Cover Reveal: The Medic

I hope you’re ready for the next Morgan brother!

We watched rugged, overprotective Hunt take the fall, now it’s charming medic Ryder’s turn.

Ryder enjoys his life just as it is, and has no desire to meet “the one” until he sets eyes on the new recruit at Norcross Security, Siv Pederson.

But the former Norwegian special forces soldier is no pushover and a charming, too-tempting medic is not in her plans…

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The Medic
Norcross Security Series #8
Release date: 5th April 2022

Cover Design: Lana Pecherczyk
Photography: RplusMphoto

The Medic will be available for pre-order the Friday before release. It will also be going into audio production with narrators Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton.

She’s a tough former soldier trying to resist the charming medic who’s going all in to claim her.

Former Norwegian special forces soldier Siv Pederson is making a new start in San Francisco. New country, new job at Norcross Security, and her new rule: no men. She’s left her annoying ex behind and her only goal is to prove herself in her new job, especially when she’s assigned to her own investigation.

What she didn’t count on was having to work with one handsome, charming, and far-too-tempting former combat medic.

After a career as an Air Force combat medic, Ryder Morgan is happy with his life. He likes working part time as a paramedic and donating the rest of his time at a free clinic in the toughest part of the city. He always thought finding “the one” wasn’t for him…until he sees gorgeous, tough Siv in a killer red dress.

Now he’ll do anything to break through her prickly shell and convince her that he’s the man for her.

As homeless people start dying, and Ryder loses a good friend, Siv and Ryder must work together to find a killer. Going undercover as husband and wife, they have to discover who’s preying on the city’s most vulnerable before more people die. As they uncover a vast web of lies, Ryder has his work cut out for him. Not only to find justice, but to prove to Siv that he’ll protect both her body and her heart.

Excerpt from The Detective (Norcross Security #7) featuring Ryder and Siv

“You’re a cocky, arrogant ass,” a sharp female voice snapped.

Savannah and Hunt swiveled and saw Ryder on the dance floor, facing off with a stunning woman in a metallic, red dress.

“Uh-oh,” Hunt muttered.

The woman wasn’t pretty, exactly, but she was striking. Her brown hair was shot through with streaks of gold, and her face was all slim, sharp features. Her arms were very toned and she looked fit.

“Babe, I’m just confident,” Ryder said

The woman rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Wow, a woman who’s not impressed with Ryder’s charm,” Savannah murmured.

Hunt grunted.

Ryder smiled and said something else to the woman, too low for Savannah to hear.

Then she didn’t see exactly what the woman did, but her leg moved and hooked Ryder’s ankle. He went down hard, flat on his back, in the middle of the dance floor.

The woman smiled, then turned, and stalked off, her red dress swishing behind her.

“Wow, she’s awesome,” Savannah breathed.

Ryder sat up, staring hungrily after the woman.

Hunt shook his head. “It’s lucky my brother has a hard head.”

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98 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Medic”

    1. Looking forward to The Medic, and rereading to prep for it. Thoroughly enjoying all your series, especially with the crossovers. Nice way to create interest in them. I love the little details that make me want to reread your books. Thank you!

    1. So looking forward to another incredible book Anna, will need to put up a do not disturb so i can read it without interruption

  1. I love the cover and I can’t wait to read about these 2! They are going to be so hot together! Siv and Ryder undercover as husband and wife….it’s gonna so fun to read.

  2. Phew – all potential book boyfriends in this group. How many more are there expected to be within this series or is the final brother the end (so one more after this?)

    1. Yes, the final brother Cam will be the end…for now, at least. Then we’ll be heading over to the Sentinel Security crew!!

  3. This may be one of your sexiest covers yet! Ryder has lips waiting to be kissed and a body asking to be unwrapped! Waiting impatiently, you are always a great read!!

  4. One of the only non scifi/pnr writers I read everything from! Glad you are feeling better and that the bits are well!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the Norcross series. I’ve been waiting for Hunt and his brother’s to get their own stories too. So happy Ryder is next!!!

  6. I love the cover! Your covers are always so amazing! You make sure that they have those little details that really elevate them! Colors, landscapes, and objects…not just sexy models! lol

  7. Yep! That cover made me stop an take a good look. Not just because it had Anna Hackett as the author and it’s the latest in the Norcross series, but because that white shirt stretched across that hot body, open just enough to get a peek at that lovely chest. The sleeves rolled up the arms to show some interesting tats. *sigh* I love rolled sleeve on muscular arms. Yep! Like the cover! Can’t wait to read this book.

  8. The cover is so gorgeously juicy makes you want to feel unwell just for a moment can’t wait for Ryder’s story

  9. Hot cover, sexy lips and tat. too! Storyline choice is great. Looking forward to learning how Ryder proves to Siv she belongs with him forever. Excited to read this story.

  10. Ohhh yes please, I can hardly wait for Ryder’s story. And Cam’s as well.

    A bit off topic but when do we get to see more of Kilian Hawke? I found him fascinating since Hacking Mr. CEO and I was sooo happy to meet him again in The Detectiv.

    1. You’re in luck, Conny. After Cam’s book, watch out for the Sentinel Security series coming later in the year 😊

      1. Yay so many books to look forward to. I’m just sad that I can’t read them right now and actually have to wait till you’re finished writing them – sorry I know that you are really fast in writing and publishing new books. But I am spoilt because I just found your books in Janurary and have eben reading book after book since then.

        When you start on Sentinel Security – will we meet Remi and Mav again? I really loved their story and especially their chemistry 🙂

  11. Dear Ryder,
    My heart is pounding erratically, I think you’d better check it out. No, don’t button your shirt, there’s no time to wait! Siv who? Focus on me, this is my daydream!

    Great cover!

  12. I love each and every Cover (not only from
    This Series). There is not one that I did not like. They are classy, sexy and reflecting the book.
    Always excited for the next Reveal.

  13. I can’t wait to read this. Ryder was such a great character in the other books I am excited for his story.

  14. I read everything you write. I enjoy all the stories. Medic makes a great birthday present for me on the 29th.

  15. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I am sooo excited! I absolutely love this series, and wasn’t sure if Hunt or his brothers would be included since they weren’t mentioned *as much* in the first few books, but I am SOOO GLAD they are!!

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