House of Rone Cover Reveal: Defender

Fighting for love, loyalty, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

Join Imperator Magnus Rone and his lethal cyborg gladiators as they risk it all to rescue abductees from Earth.

I have another action-packed Carthago adventure coming! Are you ready for a big, gruff cyborg? Mace has been fighting his entire life…but the rough, gruff cyborg might be just what human survivor Jayna needs.

I also have a giveaway of signed Galactic Gladiators paperbacks to celebrate the cover reveal *and* a fun audiobook giveaway as well! Scroll down to enter.

Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #2
Release date: 20th August 2019

Cover by Melody Simmons
Photo by Paul Henry Serres

Excerpt from Sentinel (House of Rone #1) featuring Mace and Jayna

His boots thumped on the stone as he walked down the corridor. He was ready for a shot of home-brewed liquor and some sleep.

As he passed a closed door, he heard a thump and a muffled noise. He stiffened. He knew exactly whose room it was.

Mace charged through the door.

An object whizzed at his head and he caught the vase before it smacked into his face.

A pair of startled brown eyes looked back at him.

“You have good aim,” he told Jayna.

Her eyes were wide and panicked. She made a sound like a frightened animal, and he wasn’t even sure she saw him.

She stumbled backward, crouching low. He knew that even though she was free, in her head, she was still stuck in the hellhole the Edull had trapped her in.

“Jayna.” His voice was deep and firm. Mace couldn’t sound soft and reassuring if he tried.

Her breathing was too fast. He’d seen so many beaten, terrified people stuck in the fight rings when he’d been forced to fight. He watched the blows beat them down until they’d crumpled.

But Jayna hadn’t crumpled.

“You’re safe, remember?” he said.

She shook her head, her matted hair flying around her face.

“You’re hyperventilating.” Mace had no idea why this small woman got to him so much. “Slow your breathing. You don’t want to let the Edull win, do you?”

She snarled and glared at him.

Mace shrugged. “I’m not going to coddle you. I’ll say their name. I’ll remind you that you drakking survived.”

Her glare deepened. Good. He liked seeing her spirit. They thought they’d broken her, but they hadn’t. And besides, her breathing had slowed.

“The Edull can’t get you here. I won’t allow it.”

She rose and took tentative steps toward him. Then she raised a hand, her fingers brushing the bare skin of his chest.

A flash of heat washed over him and Mace frowned. What the drak? He didn’t like being touched. As a kid in the gangs, people either wanted to beat you or touch you in no way an adult should touch a kid.

But as Jayna closed the distance between them and pressed her face against him, he realized her touch didn’t bother him like it should. He noted that the top of her head didn’t even reach his shoulder.

He lifted a hand and pressed a palm to the back of her head. Despite the tangles and knots, her hair was silky. Her warm breath puffed on his skin.

The unfamiliar urge to pull her closer and wrap his arms around her hit him. Scowling at the wall, he stopped himself.

Mace knew himself well. He was rough and hard, with no soft edges. He’d been raised with fists, kicks, and punches. Fighting was all he knew.

No, that wasn’t quite right. In the last few years, he’d learned loyalty. To Magnus, who’d saved him, to his fellow cyborgs, to the House of Rone.

Caring for others was a weakness. He’d seen so many innocent fighters die in the organized fights the gangs had forced him into. He’d watched men try to protect their women, women try to protect their children. They’d all died, their weaknesses exploited.

It paid not to get too close to anyone. They always died or betrayed you.

“Get some sleep now,” he told Jayna.

Pretty eyes peered at him through tangled hair. Despite her traumatized appearance, her gaze was steady. Like she could see all his dark secrets.

Mace stepped back, then he swiveled and stomped out of her room.

He didn’t want anyone in his head or under his skin. Jayna was House of Rone now, so he’d protect her and make her feel safe, but that was it.

Drak. He really needed a double shot of liquor.

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