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I have a guest science fiction romance author today…she’s going to talk about alien worlds (something I love) and cyborgs (something else I love!)

Phoenix Adventures readers know I’ve created some pretty interesting alien worlds: Centax (cyborgs!), Technis (the techomancer and his maze), Markaria (barbarian warriors!), but today Cara Bristol is going to talk about some of the alien worlds of her Cy-Ops Sci-fi romance series. Here she is…

Alien Worlds

In science fiction and sci-fi romance, world-building is the process of creating an imaginary place, which includes developing geography, history, culture, language, government, religion, etc. Sci-fi is one of the most setting-dependent genres. World-building can make or break the story.

In the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series I engage in some literal world-building by creating some alien planets as the setting for Mated with the Cyborg (book 2), Stranded with the Cyborg (book 1) and soon, Captured by the Cyborg (book 3, in process). While some scenes occur on space ships, shuttle ports, space stations, and Terra itself, others occur on those alien worlds. I expect to develop more planets as the series progresses, but so far, here’s what exists:

DeltaNu9084 – Featured in Stranded with the Cyborg. An uninhabited, heavily forested planet where Brock and Pia crash land. All is not as it appears; the planet has a dark secret.

Darius 4 – A terra-formed dwarf planet (created in honor of poor downgraded Pluto) that is a sex resort staffed by android pleasure workers. Mentioned in Stranded, it’s a key setting in Mated with the Cyborg. I think readers will get a kick out of it.

Xenia – A pacifist planet caught in a tug-of-war between good and evil. The fate of Xenia is one of the drivers of Stranded with the Cyborg. It’s a beautiful, unusual planet teeming unusual wildlife.

Lamis-Odg – the desert planet that is home to the Lamis-Odg people, the Cy-Ops arch villains who are terrorizing the galaxy. It’s mentioned in Stranded and more so in Mated. A territorial Lamis-Odg space station outpost serves as one of the main settings for Mated with the Cyborg.

Deceptio – A barren moon with an underground (sublunar!) surprise. It debuts in Mated and is the key setting Captured by the Cyborg (my WIP). I had fun creating this one. I love it.





Kai Andros’s orders were simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out. Then he met her. Mariska. Beautiful. Innocent. Ignorant of her father’s atrocities. And marked for death. His orders said nothing about saving her. But he did. He went off-mission.

Can a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves?

Mated with the Cyborg is an action-packed erotic sci-fi romance between a man with a mission and a woman with a secret that jeopardizes their lives and the fate of the galaxy.

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Author Cara

Multi-published, Cara Bristol is the author of more than 24 erotic romance titles. She writes science fiction, contemporary, and paranormal erotic romance. No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

For more info on Cara:  Cara’s web site/blog

Image credits: Alien World images by Serendigity, Ivan and Donnie Nunley.

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