thought to children. But now that faint heartbeat whispered through him, along with a strange sense of awareness.

The primitive need to protect her slammed into him. Monitoring her implant and vitals, he scooped her carefully into his arms. Whatever had happened to her, he was going to ensure she was safe…and that no one ever harmed her or her child again.


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  1. Cannot wait for the new book! I saw the new GG merch last night and told my husband about it this morning, he asked if I wanted a coffee mug (duh!). Though I’d have to keep it at home, as I don’t think the office would approve… sigh…

    1. I can’t wait for my coffee mug to arrive, Melissa! Perk of working from home is that I have no one to approve or disapprove!! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for this book release! I also can’t believe how efficient you are in writing these amazing books!

  3. Christina Lanier

    Okay, I LOVE the cover, BUT I feel awful that I did not know you had a reader group on Facebook! I am definitely joining that!

  4. As always, your cover is AWESOME! It totally fits the character, as we know him so far, anyways. So very, very glad I picked that free book of Marcus way back when and found you. Your writing makes me happy and keeps me sane on the bad days. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (And the Hacketeers make me giggle so much, too.)

    1. I am very glad you picked up Marcus as well, Debra 😀 Thank you — your lovely words have made my week! #HacketteersRock

  5. The cover is great but the snippet is just wonderful. The release date can’t come soon enough for me. Will I buy it, damn what a stupid thought; of course I will.

  6. Looking forward to reading Cyborg and rounding out my glomming of this series. The GG series is probably my favourite of all your series – love me a good SFR full of warrior heroes and adventures on other planets.

  7. Connie Hutchings

    Yes! Can’t wait for this! Always been curious about Magnus – And this baby curveball well…. ?

  8. Ooooh a new house of Gladiators to fall in love with. Magnus has been quite an enigmatic background figure so far, always ready to lend a hand to House of Galen. I’m salivating at the thought of this sexy, enhanced man!!!!

  9. Your covers rock! I love them all, Hell Squad will always be my favorite books, but Gladiators have to be my favorite covers!

  10. The cover is amazing! I can’t wait to read it and find out what Magnus can’t remember and what happened to his memories! Of course, how he managed to get Ever pregnant is a mystery I want to be solved too! lol

  11. Holy! I cant believe it’s already book 10! I love your books so much that I didn’t realize, with Hell Squad, we are what? 20 books out already?! Anna, this is amazing. I’m so happy to have read your genius and hope you continue to share your gift with us.

  12. So excited for Cyborg! I just started reading Guardian. All of your books have me hooked by the first page!

  13. Brooke davey-bissett

    I’m so excited! Love the cover! Can’t wait to buy something from the store I’m definitely ordering a tshirt

  14. Shannon Ferguson

    Hi Anna! The cover looks fabulous as always and I’m sure the book will be fantastic too. And I can’t wait to go Galactic Gladiator shopping!!!!

  15. Elize van der Merwe

    I really can’t wait to read Magnus and Ever’s story! But for now I’m heading over to the merchandise corner to have a look. Thanks for everything that you put into the books.

  16. Curious about the planet in the background… looking forward to Magnus’s backstory and hoping for additional world-building!

  17. The new cover looks great. Just gotta say I love your work! I give everything I read a five and encourage others to buy. Thanks so much!!

  18. Cover looks great! I’m really looking forward to this one – I love the idea that these two have a past – getting to find out how that happened is going to be so cool – I just know I’m going to want to read this in one sitting, so I’m really pleased that it’s coming out during the Easter holiday.

  19. Hello,
    I love love love your Galactic Gladiator series. This time also no different, i love the cover! So excited to read about a Cyborg and human love story. You always brings new suspense and elements in each book.I also want to comment about Guardian’s cover, it was beautiful and sexy. It also helped to imagine the symbionts more accurately. I’m so obsessed about your books that I gave a try to Hell squad series. But my pet peev in books are manwhore heroes. unfortunately i first read Shaw’s book. Eventhough I enjoyed it alot I couldn’t make peace with the casual outlook on se* of post alien invasion earth. But no I’m not going to give up?. Will read that too.
    Take care.

  20. Racheal Paquette

    Love the cover!!!! Can’t wait to read it!!! And the merchandise is amazing!!! I must have a coffee mug among other things ? Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!!!

  21. boy it took forever to get down to the bottom to make my comment lol that’s good tho it means you have a lot of fans.The cover is perfect and I have to admit that as I finished the last book Guardian that I knew it was going to seem like forever for this book to come out.I am so grateful to be one of your arc readers so I will get it a few days sooner and then of course I will reread it the day it releases so that my review reflects how much I loved the book cause just the blurb alone told me I am going to love this book!!!

  22. I am so excited that I only have to wait till April 3rd for Magnus and Ever’s book! Can’t wait!! Thank you!

  23. Adore the cover and the teaser – enticing – which brings me to the fact that I find much pleasure in reading all of your books – they are all enthralling reads – can’t pick a favorite – but I don’t have to – some I have had read twice – great journeys to escape into!

  24. Love the cover Anna and can’t wait to read it. Always come up with very hot covers to go with the amazing stories you write. Way to go?


  26. Gah, so many comments I missed answering. I did read them all and hope everyone enjoyed Cyborg 🙂 Galen’s book in coming very soon.

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