Pets in Space 4 and House of Rone Cover Reveal: Centurion

Fighting for love, loyalty, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

Join Imperator Magnus Rone and his lethal cyborg gladiators as they risk it all to rescue abductees from Earth.

I have TWO great things happening with the House of Rone cyborgs this week:

1) My House of Rone novella, DARK GUARD, part of the Pets in Space 4 Anthology with several other amazing sci-fi romance authors is out now!

2) I have a brand-new House of Rone cover to show you.

I also have a giveaway of Pets in Space 4 tote bags and signed paperbacks to celebrate the release and the cover reveal! Scroll down to enter.

Pets in Space 4

Yay! Pets in Space 4 is here!

Here is everything you need to know:

  • 13 amazing, original new sci-fi romance stories
  • Supports the incredible charity
  • Available for a limited time only (and won’t be available in KU)
  • Includes my new House of Rone novella, Dark Guard


Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone Series

By Anna Hackett

Calla Ryss has spent months languishing in a cell, surviving her captors—the metal-scavenging species known as the Edull—after being abducted from her home world. Deep in the deserts of the lawless planet of Carthago, she is desperate to find a way out. Yet when escape comes for her and her lone human friend, it doesn’t lead to safety, but to the bone-chillingly dangerous cyborgs of the House of Rone. To her shock, Calla finds herself in the arms of a lethal cyborg with metallic silver eyes.

Zaden lives for the House of Rone. His cyborg enhancements help him keep a ruthless hold on his emotions. Loyalty, and the rare spurt of annoyance at the cyborg hunting cat that refuses to leave him alone, are the only emotions he allows himself to feel. He is perplexed when Calla falls into his arms and he begins to experience emotions he’s never felt before…a dangerous malfunction for a cyborg whose enhancements are in place not to increase his lethal abilities, but leash them.

Zaden vows to guard Calla and keep her safe—with some unsolicited help from a certain cyborg cat— when mysterious attackers attempt to snatch her. There is more at stake than just Calla’s safety. As they are drawn into an intoxicating storm of emotion, they will risk their hearts, their lives, and their freedom to rescue another innocent captive. Can they succeed against the odds, or will Calla find herself imprisoned once again?

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Cover Reveal

But wait, there’s more. In addition to Calla and Zaden’s novella, I also have the cover for Sage and Acton’s story.

Ready to watch another cool, controlled cyborg find himself face to face with a rescued woman from Earth? This time, ultra cyborg Acton learns to deal with a deadly rush of emotion sparked by one small, copper-haired survivor.

Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #3
Release date: 22nd October 2019

Cover by Melody Simmons
Photo by Paul Henry Serres

Excerpt from Defender (House of Rone #2) featuring Acton and Sage

“You’ll love the arena,” Jayna said. “The fights are amazing.”

Sage McAlister smiled. “Awesome.”

They were hurrying through the House of Rone on their way to the arena. She glanced around, taking in the smooth, stone walls and beautiful wall hangings, mostly done in rich, royal blue.

Her new home.

Her mouth felt dry and she swallowed. She’d been rescued and she was free. Even if she could never go back to Earth, at least she was surrounded by friends.

What she hadn’t told anyone was that she felt cold inside. Numb. Unsettled. She forced her smile up another fraction. She’d never tell Jayna or the others. They’d all risked so much to save her, and she didn’t want them to think she was ungrateful. Or to continue to worry about her.

“Calla’s in her own room now?” Jayna asked.

Sage nodded. “She’s doing so much better. I think she’ll be back up on her feet in just a few days.”

Sage was thrilled that her new alien friend was healed and doing better. It would take some time for Calla to adjust to her new, cybernetic heart, but she was alive, and that’s what counted.

Mace was waiting for them at the entrance of the House of Rone. Sage took in the massive cyborg and mentally shook her head. He looked so intimidating. She watched Jayna smile and throw herself into the man’s brawny, tattooed arms.

As the couple kissed, Sage felt a punch of envy.

She’d had a boyfriend back on Earth. She and Daniel had never been as passionate as these two, but they’d been comfortable and happy together.

Sage had already taken advantage of the amazing wormhole communication system in place and sent a message to Earth. A lump lodged in her throat. Her mother, never the most maternal woman on a good day, had been mildly pleased to hear Sage was alive.

Daniel, meanwhile, had assumed she’d died. He was now engaged to someone else, with a baby on the way.

So Sage was truly alone. She shivered. She guessed she should feel more upset about it all, but she felt nothing more than cold numbness.

Jayna turned back and Sage smiled at her.

“Let’s get to the arena,” the brunette said.

Sage nodded. She enjoyed the distraction of people watching as they maneuvered through the tunnels toward the main arena. There were so many different alien species. As a paramedic, Sage had always been interested in the human body and how it worked. Now, she had a bunch of alien bodies she could learn about.

If she wanted to. She tugged on her earlobe. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted.

Early days, Sage. Give yourself a break.

When Mace and Jayna led her out of the tunnel and into the arena stands, Sage looked around, her mouth widening. This was unbelievable.

A punch of sound hit her. The vibration of stomping feet rattled beneath her.

This was just the distraction she needed.

She looked with interest at the sea of colorful spectators—so many species of beings. Her gaze moved down to the arena floor. It was covered in a layer of sand, and the gladiators were already out there, swinging their weapons and performing for the crowd before the fight began.

It would take time to get used to her new home, but she could do it. She was no longer a prisoner or a lab guinea pig. The Edull couldn’t hurt her anymore.

She pulled in a breath. Besides, she really didn’t have much of a choice.

Her stomach curdled, and she quickly moved to the House of Rone seats near the railing. Jayna waved her in and Sage sat down next to Acton.

“Hey,” she said.


His voice was as cool as ice, his face as emotionless as glass.

This was the man who’d saved her from the Edull lab and carried her out of her nightmare. Her memories of her rescue were a little muddy and disjointed, but she did remember the coolness of his cybernetic arms.

“You enjoy watching the fights?” she asked.

“I don’t feel joy. But the fights are interesting displays of skill.”

She tilted her head, taking in the metal half of his face. He was really quite handsome. His smooth skin contrasted with the even smoother, silver metal. “You don’t feel anything?”

He hesitated. “Very little.”

Very little was more than nothing. Unable to stop herself, Sage reached out and stroked his cybernetic arm. “Do you feel that?”

“Yes.” His brows drew together. “I have pressure sensors embedded in my metallic skin.”

She reached up and touched his organic cheek. His skin was warm. “That?”

“Yes, of course, but I have no emotional reaction to the stimulus.”

Sage stroked his skin again. The man had ridiculously high cheekbones.

Acton cocked his head. “You don’t find my appearance…repugnant?”

She blinked. “No. Why would I?”

“Many people find my metal enhancements unsettling.”

“You’re unique, and I’ve always liked unique.”

He was silent for a moment. “If you’re looking for some sort of physical comfort from me, I’m the wrong choice.”

Sage bit the inside of her cheek to refrain from laughing. Apparently, several women from Earth shacking up with his fellow cyborgs had disturbed this man who claimed he didn’t feel.

She smiled, and it felt like the first real smile she’d done in ages. “How about we be friends?”

Acton blinked slowly. “Friends?”

“I know you have friends, Acton. People to talk with. Who look out for each other.”

A pause. “That would be acceptable.”

She bumped her shoulder against his. “You can teach me about Carthago and the House of Rone.”

“Yes. And you can explain perplexing emotional reactions to me.” He glanced over at where Ever, Quinn, and Jayna were laughing with Mace, Jax, and Magnus. “I believe I will need additional understanding as our House fills with more humans.”

She laughed. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Suddenly, she noticed that Acton was looking intently at her lips. His gaze moved back to hers, those cool, icy-blue eyes on her.

“It’s a deal, Sage McAlister.”

Sage leaned into him. There was something comforting about Acton. She felt no pressure to prove that she was happy and cheerful with him. She could just be herself. “Deal.”

Pets in Space 4 – House of Rone Giveaway

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House of Rone in Audio

The House of Rone is available in audio. Amazing narrator Vivienne Leheny has brought the cyborgs to life in Sentinel and Defender.

House of Rone Audio

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  1. The cover is awesome as always! I love the intriguing background, the vivid colors, and the sexy hero, of course! lol

  2. Love the model and all on the cover… but that background for it is so amazing! Awesome design and makes everything else pop.

    I saw Pets in Space had downloaded while I slept, so excited to read Zaden and Calla’s story!

  3. this sounds so exciting.. A cat to help two people interact..and, a cyborg cat ,is so cool.
    waiting patiently..(haha, as if) Acton and Sage sounds adoeable..

  4. I love the cover! I know when I receive this author’s email, I star it and go back to it several times in case I missed anything. The characters and the plots are always great. What a great imagination.

  5. First of all, I love the Galactic Gladiator series (so much so that I’ve got all the books and audio books and have read them all several times). The minute House of Rone books were released, I bought them. Then I bought the audiobooks. I LOVE this series. SO glad that House of Galen’s crew isn’t done and over – they’re still part of the House of Rone series. Once you fall in love with characters, it is incredibly wonderful to have those characters sprinkled in through other books. Defender – now that was a heck of a book! I don’t know how you’re going to top that amazing story!

    As far as the cover reveal for Centurion, WOW – I love the covers for your books. I love seeing the little things in them that are unique to that particular story. I LOVE that we can see just the lower portion of Acton’s half metallic face, letting the reader imagine what his eyes might look like based on your description. This gives an anticipation which would not be there if it were a full headshot. I also love that he isn’t pristine and perfect – he’s got hard won dirt on him! The stone architecture at the bottom is a fantastic anchor, as anyone who has read these series would instantly have that warm fuzzy feeling just looking at it!

    I love the preview/teasers you put in the end of each book about the upcoming ones. Acton is so serious and non-emotional (“His voice was as cool as ice, his face as emotionless as glass.”), I am seriously tingling with anticipation to see how he changes through the upcoming book. I can’t even imagine it yet – he is so stiff and cyborg-y. I am super excited to read how Sage takes her captivity and freedom and makes it her own success story. I find it amazing that though all of our heroines have somewhat similar abduction stories, each personality rises above the trial (captivity/torture/enslavement) in their own unique way. That is the beauty of a fantastic writer – she pulls you into the lives of very 3D characters as if they were part of your own family. Thanks Anna!

  6. I have read and enjoyed everyone of your books. I love the cover reveals. It is fun to imagine the full picture. Your plots are all thrilling and no two the same. I am looking forward to the next and the next and… Awesome imagination. Thankyou for sharing.

  7. Shannon Ferguson

    As always Anna, you have a fabulous cover for the next House of Rone book, Centurion and I can’t wait to read it. The model is pretty darn shmexy. If you ever need help searching for cover models for any future books, I’m your girl/woman/best friend for life! ?

  8. Enticing cover and great intro love it. I so look forward to seeing Sage bring Acton to his knees. Seems to me that Acton is in for a rollercoaster ride and some tasty desserts too. On another note, I purchased Pets in Space – I wanted to volunteer but their base is in Maryland and I live in NY. I did sign up for their newsletter. Loved Dark Guard.

  9. I have the Release Date on my calendar! I really enjoy reading your books. And I cannot wait until the next installment of Hell Squad comes out. I’ll have to get the new Pet In Space.

  10. I am loving the “House of Rone” covers! They are vibrant and hot! Just like the stories in their pages. Awesome as always Anna!!!

  11. I can’t wait for Sage and Acton’s story. It would be a fascinating story because Acton doesn’t feelan6 human emotion his cyborg half us fully in control so it would be great to see him unravel with Sage who deep inside felt nothing but numbness.

  12. Just started this series and am looking forward to these next few!
    Loved all your Eon, Treasure Security and Mission books!

  13. Just started this series and am looking forward to these next few!
    Loved all your Eon, Treasure Security and Team 52 books!

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