Cover Reveal: Hell Squad – Levi

My first cover reveal of 2018!

I am thrilled to share the cover for the upcoming Hell Squad book, Levi.

Take one cocky, bad boy berserker, one fiery, confident mechanic, and a dangerous sabotage mission to fight the invading aliens…and you’ll get lots of fighting, fireworks, and a scorching hot romance.

To celebrate the cover reveal, I am giving away two signed Hell Squad paperbacks to two lucky winners! To enter, scroll down below.

Hell Squad: Levi
Release Date: Tuesday January 30th

Cover art by the awesome Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Hell Squad: Ash featuring Levi and Chrissy

Shit. Levi strode down the corridor leading away from the infirmary. Seeing his friend so torn up had left him feeling shaken. He was glad as hell that Marin was going to be okay.

That meant Ash was going to be okay, too.

There was no better man than Ash Connors. The guy deserved love, a pretty woman, a sweet, easy life. He deserved it all.

God, it was something else to see his best buddy in love with a woman. Levi wouldn’t have picked Marin for Ash, but he’d have been wrong. She really suited him. Opened up things in Ash that he’d ignored or kept choked off for a long time.

Levi stopped and leaned against the wall. Thankfully, the corridor was empty.

Levi had been married once. He’d made the tragic error of mistaking hot sex with a gorgeous biker babe for…more. Tiffany had been fun, and they’d burned up the sheets. Things had been sweet for a while.

Then things had gotten tough at the Iron Kings, and Levi had needed to focus on pulling the club over from the wrong fucking side of the law.

She’d resented the time he’d devoted to his club, had been jealous of Ash and his other brothers. She’d started plowing through his money, partying all the damn time, and then she’d started snorting shit up her nose.

God, the bitch had gotten nasty after that, and the fact that Levi had a temper and not a whole lot of patience for bullshit hadn’t helped. He’d put up with her far longer than he should have…until all her scratching and snarling had made him hate her.

With a shake of his head, he headed down the tunnel. It had been a full-on day, and he didn’t need to add the shit from the past to it. He needed a drink and something to take his mind off things.

He rounded the corner and slammed into someone heading the opposite direction.

Someone with auburn-red hair.

Chrissy stepped back and rolled her eyes. “You’re like a bad smell.”

“Not in the mood, Spitfire.”

Her gaze skated over him, taking in his blood-stained, gore-splattered fatigues. Her face changed. “You were fighting the raptors. Are you okay?”

“I’m alive. Nothing a drink and a blow job won’t fix.”

Her mouth turned pinched. “You’re such an asshole.”

God, that sassy mouth of hers tempted him. His gaze dropped to her full lips. She had some sort of gloss on them, a faint pink color. All too easily, he could picture that mouth on his cock, her pretty lips stretched wide. She wouldn’t get on her knees. She’d be above him, swallowing him deep, and letting him taste that pretty, little—

“Hey.” She snapped her fingers in front of his face. “You in there, biker man?”

He blinked. “Yeah.”

“You might want to shower before you proposition a woman to suck your cock. You really don’t smell so good.”

He arched a brow, his gut going tight. “You volunteering?”

She made a big show of looking both directions up and down the corridor.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

“Nope. No flying pigs today.” She smiled sweetly. “Guess you’re out of luck. Sorry.”

“I see the way you look at me, Spitfire.” He stepped closer, expecting her to step back.

But Chrissy didn’t back up. She held her ground until they were pressed together.

“I look at lots of things that I know aren’t good for me,” she said. “But I have this funny thing called self-control.”

He touched a strand of her auburn hair. It was soft and shiny. “I’ll give you a ride you won’t forget.”

“God, you are a grade-A asshole. Sorry, I like a little civilized wooing before I drop my panties.”

The thought of her shimmying her panties down her long legs had his cock surging against his trousers. He leaned down. “I bet I could have you begging for my cock in just a few minutes.”

Something flashed through her eyes. Then she shocked him by reaching out and grabbing his cock through his trousers.

Shit. Levi swallowed a groan. Instantly, he hardened.

She fondled him, then tilted her head. “Nope. I don’t think this is worth begging for.” She released him and stepped back. “Besides, I’ve had a better offer.”

Levi narrowed his gaze. He rarely chased a woman. He had no need to. But something about this one set him aflame.

Suddenly, a small voice spoke from behind him. “Hey, Chrissy. You ready?”

Levi looked over his shoulder and saw a young boy watching them, curiosity in his eyes.

“Hey, Max.” Chrissy hurried over to the boy and leaned down to give him a hug. “You okay after the attack?”

He nodded. “It was scary. Ruby, my foster sister, cried, but I didn’t. I was brave and gave her a cuddle.”

Chrissy stood, sliding an arm around him. “I’m proud of you. It’s normal to be afraid, but to help someone else, that’s being a true hero.” Her gaze met Levi’s over the boy’s head.

Max looked at Levi, his gaze dropping to Levi’s tattoos. “You’re a berserker.”

“Yeah.” Levi lifted his chin.

“I saw the berserkers fighting when Chrissy and me were rescued from the aliens.”

Chrissy shifted. “Max, remember that it’s—”

“Chrissy and I,” the boy said with exaggerated patience. He looked up at the woman. “She kept me safe, and I kept her safe.”

She squeezed the boy. “We sure did.”

“The berserkers are heroes, too.”

A poorly-hidden grimace crossed Chrissy’s face. “All the squads are heroes. Come on, let’s go get that ice cream I promised you.”

She turned the boy and they headed down the corridor. She didn’t look back at Levi.

Levi blew out a breath. He really needed that drink. As for the blow job…it appeared that there was only one set of lips that he wanted, now.

And one specific shade of hair that he wanted spread out on his pillow.

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  1. Oh wow, I love your cover! The full back tattoo is amazing and I can’t wait to read more about Levi and Chrissy (and hopefully more Max)!

  2. Awesome cover with awesome ink on Levi’s back!!! On the post that was sent out a while back introducing the Bezerkers, Levi’s picture was my favorite!! Gotta thing for a hot body and man-bun! Can’t wait to read his story. I’m desperate for another Anna Hackett book as I’ve just re-read all of He’ll Squad and Galatic Gladiators!! I’m jonesing!!!!

  3. I love the lightening and I have a strong urge to run my hands across that back! lol I can’t wait to read their story!

  4. What a hot start for 2018!! Give us more happy times with your books Anna! Wow…Chrissy will drive him MAD, I know it!

  5. Linda Poindexter

    Oh man, what a blurb. And what a cover. I am so ready for this one. Wish you could clone yourself so you could write faster. Thanks for hours of good reads.

  6. Cover looks awesome especially that tattoo on Levi’s back. After reading the short snippet I really can’t wait to read about the fireworks between Levi and Chrissy. Once agsin Anna you’re going to blow our mines with another brilliant Hell Squad story.❤❤

  7. I can’t wait for this book…and all the other goodness you are writing and releasing this year. Although I know there are several books to go in the series, I am anxious to see how you wrap up the conflict with the Gizzida!

  8. Love this series and the Gladiators!! That cover for Levi is awesome. Can’t wait to dive into this next book in your series!!!!!!

  9. Excited for this to come out. Loved the teaser!

    Now I just wish I could figure out how to copy my twitter links for the rafflecopter. Either the mobile version doesn’t have the same setup as on the instructions I googled, or I am technically inept. Both are equally possible….

  10. Love the cover! Can’t wait to read it!
    Excited for Griff and Indy hopefully some time this year?! Maybe we see a bit about them in Levi…

  11. That back got allllllll my attention! No doubt Chrissy’s the perfect match for that man! Can’t wait to read that book!

  12. Love the tattooed back on Levi. Totally. Hot. Plus, I like all the lightning too. Very realistic. Melody did a great job on this cover. I better re-read Ash really quickly!

  13. Hi Anna – the teaser was enticing and tension superb; loved it. The cover is flaming-hot; I so look forward to reading this story – it feels like a roller coaster ride to a romance that will passionate & steamy.

  14. Can’t wait! Gotta love a guy with tattoos and a pierced nipple! (too bad thats not on the cover!) Love this cover!

  15. Loved Levi’s cover can’t wait to read and review Levi’s story, the standard of this series never disappoints, thank you Anna for a brilliant series

  16. What a wonderful cover. The guy has some major ink. I’m really looking forward to the book!! I’m actually reading through the series right now and am in Finn! Thanks for all your hard work and great stories!!

  17. Thanks for leaving a comment and joining in the celebrate the cover reveal for Hell Squad: Levi! And congrats to Ashley S. and Sarah C. for winning the paperback giveaway!!

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