New Year’s Resolutions Action Hero Style

Sofia Salom

Resolutions don’t work. I think we all know that.

Resolutions have a reputation for being wishy-washy daydreams that we never really commit to. We already know, as we’re setting them, that we’ll never achieve them.

I think we need to toss out the resolutions.

It’s time to try something else.

Something else to help us achieve those things we really, really want in our lives.

What’s that something? Well, I’m going to borrow an idea from the action movies and books I love to read. One thing I find in all good action stories is a driving goal. The one thing that spurs the characters on, through all the obstacles, through all the tough times, and keeps them getting up no matter how battered they get. It might be to save someone (Mara in Mind Raider, anybody?), revenge (that’s what drives Bay in Time Thief), to escape (John in Salvation knows all about this!), to beat the bad guy…exactly what it is doesn’t matter.

So, we need to pick just one driving goal, one burning desire or one ultimate dream. This is a downside of resolutions…we have far too many of them and they divide our focus. Next, we need to commit to it. Think about what it will mean to achieve that goal. List how it will make you feel. Do the reverse as well, list how you’ll feel if you don’t achieve it. Motivate yourself.

Next up, believe you can do it…action heroes don’t keep fighting through the bad guys if they think they are going to lose. They focus on the end result, picture it in their head’s and think about it every day. You need to do the same! As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you should be thinking about your goal and imagining the end result. Give that picture color, life and feeling. Tape a picture on your mirror or fridge (you looking fab in a bikini, a mockup of the million dollar check, a SOLD sticker on the For Sale sign…whatever symbolizes the realization of your goal.)

The final step to achieving your driving goal. ACTION!

You need an action plan, just like the action heroes do. There’s always the scene with the team crowded around the table planning their assault, raid or rescue. Don’t make it over complicated, just write a few bullets points of things you need to do to see your driving goal to fruition. The great thing about taking action in smaller steps is that it helps us feel like we’re getting closer to our goal. These smaller actions are milestones on the journey. Celebrate every time you achieve one of your actions.

Here’s the summary:

1)      Driving goal — pick just one driving goal

2)      Commit to it – what will you gain by achieving it, how will you feel if you don’t?

3)      Believe – picture the end result in great detail and think about it every day

4)      Action – create a simple action plan of the things you need to do to achieve your goal

5)      Celebrate – celebrate your successes along the way

One last thing we can take from the action heroes…don’t give up! Our heroes get knocked down along the way but they keep getting back up. Failure is NOT an option. We have to do the same to achieve our driving goal. When things don’t go to plan, do not (I repeat DO NOT) beat yourself up. Recalibrate, dust off, and keep on going.

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Image by Sofia Salom

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    1. Hi Eleni — yep, goal setting action-hero style! Glad you enjoyed it (-: So, what’s your driving goal for 2014?

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