Introducing the Galactic Gladiators


Today I am very, very excited to reveal the covers of the first three books in my new science fiction romance series, GALACTIC GLADIATORS.

This series stars gritty alpha gladiators fighting for freedom, honor, and love, in the Kor Magna Arena on a lawless, outer rim planet. It also stars some strong, competent Earth heroines abducted off a space station orbiting Jupiter who find themselves dumped in the arena. These gladiators won’t know hit them!

Meet the first of our gladiators: tattooed, displaced prince Raiden, big, wild Thorin, and clean-cut, military-trained Kace.

Science Fiction Romance


Book 1: Gladiator

Hero: Raiden

Heroine: Space marine, Lt. Harper Adams

Release Date: 25th October










Book 2: Warrior

Hero: Thorin

Release Date: Early November










Book 3: Hero

Hero: Kace

Release Date: Early December








More exclusive sneak peeks into Galactic Gladiators coming soon!

75 thoughts on “Introducing the Galactic Gladiators”

  1. These awesome looking dudes on the covers might give real men a complex! Just saying…
    Look forward to reading the books.

    1. Thanks, Julia! The first gladiator, Raiden, just stormed into my head and wanted his story told. I fought him off for a bit, but he got his way in the end.

  2. O.M.G. these covers are spectacular!!! They are artistic, mysteriously dark and sexy as hell!!!! I cannot wait to start reading this series, but please keep the Hell Squad and Treasure Hunter Security guys coming our way too!!!! Absolutely love your books, Anna. Your writing is wonderfully superior in a glutinous genre of inferior work. Thank You, Thank You!!!

    1. Pegge — your lovely comment made my day! So glad you love the gladiators and don’t worry, plenty more Hell Squad and Treasure Hunter Security to come (-:

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I have some talented cover artists, and as a dedicated author, I spend a lot of time staring at pics of shirtless guys looking for the right heroes (-;

  3. Anna,

    The covers look fab-u-lous! Can hardly wait for the fab stories that I know will be inside. Great job!


  4. Love the covers and the new storyline premise. Since I love the other stories you write (and of course want them to continue!), I can hardly wait for this one to begin!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. The idea for Book #1 just stormed into my head one day…tattooed Raiden appeared and demanded his story. I fought him off for a while, but then he got his way (-:

  5. New series!! Can not wait:). I like first 2 covers. The last one is too much human ;). Please keep all series going. I love your strange mix between science ficton and historical themes.

    1. Thank you, Olya! Glad you liked them. Kace is our clean-cut gladiator, so I wanted him to look less different (-: I have lots of plans for all the series…so stay tuned for more stories!

  6. These covers are absolutely works of art! What a way to entice your readers to want to find out more about these warriors/gladiators! I love art, I love to read, and I really love well-done cover art. It’s the 1st or the final hook to draw me in and makes me look forward to reading the book. Thank you for your dedication to such fine cover art :-)! Can’t wait to read them.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words, Linda! I am thrilled you love the covers. I have a wonderful cover artist but I spend a lot of time planning exactly what I want on them…then I let her work her magic. Hope you enjoy the new series!

      1. Oh, Anna, I will enjoy the new series, I’m sure. I have really enjoyed your world-building. I love science-fiction action-adventure romance, especially if it involves hunky aliens, cyborgs, shapeshifters, or human warriors, such as soldiers, black-ops, etc. And, of course, a smart, no-nonsense human woman! Thank you for being prolific; I have some of your books to catch up on!

        1. I love creating my action-packed romances, so as long as the story ideas keep coming to me (and my readers keep enjoying them!) I’ll keep writing them (-:

  7. I absolutely love your Warrior Series (and I thought the Hell Squad guys couldn’t be beat), these Gladiators are a mix of Spartacus and Ganacus–YUMMY!! I really can’t wait for the next one–I’m haunting the new release site waiting to see it on the top 100 list. Please keep up the good reads–LOVE THEM !!!

    1. Thank you so much, Jane! I know so many readers are torn better Hell Squad and the House of Galen gladiators (I keep telling everyone they can love both!!) Hero is out on Tuesday (yay!) and there will be more to follow in the new year. Stay tuned.

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