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February is Science Fiction Romance Author Month here at my blog! Each day, I’ll be showcasing a different sci-fi romance author. Learn more about these great authors, their style of science fiction romance and their latest releases. Enjoy!


HeroForTheEmpireCoverFinalWelcome to Christina!

Describe your SFR writing with 5 words: Adventure and Romance at Lightspeed. (Anna here: sounds awesome!)

What’s your favorite:

Sci-fi film – It would be almost too easy to say that Star Wars (A New Hope) is my favorite SF movie. When it blasted its way into the public consciousness almost four decades ago, George Lucas opened the airlock for all the SF flicks that followed and set the course for a large percentage of the books, in particular sci-fi romance—because, what is Star Wars if not a romance? Yes, I know the first episode had its hints of incest, but in the end, the girl fell for the right guy and they lived happily ever after in a galaxy far, far away.

But…if I was trapped in a long range shuttle with only one video to watch, it would have to be Aliens(plural). Alien(singular) first showed us that the chick had the grit to be the hero, but it wasn’t until the sequel that the girls with guns came into their own. Ripley tossed the alien queen’s butt out the airlock, sure, but the gutsy little marine with the really big gun stuck in my memory. Vasquez became the prototype for quite a few characters in my stories.

Sci-fi TV show – For TV shows, once again I won’t go with the most popular. I loved Babylon 5. Yes, I know the dialogue could be clunky and some of the episodes were cheesy (King Arthur in space??), but the story arc of the Shadow War that ran through the first three seasons was fantastic. The writers did a masterful job of planting subtle clues, sometimes in the first season that didn’t come to fruition for a year or more. They kind of lost their edge in the fourth season, but I can’t watch that final show without crying.

Sci-fi hero and heroine: My favorite hero and heroine change a lot, depending on the last great book I read, but the formidable women I like (the ones who can take care of themselves and the hero if need be) require an equally strong love interest. Right now, I favor Devi and Rupert from Rachel Bach’s Paradox trilogy (starting with Fortune’s Pawn). She is a power-suit wearing, butt-kicking mercenary who signs on as security aboard a merchant vessel. Rupert is the ship’s cook and not at all what he seems.

Sci-fi romance author: My favorite author is Linnea Sinclair, not only because her books have had a huge influence on my writing, but because she’s always been gracious enough to answer this newbie’s questions. And she loves cats.

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Describe your latest release in just one sentence:

A Hero for the Empire answers the burning question…

Can A Sexy Super-Soldier, a Mercenary and a Telepathic Cat Save an Interstellar Empire?

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