Hell Squad: Devlin Cover Reveal and Paperback Giveaway with Vi Voxley

I know that after Finn’s book, quite a few Hell Squad readers have been waiting oh-so patiently (not!) for Devlin’s story.

Our expert intelligence agent is very good at sneaking into places…but at the end of Hell Squad: Finn, Dev found himself stuck in a pretty tough situation…

Well, you’ll be getting Devlin’s story mid-December (in time for Christmas!), he is currently off with my editor (I *loved* how the story turned out), and today I’m sharing the Hell Squad: Devlin cover with you.

But wait, there’s more!

I also have a fantastic paperback giveaway for you as well. This time, I’ve teamed up with sci-fi romance author, Vi Voxley (who has a brand new book out)! One winner will receive signed paperbacks from myself and Vi. All the deets on how to enter can be found below.

Now for Devlin’s cover…

Hell Squad: Devlin

Release Day: 20th December 2016


Excerpt from Hell Squad: Finn (featuring Devlin and the infamous “mate or die”)

Devlin Gray crept around the corner of the alien building. The black wall rose high above him and when he looked up he could see the giant chimneys pumping thick, black smoke into the air. He moved forward, careful to stick to the shadows and avoid the patches of bright sunlight. He was good at sneaking around. He’d spent a lifetime perfecting those skills.

He wanted to spend a few more hours looking around the alien factories. He really wanted to get inside the buildings but he needed the cover of darkness for that. He glanced to the east and wondered how Finn and Lia were faring.

Focus. For the moment, he had to stay focused on his own mission. Ahead, he saw some domes made of an amber-colored, translucent substance. He wanted to get inside those as well. They needed every scrap of information on the Gizzida if they were ever going to beat them.

Dev glanced to his side and saw his partner creeping expertly nearby. He didn’t know Taylor Cates very well, but he was well aware of the reputation of Squad Nine. The almost all-female squad of soldiers were very good at their jobs, and what he’d seen of Taylor so far hadn’t disabused him of that notion. She had a beautiful face, a tough body, and was a damn competent soldier. [toggle title=’Click for More Excerpt’]

He wasn’t used to having a partner and usually disliked having someone who slowed him down. Before Santha had fallen pregnant, he’d spent a little time in the field with her. She’d been easy to work with and after her time spent in the ruins of Sydney messing with the aliens, she’d been damn good at sneaking around.

But with Taylor, it was even easier. Dev found it a little disconcerting. The soldier seemed to anticipate him and was already where he needed her to be before he asked.

He raised his hand and gave her a signal. She nodded and turned right, slipping down between two large black buildings. As he followed her, he touched the wall of the closest building. It was made of some black substance that almost looked like thick, tough skin. Dev lifted his camera and snapped some shots.

Now, they needed to find a way inside so they could sneak in during the night. His plan was to spend the rest of the day snooping around, then find somewhere to hole up and rest. He and Taylor could take turns on watch. Then tonight, under the blanket of darkness, they’d slip inside the factories and see just what the hell the aliens were doing inside.

They moved farther down the tight alley. Ahead, he saw some large, cylindrical tanks that were made of that amber-like glass. At the base, they were striated with what looked like black veins. Inside the tanks he could see a red, glowing substance. If he had to guess, it was some sort of poison. The raptors liked their poison.

A moment later, Taylor jerked to a halt. She held up her hand and made a frantic signal. He watched as she ducked in behind a vat, crouching low. Dev did the same, hunkering down behind a black wall that cordoned off the tanks. His hands clenched on his carbine.

From somewhere out of his line of sight, he heard raptors grunting. He watched and waited. His heartbeat didn’t even increase. He’d spent far too much of his career trapped behind enemy lines, hiding, gathering intelligence, the enemy right on top of him. He couldn’t afford to panic. All he could do was his job. What he was best at.

He caught a glimpse of a raptor patrol as they passed the alley where he and Taylor were hiding. Big, scaled, and inhuman. They might walk on two legs but from what Dev could tell, the raptors lived to conquer and assimilate. They didn’t take the time to understand or learn. They just tried to mow over any species they deemed beneath them.

The patrol moved on, their footsteps and grunts fading away.

He signaled to Taylor and they moved out of their cover. He pointed ahead to the domes that he wanted them to investigate next. They progressed quickly, moving with utmost stealth. He watched as Taylor flowed silently forward.

They approached the domes and from inside he heard strange clanking noises. He frowned. What was going on inside?

He stepped forward and felt something beneath his foot depress. He froze.

Trap? Explosive? Maybe it was nothing. He searched the ground and only saw dirt.

Damn. He was caught out in the open. He couldn’t stay here.

Taylor crept closer. “What’s wrong?”

“Something moved under my foot.”

“Damn.” She crouched. “Explosive?”

“Don’t know.”

She probed the dirt. “I don’t see anything.”

Dev weighed up his options. “Back away. I’m going to move. If I go down, get out of here.”

He saw her eyes narrow, but she gave a nod and backed up a few steps.

Dev pulled in a deep breath and moved.

He dived away, rolling as he hit the dirt. There was no explosion. Instead, a terrible noise broke out around them. It was a regular, ear-piercing whooping sound.

Shit. An alarm. “Taylor. We need to get out of here.”

Together, they started running back up the alley. Behind them, he heard the raptor patrol thundering back in their direction. A second later, raptor poison splattered the wall beside them.

Dev leaped, tackling Taylor to the ground. They rolled through the dirt and both came back up on their feet. Guttural shouts echoed off the walls. He pointed ahead and they sprinted off.

They broke free of the alley and rounded the corner of the building on their left. Not much farther. They needed to cross an open patch of ground and get back into the trees. The raptors didn’t like the trees and they could use it to their advantage to lose the aliens.

As they sprinted around another corner, Dev saw a row of raptor soldiers standing in formation ahead of them. Their weapons were held up and aimed at Dev and Taylor.

Fuck. Dev skidded to a halt. Taylor did the same, their boots making dirt spray up. They both whipped up their carbines. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw more raptors coming in from behind.

They were surrounded. They had nowhere to go.

Without a word, he and Taylor pressed their backs together, lifting their weapons. A raw helpless anger chewed at him.

“I’m not going down without a fight,” Taylor said fiercely.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

They both opened fire.

Dev focused on taking aim. The carbine’s laser whined. He took down as many raptors as he could and heard raptor shouts from all around them.

But there were too many and as several raptors got in close, Dev abandoned his carbine and pulled out his combat knife. He charged forward, leaped into the air, spinning as he did and swiping out with his knife.

He landed on the lead raptor, slamming the knife into the alien’s neck. They hit the ground, the raptor still beneath him.

A raptor charged from the right and Dev shifted, kicking at his opponent. His boot connected, making the raptor grunt. He was only a match for the taller, stronger alien because of the exoskeleton in his armor.

As he fought hand to hand with another raptor, he heard Taylor continue to fire. He and the raptor spun and he caught a glimpse of the raptor bodies littering the ground. The woman was damned impressive with her carbine.

Slamming a gloved fist into the face of another raptor, one thought moved through the back of Dev’s mind. Why weren’t the raptors firing on them?

But as the raptor’s clawed fist skimmed past his head, he focused on the fight.

Dev reversed his grip on his knife and slashed at the raptor’s unprotected chest. Another few parries and the raptor went down, clutching at his wounds. Dev saw more moving in.

Damn. For every raptor he and Taylor took down, more kept coming.

The next instant, something smashed into his head. With his ears ringing, he stumbled sideways. As he regained his balance, he heard Taylor cry out. He spun and saw that a giant raptor had grabbed her by the back of her armor and was shaking her mercilessly. Her carbine fell into the dirt and the raptor stepped on it, crushing it.

Dammit. Dev rushed forward to help, but another blow slammed into his back. He went down on his knees. Next, he felt a huge raptor boot smash into the back of his head.

Dev fell forward, smacking into the ground. He tasted blood and dirt in his mouth and he heaved in a breath. Pain radiated through him. Something hit the ground beside him. He saw Taylor flat on her belly. She turned her head, her eyes meeting his.

Then scaled hands yanked Dev up. His arms were wrenched behind his back violently and he felt cold cuffs circle his wrists. Another raptor was doing the same to Taylor.

They were shoved forward, their captors grunting at them. The raptors half dragged, half shoved them toward an arched doorway into the closest factory building.

“Why haven’t they killed us?” Taylor said.

Dev didn’t get a chance to reply. The raptor behind her smacked her in the face.

“Leave her alone,” Dev said quietly. “Or I’ll skin you and leave you to bleed.”

His raptor shook him. Hard. Taylor shook her head and spat out a mouthful of blood.

They were jerked to a stop at the door and one raptor touched some sort of panel beside the amber-glass structure. A second later, the door slid open and they were shoved inside.

Dev’s pulse spiked. Inside was hot and steamy, and filled with harsh smells. He looked up at the soaring roof above. The place was huge. He took it all in, trying to memorize every detail. Closest to them were huge black vats with steam wafting off them. Off to the left, he saw a row of squat, raptor vehicles being constructed. Raptors holding strange-looking tools stood beside them, working to complete the alien trucks.

He and Taylor were shoved forward again and his shoulder bumped against hers. He lowered his voice. “Taylor, are you okay?

“Fine,” she answered. “I hope you have a plan.”

“Not yet.” Dev took a second to admire her. There were no hysterics, no hint of panic.

They were led between a row of vats. Dev wished like hell he could pull his camera out and get some images, but right now he needed to be focused on how the hell he was going to get them out of this.

The raptors stopped in front of another doorway. Dev and Taylor were led into a narrow corridor. The walls were so black they seemed to absorb all light. They felt like they could suck the very soul out of a man.

Then Dev heard the sounds. Moans and screams echoed from somewhere deeper in the building. It sent a shiver down his spine. He looked at Taylor and saw her swallow, jaw tight.

Suddenly, they were yanked into another corridor and ahead he saw a row of cells with black, scaly bars. Dev peered forward trying to see if there were any occupants in the cells, but they looked empty.

The raptors stopped in front of the first cell. Their captors spoke for a second in their guttural language and then Dev felt hands tearing at his remaining weapons. His laser pistol was tossed on the floor and then the carbon fiber panels of his armor were roughly pulled off him. He saw Taylor struggling as her raptor did the same to her.

Soon their armor was just a pile of pieces on the floor. A raptor stepped in front of Dev and slashed out with its sharp claws. It left Dev’s shirt in tatters and then the alien tore the remnants off Dev. Another raptor knelt and yanked Dev’s boots off. That left him standing in his cargo pants with a bare chest and feet.

He looked over and saw Taylor rubbing her bare arms. She was wearing dark-blue cargo pants and a simple olive green tank top that showed off her toned arms.

One raptor shoved Dev inside the cell, and the second raptor nudged Taylor forward. She reacted, shoving her elbow back at the alien.

“Quit pushing me, you ugly mother—”

It gave her another harder shove and she stumbled inside the cell, colliding with Dev. He wrapped his arms around her to steady her.

The raptor slammed the cell door closed with a clang. He touched something else and Dev heard locks snapping shut.

Now they were locked in a cell with no weapons, shoes, or armor.

The raptor stared at them through the bars, its red eyes gleaming in the dim light. “Mate.”

Dev could barely make out the English word through the creature’s thick accent. He glanced at Taylor and saw her brow crease. He looked back at the creature. “What?”

“You mate.” The raptor waved a claw at them. “Procreate.”

Dev felt every muscle in his body tense in horror. He heard Taylor’s swift intake of breath and his arms tightened around her. Oh, no. Bloody hell, no.

The raptor lifted its scaled weapon and aimed it at Taylor. “Mate or die.” [/toggle]

Signed Paperback Giveaway

with Vi Voxley

Sci-fi romance author, Vi Voxley has a brand-new release in her Brion Brides series (tough alien warrior alert!) To celebrate, we are giving away signed paperbacks (of Alien General’s Baby and Hell Squad: Cruz — because Cruz has a baby on the way too) to ONE lucky winner!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’d name the Alien General’s baby? Tell me your best sci-fi baby name!

Giveaway will run for approximately week and the winner will be notified via email. Winner will be chosen randomly. International entries welcome and void where prohibited.


Alien General’s Bride by Vi Voxley

This general has more to fight for than he ever imagined…

As one of the few warriors to ever defeat the Fearless, Brion General Braen is a living legend. Yet when his greatest victory turns to his gravest defeat, the undefeated warrior has to prove himself to the universe… and himself. If matters weren’t complicated enough, his fated, his gesha, appears to him right in the middle of it all. Now, losing is not an option.

Naima is a scientist through and through. She’s seen how love can ruin a life and she wants no part of it. So when she gets pregnant by a man who only deals in absolutes while an ancient unkillable evil wishes to conquer the galaxy, she finds herself between a… well, a monster and a hard general.

With everyone’s lives in her hands, but most of all her own, her child’s and the man’s who she can’t make up her mind about, what does the scientist trust? Her heart or her mind?

Amazon US    Amazon Other

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  1. Wow I’m soo glad you have found the time for Devlin’s book. I’m really looking forward to it :D, you kept all of us biting or nails to find out what would happen.
    And the Galactic Gladiator series is awesome as well, love to read more about those guys. The first two books have been amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on both your new books.

    1. Luckily for me, the Hell Squad books practically write themselves, Suze (-: And I didn’t plan that ending for Dev and Taylor in Finn…it is happened!! It has been great being back in the Hell Squad world. And there are more Galactic Gladiators coming too…Hero in out just before Devlin and more to follow in the new year (-:

  2. Haha just got to the give away part now, I got to distracted by thecawesome cover to read carefully :P. I’m not sure I would be any good at baby names, I would probably go with Kyra for hope or Noor for light.

  3. Your new series is excellent and I cannot wait for the third book. I am also looking forward to Devlin’s story. I cannot believe I just happened onto your books with the first one being Marcus and what a first one that was. I was hooked from the very first chapter and from then on I look forward to all your new books. Thank you for the great writing and I hope you have a lovely holiday!!!

    1. Thank you, Roseanne! I am so grateful that Marcus has been the book lots of readers have discovered my writing through. Yes, both Hero and Devlin are out in December — I’m excited to get them out there. And Happy Holidays to you too.

  4. I forgot what a huge cliff hanger was at the end of ‘Finn’! It’s all coming back to me now and I can’t wait to read ‘Devlin’.

    And for Alien baby names, I’m thinking Atrixia for a girl.

    1. Hi Lisa — yes, poor Devlin was left in a tough spot at the end of Finn (-: Devlin picks up right where we left off. Ooh, Atrixia (Trix for short) is a great sci-fi girl’s name.

  5. Hypatos – male “most high, supreme” Greek
    Vitalia – female “of life, vital” Italian

    I have a possibly unhealthy fixation with names and meanings from all around the world 🙁 love these 4equests from authors for name 😀

    1. I have a little name fixation of my my own, Elisheba. And I love those names. Well, I can’t promise what Vi will do with the names…but I’m making a little list for future characters (-;

    1. Great suggestions, Sherill! Not Kace though…I have a certain galactic gladiator coming out in just a few weeks with that name (-:

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I can’t wait for Devlin to be out. And thanks for the awesome name suggestions. I will do be stealing some of these for future books (-:

  6. I believe the two of them will have a girl. Thinking of his name as ‘Brawn’ – hard, steely muscles – my thought is that the sweet angelic stargazer will be named ‘Lissome.’ this represents her ability to be graceful – with steel!

  7. Devlin’s book seems great!! Looking forward to this new Hell Squad! I would name the baby Hope for a girl and Warrior for a boy. I guess I am trying to fit the story! LOL

  8. Ugh. I had a hard enough time coming up with Earth names for my boys!!! Hope I still get a chance even without a baby name.

  9. I love the cover! Makes me want to read it, like right now!! I am not good at waiting for your books to come out. They are so enjoyable.
    As for a name, any of the ones mentioned are good. And I have a thing for Greek names. Both of my daughters have Grecian names and I’m not even Greek!
    Just keep your fingers on the keyboard Anna, then you’ll have a bunch of happy readers. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa (-: Luckily you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on Devlin! There are some beautiful Grecian names (I actually do have some Greek blood!) and I bet a few would make great sci-fi names as well. My fingers are never very far from the keyboard…so stay tuned for lots more books in 2017 (-:

  10. Awesome. Great cover!! Can’t wait for December!! Gladiators and Hell Squad goodness ?

    I quite like alien names that begin with X.

    But let’s go with Kiva today 🙂

    1. Glad you like Devlin’s cover, Karen! And yes, double Gladiators and Hell Squad goodness next month. I am a bit partial to X names myself (although I usually save them for my cyborgs), and I love your suggestion. Good luck!

  11. Hello! What a fabulous giveaway. I can only cross my fingers and hope that I’m the one chosen for the books!! As for the names, I’m not very creative but here’s my suggestion:
    Girl – Lumia or Luna
    Boy – Daejon

  12. I love the cover for Devlin and can’t wait to read it 🙂 for by name think Zoron would be cool and different and for girl think Nalla would as well. Not sure how thanksgiving goes for ya Anna but if do celebrate it then Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Terri. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Glad you like Devlin’s cover!! And thanks for the names. Zoron sounds like a bad buy name to me and I love Nalla!

  13. I’ve been saving names since I was 10 yrs old for the future characters of my own stories, but I’m willing to share a few. Most are cobinations of two or more names.
    Feminine- Belestina, Celestrine, LéAndra, Atrietta, Braima (mom and dad mix)
    Masculine- Kiernantham, Ortreyue, Kearnorin, Kearegan (ardent lil king), Bainma (mom and dad).

  14. I’d give the same name to either a girl or boy. FUTURE because this little person is the parents hope for the future and the child’s very exhistence heralds a new future in time.

    Thank you for your books!

      1. Whatever you select (and I’m truly not suggesting my sad suggestions) I challenge you to break from the norm. We always see names made up only of letters. With my limited imagination, I could only come up with a number to add to the letters. I bet you and/or your friends, with you rich imaginations, can do so much better! Break the mold!

        I started to think along this line, when I thought about the old silly codes numerical code we use back in the 60s and 70s. Remember the 143? It meant I love you.

        1. LOL! That’s the great thing about science fiction romance…all the unlimited possibilities. Not sure names with numbers will catch on, but you never know (-:

  15. Wonderful news that Devlin’s story is on the way. I’m reading Alien General’s Baby and loving it. I am deliberately taking my time, forcing breaks just to make it last! As to the baby, how about Corrick or Kyrie for a boy and Khayriyya or Maitrya for a girl ? Both mean benevolent in honor of the General’s command. It was interesting to find Naeemah also means benevolent…close to Naima. Coincidence?

  16. I’ve read most of your books and I absolutely am HOOKED! I’ve just finished both Gladiator books, and have previously read Finn. Love the storylines. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity. I’m not great at name (not to mention I’ve been up for almost 48hrs straight so it’s hard to think, lol)
    But…here goes.

    Atrix-boy or girl

    1. Hi Myra! Hooked is good…I love hearing that. Super pleased you’re enjoying my stories (-: And even sleep-deprived, I think you’ve come up with some stellar names!

  17. If it is a boy, I think Barrok would be a good, strong sounding name. And should it be a girl, I think Astaria would sound wonderful.

    1. They are awesome-sounding names, Anna! I’m pretty sure Vi has the baby name all sorted out but I’m making a list for future characters in some of my books (-:

  18. First off i love your books. This series has been fantastic. As for names for a girl I like Brianna as some take off of her fathers name. For a boy I like Shelby or Dray. Not sure which name i like better???? Happy Holidays and thank you for the chance to enter.

    1. Thanks so much, Kerry! Thanks for sharing those great name suggestions! Happy Holidays to you too and good luck in the giveaway.

  19. I’d love a signed copy of Vi Voxley’s book! I’ve been reading Vi’s books for the last year and love them! I think I’ve devoured every one and looking forward to more. I’m adding Anna Hackett to my reading list now and plan to start one soon. Any recommendations on which one to start with?

    As for alien baby names, my son used to call his big sister Nini (Knee -Knee) so that would be the girl suggestion. I’ve always been partial to Rhys for a boy.

    1. Hi Judy! So great to hear you’ve been enjoying Vi’s awesome books! I love reading and writing action-packed romances. I have a few books available for free or discounted downloads (just to let readers try out my writing). If you are looking for alien heroes, then check out Gladiator (the first in my new Galactic Gladiators series). If you want some fun action and adventure (think treasure hunters in space), then Among Galactic Ruins (the first in my Phoenix Adventures series) is free, or if you want tough, alpha-male soldiers fighting aliens, the first in my bestselling Hell Squad series, Marcus, is free as well.

      Thanks for the lovely name suggestions. My two year old is always mangling his older brother’s name and it is always very cute (-:

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