Cover reveal: Blackmailing Mr. Bossman

I have a new Billionaire Heists cover to show you today!

I hope you’re ready for our next Billionaire Bachelor of New York. First, we watched the King of Wall Street, Zane Roth, take the fall with locksmith Monroe.

Now, it’s Liam Kensington’s turn.

In Blackmailing Mr. Bossman, expect more fun action, steamy romance, and a little blackmail.

Scroll on down to see the awesome cover for Blackmailing Mr. Bossman and to enter the signed paperback giveaway to celebrate.

Blackmailing Mr. Bossman
Billionaire Heists Trilogy Book #2
Release date: 22nd June 2021

Hero: Liam Kensington

Cover Design: RBA Designs
Photography: Wander Aguiar

To save my best friend’s husband, all I have to do is blackmail a billionaire.

My friend’s husband was abducted by a gang of white-collar criminals. These guys are bad, and they want her to spy on her boss—a man who owns half of New York. She’s falling apart and she needs my help.

My name’s Aspen. I’m a private investigator, and I’m usually doing surveillance on cheating spouses or insurance scammers, but now I’m going undercover.

I’m trading my jeans for skirts, and playing assistant at Kensington Group so I can get up close and personal with Liam Kensington—the owner of a multibillion-dollar construction and property empire.

Not to mention a tall, lean, golden-haired god with a sexy British accent.

The white-collar thieves have Liam in their sights and in return for my friend’s husband, they want me to blackmail a billionaire. Aw, hell.

But I didn’t count on how Liam would make me feel, or my crazy need to keep him safe, or our incendiary attraction.

Now I have to save a man’s life, catch some bad guys, and stop myself from falling in love with a billionaire who’s way out of my league.

Excerpt from Stealing from Mr. Rich (Billionaire Heists #1) featuring Liam Kensington

“Get away from me, Johnny!”

A woman’s terrified voice broke through the party.

They all spun.

Across the room, a tall man gripped a middle-aged woman by the front of her dress, tugging her up on her toes. “You’re mine, Leigh. You’re not leaving me!”

What the hell? Zane tensed. The man was wearing a bartender uniform. Ah hell, some asshole had snuck in to get to one of the Nightingale House women.

The man shoved the woman, and she slammed into a table. Glasses fell and smashed. Screams broke out.

“Security,” Liam yelled.

“Stay back.” Zane shoved Monroe toward Maguire.

Zane and Liam started forward. He saw Mav closing in from the other side.

Johnny raised his big fists, and the woman cowered.

Shit. They were too far away to stop him.

Suddenly, a blonde woman in a short, tight green dress appeared beside the enraged man. She kicked the guy right between the legs.

The man yelped and bent over.

The blonde woman pivoted, then pressed a hand to the back of the guy’s head. With a quick push, she slammed his face into the table.

The man let out a strangled shout, blood pouring from his nose.

The woman followed with a hard punch to the man’s gut.

He dropped to his knees.

“You shouldn’t pick on defenseless people,” the woman in green bit out.

Simeon reached them first. He drove the man face down to the floor, then glanced up at the woman. “Nice moves.”

Amazing moves. Zane stopped beside the woman. “Good job.”

She stepped back. “I’ve taken some self-defense classes. Every woman in New York should.”

Liam, a frown on his face, stepped toward her. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Mr. Kensington. Nothing a vodka martini won’t help.” She smiled. The woman had strong features, with bright green eyes, and a sexy cleft in the center of her chin. Her hair was almost platinum blonde, falling past her shoulders. She wasn’t pretty or beautiful exactly, but definitely attractive.

When one of the Kensington Group team raced over, Zane realized the woman was one of Liam’s marketing employees.

“Oh my God.” A woman in a gold dress gripped the blonde’s arm. “Are you okay?”

“Totally fine.”

“I don’t know your name,” Liam said.

“I’m Penn. I’m new. I just started last week.”

The man’s ex-wife, Leigh, was sobbing quietly, being consoled by some of the other women.

“I hope she’s okay.” Penn turned and strode back to the other Kensington Group employees. Liam stared after her.

“Liam?” Zane said. “Liam? Earth to Kensington.”

“What?” Liam swiveled, still frowning. He shook his head, then waved at the security guards. The security team dragged a bleeding Johnny out.

Then Liam turned to Leigh, who was dabbing her tears away.

“I’m very sorry for that. He should never have gotten in here.”

“Oh, no, it’s my fault. I —”

“No. It’s not.” Liam offered her his arm. “How about a drink?”

The older woman gave him a watery smile. “I’ve never had a drink with a billionaire.”

Liam flashed her his most charming smile. “Today’s the day.”

He led the now-smiling woman to the bar, but Zane noted that his friend was glancing over at the Kensington Group table. Or more specifically, at one blonde in green.

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  1. Ann-marie Hayes

    Love the new cover now patiently waiting for the book release. — hmmm nope lying I am impatiently waiting for the new book

  2. Thea Sugarman Lee

    Devoured the 1st Billionaire book. Actually, I read every single one of your books, as soon as they come out. Fantastic.

  3. Colleen Dennis

    Awesome cover! First book in series rocked and I can’t wait until this release!! Great new series Anna!!

  4. I absolutely adore your books, they take me away from my everyday life. Physically some days are better than others. Thanks so much for writing them!!

  5. Sherill Posner

    Hot cover and alluring blurb. Awesome tatt on Aspen’s arm. The cover and blurb promises an engrossing read. Love strong heroines and yours are always superb. Looking forward to reading this story.

  6. Julia Schuepfer

    Loved the first billionaire book. Really excited for books two and three!
    Love the cover for Liam and Aspen/Penn!

  7. Loved the first book in the series and now I can’t wait for Liam and Penn’s story. Awesome cover! These guys are truly HOT!!!

  8. I love love love the cover!! That’s what I call a ‘reveal.’ Wouldn’t mind a little bit more revealing. They look great together. The tiny piece of the book posted here telling us that she is a private investigator makes me look forward to the book

  9. Shannon Ferguson

    Anna Hackett…this is a fabulous series! I loved, loved, loved reading Zane’s book and I know I’m going to love reading Liam’s. Plus, I’m crossing my fingers that my book boyfriend Vander Norcross makes an appearance in this book too!!

  10. Oooh la la!😘 Wow, the excerpt really leaves an impression! The premise sounds so original and exciting, definitely! Your covers are gorgeous as well.😜 Keeping my 🤞🏻 for the win! Congratulations to you!🥂🍾

  11. I just finished Stealing from Mr. Rich! I loved Zane and Monroe’s story. Just the perfect mix of suspense and romance. Can’t wait to learn more about Liam. June 22nd can’t come fast enough!

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