Cover Reveal: Weapons Master

Fighting for love, loyalty, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

Join Imperator Magnus Rone and his lethal cyborg gladiators as they risk it all to rescue abductees from Earth.

I am all sorts of excited to show you the final House of Rone cover!! Now, yes, this is the final story for our House of Rone cyborgs, BUT don’t worry, we aren’t saying goodbye to Carthago. I have lots more stories centered on this desert world in my head, so expect to see more of our gladiators and cyborgs in the future!

Today, I have the cover of Weapons Master to show you! Cyborg Maxon is the House of Rone’s weapons genius, and he takes grumpy to an all new level. He’s also on a mission to rescue the final abducted woman from Earth, mechanic Bellamy Walsh. He wants her rescued so he can get back to his workshop to be left in peace. Let’s just say feisty Bellamy is going to disrupt his plans, and the Edull don’t plan to go quietly.

Take a look at the cover below and scroll down to enter my Cyborg Paperback Giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal and win signed paperbacks. Some great sci-fi romance authors have also offered up some cyborgs to help celebrate!

Weapons Master
Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #6
Release date: 11th August 2020

Cover designer Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Paladin (House of Rone #4) featuring Maxon and Bellamy

Maxon touched the controls and fired his flyer’s weapons. The wind whipped his hair around his face as the laser ripped into another Edull bot.

He watched in satisfaction as the bot disintegrated.

He turned, checking another screen where he was monitoring the engines of all the flyers. The drakking sand. He hated the stuff. It always got in places where it shouldn’t, and now it was drakking damaging his flyers. The temperatures in the flyers’ engines were spiking.

“Take those bots out,” Magnus roared.

Their imperator flew past on his flyer, Jax flying close behind him.

Off to the left, Mace and Acton were flying side-by-side, taking aim at the bots. Zaden and Seren were on the right. Seren flew in wild, dizzying circles around the Edull bots, while Zaden’s maneuvers were more measured.

As they continued to take down the last of the bots, he saw Acton’s flyer pull away. Maxon frowned, then realized the cyborg was flying toward a fallen figure on the neighboring dune.

Drak. It looked like Simone.

An Edull bot edged back, hovering in the sky. A thin trail of smoke was snaking from it.

Maxon flew in close and he spotted Toren on the sand below. The cyborg had some ugly monstrosity on his shoulder—definitely not one of Maxon’s creations. There was another person with him. A short, compact blonde with colored ink on her arms.

As he watched, the woman leaped onto a smoking bot, jamming a laser cutter into it.

Maxon grunted. A dumb, heroic maneuver like that meant she was definitely an Earth woman.

Suddenly, the Edull bot she was sitting on shot straight up into the air. The woman almost fell off, but managed to clamp her arms and legs around the bot.


Maxon aimed his flyer upward and chased after them. They went higher and higher, the ground racing away from them.

The woman was still hacking at the bot. Then, it died, and started to plummet.

The woman dropped as well.

Maxon flew in close and grabbed her hand. He swung her through the air and up behind him on the flyer.

“Nice catch.” She was breathless as she slid in behind him. She tucked her body close and plastered herself against him.

He scowled. He hated people in his space. “Dumb idea to kill the bot holding you airborne.”

“Only dumb if you crash into the ground and die. I didn’t.”

Her voice was surprisingly deep and gritty for a female. It echoed right in his ear. He liked it much better than the high-pitched, breathy voices of the women who usually approached him.

“Hey, Mr. Brooding, watch out!”

He looked up to see an Edull bot flying straight at them.

“Weapons?” she yelled.

He snorted. He always had weapons.

He touched the controls on the side compartment of the flyer. It flicked open to display his MaxStorm blaster. She yanked it out.

“Nice.” She lifted it and fired it one-handed. The bot dodged to the side.

“That’s not how you use it,” he growled. “Show some respect.”

“Bit busy right now.” She kept firing. “I’ll shoot, you fly.”

He jerked the controls of the flyer, pulling them to the side. He dodged the bot and wheeled around.

The woman stood up behind him, one hand on his shoulder to keep her balance.

She was either crazy or fearless, or both.

She fired on the bot and scored a direct hit. The bot exploded and slammed to the ground below.

“Woo hoo!” the woman shouted.

“Sit your ass down,” he said.

“Since you asked so nicely.” She leaned down and bit his ear.

Maxon growled again and flew lower. They whizzed past the final bot and she fired on it. It exploded.

He flew in and landed near the others. They were all clustered around Simone.

The woman leaped off the flyer.

“Gorgeous weapon.” She handed the blaster out to him.

He took her in—the tattoos up her arm, the strong face, the green eyes. Her platinum-colored hair was cut short against her head.

“That’s because I designed it.” He took the weapon.

“Well, you’re good at weapon design, not bad at flying, either. Shame about the grumpiness.”

He grunted and she grinned.

Then she cupped his cheeks, leaned forward, and kissed him.

Drak. The touch of her lips on his was like a punch in his gut. An electric shock ran through his body.

She pulled back, looking a bit shocked herself. But then an unrepentant grin reappeared, and she saluted him. Drakking Earth women.

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When help arrives in the form of a tall, gruff cyborg ranger, she is torn between her loyalty to the past and the promise of a new future. But when danger threatens, is she going to lose even that?

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    1. Sharon Thompson


  1. 1- IM SO EXCITED to learn more about our grumpy weapons master!!! 2- Honey Phillips is SUCH a great author!

  2. Another gorgeous cover Anna. Can hardly wait to read this one too. Sounds like there will be lots of giggling with these two. 😊

  3. Thea Sugarman Lee

    I’m excited about this final book of the series, especially knowing you’re not done with the planet yet. The cover is great, and I can’t wait to see how Bellemy shakes up the weapons master’s world. Hehe.

  4. Looks good. Really like the Galactic cyborgs getting their romance stories told. Actually really like the idea of cyborgs being around in general.

    1. Beautiful Cover. Sorry to hear it’s the last of the series. Ecstatic to hear there will be more set in this world!

  5. Hayane Inez da Rocha Ribas

    I’m so excited for this book and a little sad to, for finishing this amazing series! Love the cover!

  6. Gaaaaahhhh. I can’t believe this is our last sexy cyborg book! Max and Bellamy are going to be explosive, I just know it!

  7. This is going to be an awesome book, as all of the others were..
    I am so excited to have a book with the Weapons Master. We have met him in several of the other books, and he sounds most interesting..and the girl is going to bring the big man downnnnn!!!!

  8. Carrie McConnell

    Sad to see end of House of Rone. Love the ‘sparks’ on the cover. Looks as though the weapon is very deadly. Can’t wait!

  9. Deborah Freehan

    Love the excerpt, liked the cover, (and the tree house was so impressive). Can’t wait for the book! Sounds even more action packed than usual.

  10. I’m so excited for Maxon’s book I can’t wait to see him fall for an Earth girl (I just wish it was me ❤).

  11. I love the graphics you use to tie all the books and series together. Very stylish and captivating. Matches the style and quality of the stories.

  12. I’m SOOOOOo excited! I’ve been *trying* to wait patiently for Weapons Master! Now you’ve got that amazing cover reveal… how am I going to stand the wait?!

  13. I have a hard time trying to figure out which Gladiator House is my favorite. But I do love grumpiness.

  14. This is such an eye-catching cover! I’m new to your writing and Weapons Master has certainly peaked my curiosity!

  15. Hi Anna
    Love this cover – Simone’s feisty persona stating up front her feelings and not afraid to show them either is the perfect match to get Maxon out of his grumpiness – feel he is going to have big problems trying to keep her safe. Looking forward to reading this.

  16. The Weapons Master cover is excellent. I would imagine the cyborg is built this way because of his love for technology and weapons.

  17. Shelagh McNamara

    As always, the cover of Weapons Master is awesome. I can’t wait to read Maxon and Bellamy’s story. I just know I’m going to love it!! Xx

  18. Shannon Ferguson

    Once again Anna, you’ve outdone yourself and found the perfect Maxon for the Weapons Master cover. His face even looks a bit grumpy! 😉

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