Four New Covers to Reveal: Untraveled and Warriors of the Wind

I am SO excited to share not one, not two, but FOUR new book covers with you today. Plus I have an awesome giveaway to help celebrate…just scroll down to the bottom to enter.

First up is the cover for the upcoming new book in the Treasure Hunter Security series. This one stars former Navy SEAL turned security specialist Hale Carter. He’s venturing into the Kalahari Desert on the hunt for some famous lost mines with blonde, driven FBI agent Elin Alexander.

Can’t wait to share these guys with you! There is banter, adventure and danger. They were so much fun to write.


Release Date: 8th August 2017

Starring: Hale Carter and Agent Elin Alexander

Location: Kalahari Desert

AND…a few readers have been asking me about this so here goes.

Once upon a time, a newbie author wrote some paranormal romance short stories about some sexy and powerful Italian brothers who could control the wind. She sold the first two stories to romance publisher, Harlequin, and later on, published the rest of the stories in the series herself. That series was called the WindKeepers.

Fast forward to 2017, and I got the rights back for the first two stories and I am busy revamping them! They are being updated, reworked, are a bit longer, have new titles, new covers, and a new series name.

If you’ve read the original series, the first story has changed A LOT. You’d recognize the inspiration from the original story but other than that, the characters have been completely changed up. The rest of the stories in the series have been reworked but aren’t so changed from the originals.

The Warriors of the Wind are the only thing protecting humans from a centuries-old evil, but with their potential mates, the Aurae, long gone, these alpha warriors are in danger of becoming the very evil they hunt.

Release Date: TBA

I haven’t set a release date for the Warriors of the Wind books yet. I am working on them whenever I get the chance and plan to release them close together as soon as they are finished. So they’ll be surprise releases and I think we are getting close…

The Warriors of the Wind will be five short novellas, each starring one of the sexy, billionaire Venti brothers who each control the wind and fight to protect the world. Expect lots of action and romance!



Starring Lorenzo Venti, Keeper of the Winds












Starring Dante Venti, Warrior of the South Wind



Starring Antonio Venti, Warrior of the West Wind







Starring Luca Venti, Warrior of the North Wind



Starring Soren Venti, Warrior of the East Wind






Untraveled and Warriors of the Wind Giveaway

I thought all these new covers deserved a giveaway to celebrate. One lucky winner will nab a signed paperback of Undiscovered (the first book in Treasure Hunter Security) and digital advanced reader copies (ARCs) of all the Warriors of the Wind before they release.

Enter below. Open internationally and closes Wednesday 19th July.

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113 thoughts on “Four New Covers to Reveal: Untraveled and Warriors of the Wind”

    1. Thanks, Chris. I do spend a lot of time looking for the right images. And a lot of time procrastinating over what future covers should look like when I should be writing 🙂

  1. I haven’t read any of the Warriors of the Wind books – I discovered you later. I look forward to reading them!

    1. They are more paranormal than my latest books, Celita, but still packed with action and romance! Can’t wait to finish work on them and get them re-released.

  2. OMG, OMG, I am SO thrilled to see another Treasure Hunter Security story coming out soon!! I don’t know, Anna, I love all your books, as you know, but these THS are close to my passion in life. So… I’m partial to them. But then, you throw a whole new (for me) series at me, and I’m blown away!!! And you said you couldn’t write a book a week!!! Lol!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Oh, and the covers are awesome as usual! Very sexy and enticing. I love how you never go with the whole stock generic hot guy covers. They’re each unique and pertinent to the story. Brilliant!!!

    1. I have TWO new THS books coming for your, Pegge. I’m working on another one right now! And I really can’t write a book in a week (I wish!) but these Warriors of the Wind books were there and I thought deserved a revamp. Oh, and thanks for your lovely comments on my covers…I try hard to make each one just right for each book 🙂

  3. Omg women, you always come up with the best
    covers and stories, I can’t wait to read the next adventure!

  4. Holy Moly! You are amazing…churning out awesome books while I’m still swamped after my move. Worse yet, I’m retired and your raising a family. I am such a wimp….Raiden would evacuate me from the arena and make you his team member…arrrgh. No wonder your heroines are the best out there. You put a bit of you in all of them.

    1. LOL, Oly…I would like to think there is a little of me in all my heroines 😀 But believe me, I have those days where I get nothing done, I’m behind, and my kids are driving me crazy. Important thing is you keep trying the next day. Hope you’re settling in well after your move!

  5. Robin Thompson

    WOWZA! They look incredible! I am so looking forward to reading the Warriors of the Wind series. And the cover for the next THS? Let me wipe the drool from my chin. 🙂

    1. I know, right?! Hale is worth a look or two (and some drool). Can’t wait to get the Warriors of the Wind out there. Stay tuned.

  6. Double whammy! New Treasure hunters installment and a whole new series! ?
    I’d better finish reading Hemi!

    1. Yes, Lisa, you get Hemi’s adventure finished and you’ll be all ready to dive back into THS and the revamped Warriors of the Wind 🙂

  7. Linda Whitacre

    Anna, I agree with another’s post. Your covers are so original and the hunka hunka burning love guys are soooo delicious. AND this new guy on the cover of “Untraveled” WOW! WOW! I can only dream??? Love your stories (especially Hell Squad) and look forward to reading the “Warriors of the Wind” series. Linda

    1. Thanks a bunch, Linda! I work hard with my cover artist to make the covers just right for each series 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley — after Hale is Ronin Cooper who is the dark, intense former SEAL and former CIA agent.

  8. Your covers are always so HOT! Based on the covers alone, I want to read them! I look forward to reading your stories, because what is inside always delivers what the cover promises!

  9. Elize van der Merwe

    Love, love, love the new covers! And best of all, Untraveled takes place in (almost) my back yard! The Kalahari! I am so excited!

  10. Can’t wait for the release of your new novels! The romance involved in your series really strikes a cord. Thank you and much love!

  11. What yummy, yummy goodness all those covers are! You are a strong writer, not only since ive never read anythin but awesome from you, but your covers are also rockin! I would hate to have that job, scrolling through all that hotness….choosing the right one to portray the hero of your story..who am I kidding, I would never get a chance to write.

    1. LOL, Christy. Yes, scrolling through all those images is a tough job. The sacrifices I make for for my readers 😉

  12. ana paula medeiros

    Anna, I loved the new covers and the idea of the series. I have not read the originals and expect lots of adventures and gorgeous heros as always. Lol

    Yay for a new Treasure Hunter book! It has been so long without them!

  13. Oh my gosh! I love, love, love the cover for Untraveled!! Very hot & smexy! 😉 I can’t wait to read your revamped novels!

    1. Smexy is a perfect description, Elizabeth! Can’t wait to get the revamped Warriors of the Wind back out there!

  14. Donnelle Ferguson

    Yay more books, you are the only author I buy without knowing anything about the book I know no matter what you wright I’ll love it

  15. Katie Fulgueira

    These are AAAMMMMAAAZZZIIINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!! So happy you got the rights back! CANNOT wait to try out the Wind series! And I just have to say “Holy HOTNESS Hale!!!!” Great job ANNA!!! Keep up the great work!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

    1. 😀 Thanks, Katie. Glad you liked “Holy Hotness” Hale and yes, I’m so excited I can get the Warriors of the Wind revamped and back out there.

  16. Shannon Bratton

    Holy hotness!! I love the cover of Untraveled! Looking forward to the Warriors of the Wind series too. I haven’t read them before.

  17. I have been looking every where for copies of the Warriors of the Wind… I can’t wait for them to come out… Thanks so much for re-releasing them

    1. You won’t have to wait much longer for those Warriors of the Wind, Diane! Just doing some final work on them now.

  18. Danielle Munger

    I always think your covers can’t get better than whatever my previous favorite was & you go do it! I’m sure I’ll say this again but now Untraveled is my favorite! ?
    I’m also very excited to dive into your new Warriors of Wind series! So much that I’m even hoping to give up my good luck of surviving the hunger games, ( a jole i said once when in a thread someone was upset at not winning I teased that at least we’d survive the Reaping ?)!

  19. Margaret Appel

    The new covers are really hot! Looking forward to the Warriors of the Wind series. The series sounds great!

  20. I really like the cover for the next THS installment! He is a very handsome man!! I also like the covers for the new series coming out. I’m looking forward to discovering your new works! Thanks for sharing your creativity and working so hard on all of it!! Astounding!

    1. It is my absolute pleasure to share all my stories and characters…I’m thrilled so many readers love picking them up, Carol 🙂 Glad you like the covers.

  21. Love the covers, can’t wait. Yay, so exciting.
    Glad you landed safe and sound. Whats up with the popcorn, how is it different than here?

    1. Glad you love the covers, Linda! LOL on the popcorn…I just meant he was more excited about the popcorn than the movie!!

  22. I love the covers, they are so sexy! I can’t wait to read the new books! You’re my favorite author hands down!

  23. Emily Anderson

    Anna Hacket = #1 reason I don’t get enough sleep….
    Lady you always know just how to suck me in! The covers are only the beginning! Can’t wait to start on these juicy stories!!!

  24. I love the covers and the THS series!
    The new titles and new covers for Warriors of the Wind couldn’t be better. Well done.

  25. OOOH! A paperback copy of Undiscovered up for grabs, who wouldn’t want in on that! 😀
    Congratulations, Anna, on your beautiful new covers and being able to make your books your own once more.

  26. I just finished unraveled, I love Hale and Elin story, it make you believe there is someone made just for you, they both kicked so serious ass. The action is getting better and better. keep writing Anna???

    1. Thank you so much, Tamera! I am so, so happy to hear you loved Hale and Elin (and the action)! Stay tuned for more 😀

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