Treasure Hunter Security Book 2

2 Uncharted-Treasure Hunter Security-v7

An adventurous photographer in danger finds herself in the arms of a protective former Navy SEAL.

Former Navy SEAL Callum Ward has one motto—live life to the fullest. He saw the worst of war and lost good friends, but now he works for Treasure Hunter Security. When he’s not providing security for archeological digs and museum exhibits, or off on daring treasure hunts, he’s rock climbing, racing, or skiing. Nothing—and no one—has ever tempted him to slow down…until he meets one opinionated, prickly photographer on an expedition into the Cambodian jungle.

Dani Navarro lives for her photography. For years, it’s been her escape from her family and their frivolous lifestyle, affairs, and dramas. With her camera in hand, she travels the world, capturing other people’s moments and avoiding messy entanglements. At first, she thinks Cal Ward is no different from all the other men she’s known, but as their expedition to find a lost temple turns deadly, she uncovers a tough, smart protector.

Under attack from a dangerous black-market antiquities ring, Cal and Dani must work together to outwit their pursuers. They’re on the hunt to find the temple and a priceless, powerful artifact, but in the middle of the uncharted jungle, they might find something even more valuable…love

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