Galactic Gladiators: Barbarian Cover Reveal

Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

The gladiators of the House of Galen are back! This time, gruff barbarian gladiator Nero doesn’t know what hit him when he faces off with human survivor Winter.

Barbarian (Galactic Gladiators #6)
Out 27th June


Excerpt from Champion featuring Nero

Nero held Winter in his arms as they traveled on the tarnid. Night was falling, and he was eager to get to the trading post. He knew that the open desert was the favorite hunting ground of the night beasts.

He looked down at the sleeping woman in his arms. She’d fallen asleep a while back, slumping back against him. He tightened his arms around her and sniffed. She was so slight, so delicate.

Women on his world of Symeria were almost as big as the males. Strength was prized, and sickly, small babies didn’t survive the planet’s harsh climes.

Winter shivered, and he reached in his saddlebags and pulled out his fur cloak. He wrapped it around her, and saw her slender fingers reach out to stroke the soft, gray fur.

“Thank you,” she said quietly. She tipped her head up, and his gaze dropped to her sweet smile and that terrible white film over her useless eyes. “It smells like you.”

He grunted, guessing that her lack of vision had enhanced her other senses. “You should have returned to Kor Magna.”

Her smile disappeared. “Did you want to miss the mission?”

No, he didn’t. Nero wanted blood, and he wanted Saff back. They had to right the wrong of the attack on the House of Galen, and the abduction of the human women who’d been stolen from them.

On his world, a barbarian warlord was required to show his strength and protect his people.

“You can stash me somewhere when we reach the trading post,” Winter said.

He frowned, disliking the idea of her huddled alone in the darkness with no protection. “You shouldn’t be here.”

She stiffened. “Because I’m blind? Useless?”

On Symeria, she would be considered inadequate, weak, a hindrance. “Yes. You’re small, lacking in strength, and without sight, you can’t add value.”

She sucked in a shocked breath. “And you’re an asshole.”

There was a bite to her voice that made him raise a brow. “On my world, the small and weak don’t survive. They are a burden.”

She shot him a fierce look. “A barbarian world, right?” She snorted. “I’m not surprised you’re so unenlightened.”

Nero frowned. The bite in her voice had turned razor sharp.

“You prize physical strength above all else. No matter what someone has to offer.”

“My world has always needed strength. It has a harsh environment.”

Winter turned to look ahead, even though he knew her damaged eyes couldn’t see the vista before them. “Do you know what I did before the Thraxians stole me, experimented on me, and blinded me? Before they made me a burden?”

Nero felt the lick of an uncomfortable emotion. “No.”

“I was a doctor.”

A healer. He hadn’t known that. He’d looked at her and just seen her delicate bone structure and lack of sight.

But he’d always been honest with himself. He’d also noticed her stubborn chin, pale skin, and inky-black hair.

“Save your arrogant views, barbarian. I don’t have time for idiots who are all brawn and no brains.”

Nero stiffened, but stayed silent. Maddening Earth woman. Regardless of her thoughts, she was a member of the House of Galen now. He’d protect her, whether she wanted it or not. And whether she liked him or not was irrelevant.

Galactic Gladiators

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91 thoughts on “Galactic Gladiators: Barbarian Cover Reveal”

      1. Wonderful! Just in time for some fabulous summer reading! Thanks for continuing to write your fabulous books. Susan

  1. Oh, yeah, that’s an awesome cover!! And I cannot wait to read their story!!! Actually, I can’t wait to read any of your stories, Anna. You could put out a book every week, and I’d still be greedily impatient for the next.

      1. And I, for one, greatly appreciate your efforts. Don’t want to burn out my favorite author, so I’ll learn patience….. maybe…. probably not. ?

  2. I love the cover, I’m looking forward to see how Winter find her and why and how Nero deal with Strong Human female?!!!

    1. Poor Nero has to deal with a bit of confusion and frustration as Winter teaches him a thing or two, Tamera 🙂

  3. Nice! I was hoping Nero was coming soon. Can’t wait to read it. Oh, and if you are into keeping memento you can get baby tooth album for your kiddo! Our tooth fairy is named Isobel?

    1. LOL — I have a baggy filled with four little teeth, Christy. A tooth album sounds like a great idea! Our tooth fairy doesn’t have a name…but she likes cookies and chocolate. Mr 6 leaves treats for her so she gives the tooth back 😀


    1. So glad you love the cover, Jane! Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy my stories…lots more on the way.

    1. Nero prefers doing his thing and staying in the background. Poor guy doesn’t know what hit him with Winter 😀

  5. Absolutely LOVE the cover. Can’t wait to read about how Winter teaches him not to underestimate the ‘poor helpless human’. I think the taming of Nero is going to be my favorite. There is nothing better than two really strong characters going head to head.

  6. Anna, Love your ALL your books (covers too!) and can’t wait to see Nero’s story revealed! You have given this old lady so many guilty pleasures. Now for the future, how about
    a story that reverses aging…or maybe makes 60 seem young! Thanks for your hard work. Keep enjoying those young ones.

    1. Those young ones keep me busy, as does writing all my stories! Hey, 60 is young! That’s where you get to enjoy life without the little ones and work in the way, right? Happy reading and more reading pleasures on the way.

  7. This is my favorite series of yours! Strong women and the strong men who love them! I love the world-building. They all kick major butt and I can’t wait for more ?

  8. Absolutely love the new cover. We finally get to see the whole head. Awesome! It would be nice to have older covers updated to do the same.

    1. LOL — a lot of my readers hate seeing the faces. They like to imagine for themselves. I try to mix it up a little so there is a bit of both.

  9. Shannon Ferguson

    This is a fabulous cover and I can’t wait to read all about Nero and Winter. I look forward to her teaching him a lesson or two. He’s going to fall so hard and it’s going to be fun to read about!

  10. Wow! That is a pose I dreamed of being a part of as a young woman…..alas it never happened. ‘Sigh’. Oh well, I still have my dreams and lots of good and hot books. Thanks! Susan Qualls

  11. Again, you nailed it! I SOoooo love the places you take me. Like Pegge…I want want want!!
    More more more…I know that’s a lot to ask but we know you’re thinking about us chomping at the bit over here:-) Keep giving me your heart in print and I’ll be here Re-reading till you release:-)!!
    P.S…My wife is Finally in your world!! She’s on a Phoenix cruise about to meet Ms. NeraDarc!! Haha! She’s hooked. Thank you A!!

    1. Thanks, Dan 🙂 So pleased you love it. And I am so happy to hear your wife is enjoying the Phoenix Adventures (and our dangerous Nera!) Happy reading!!

  12. I can’t wait to read Nero and Winter’s story. I’m in the middle of Blaine and Saff so the timing couldn’t be better!

  13. Absolutely perfect! I really love Winter and that the heroes actually have faces…I just know this couple will be one of my faves!
    thank you Anna

  14. Love the teaser read! You have all of us chomping at the bit for your next book Anna! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!

  15. Awesome cover! All the Gladiator book covers are amazing, but this one is absolutely fabulous!! Can’t wait read Nero and Winter’s story. Thanks so much and keep ’em coming!! 😀

  16. I loved this series of the Galactic Gladiators best of all! One cannot but help to be immersed into the storylines, especially if you are an avid Sci-Fi Romance reader such as myself. Can’t wait until this is out. Thank you for writing this Series.

  17. Ana Paula Medeiros

    Loved the cover! Mostrar beautiful one so far! I adore this séries and am missing these Gladiators!

  18. I love it!! Very swoon worthy!! Nero definitely doesn’t know what he’s up against when it comes to Winter! CAN WAIT FOR THEIR STORY!!:)

  19. Shelagh McNamara

    New to this particular series but I’m already in love with it and the Galactic Gladiators. The new cover captures it all….. big, strong, sexy hero , a sense of danger around him ….would love to be the heroine here!!!!

  20. Can’t wait, Anna! I’ve been treading water reading other people’s books since I finished Hemi. I don’t want to wish my time away, but June 27 can’t come soon enough!

  21. Oh my I love love love this cover!!!!! I can see an image of the lady and the handsome gladiator!!! So so perfect!!! ?

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