Treasure Hunter Security Book 7

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Finding undiscovered treasures is always daring, dangerous, and deadly in these action-packed novellas starring sexy archeologists, feisty treasure hunters, and tough former Navy SEALs on the hunt for two priceless Incan emeralds.

The Emerald Tear: ambitious archeologist Oliver Ward leads a dig in the wild jungles of Ecuador and collides with feisty, independent treasure hunter Persephone.

Oliver Ward loves getting his boots dirty on fascinating digs, and investigating strange ruins in Ecuador is no exception. When bandits threaten his team, a small, tough treasure hunter bursts into his world to save the day. He finds himself captivated by the bright, vibrant Persephone Blake. Pulled into a wild and dangerous treasure hunt for a lost Incan emerald, the two of them are drawn to each other. And they discover it isn’t just treasure on the line, but their hearts as well.

The Emerald Butterfly: former Navy SEAL Diego Torres finds himself helping the one woman who drives him crazy—the DEA agent who boarded his ship and handcuffed him.

After a bad mission ended his career as a SEAL, Diego Torres found a new love captaining his salvage ship, the Storm Nymph. As he begins his vacation, he’s expecting solitude and Florida sunsets, not the arrival of the gorgeous DEA agent who boarded his ship several months before. And he really wasn’t expecting an underwater expedition in search of a shipwreck holding a priceless Incan emerald. Agent Sloan McBride’s has promised her dying grandfather that she’ll find the Emerald Butterfly, and she needs Diego’s help to do it.

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