Cover Reveal: Stealing from Mr. Rich

I am SO thrilled to announce my upcoming trilogy, the Billionaire Heists.

You met the three Billionaire Bachelors of New York in the Norcross Security series. Zane Roth appeared in The Investigator to help out Haven. Then Zane and his two billionaire best friends, Liam Kensington and Maverick Rivera, also appeared at the end of The Bodyguard.

The three Billionaire Heists books will be coming over the next few months. They will also be going into audio production as well! Expect:

  • steamy action romance
  • jewel thefts
  • blackmail and hacking
  • a cameo or two by Vander Norcross

Stealing from Mr. Rich

  • Billionaire Heists #1
  • Hero: Zane Roth
  • Release day: 25th May
  • Audio to follow, narrated by Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton

Blackmailing Mr. Bossman

  • Billionaire Heists #2
  • Hero: Liam Kensington
  • Release day: 22nd June
  • Audio to follow, narrated by Lucy Rivers and Shane East

Hacking Mr. CEO

  • Billionaire Heists #3
  • Hero: Maverick Rivera
  • Release day: 27th July
  • Audio to follow, narrated by Maxine Mitchell and Joe Arden

I can’t wait to share these awesome heroes with you, and the heroines bringing them to their knees! Scroll on down to see the amazing cover for Stealing from Mr. Rich AND keep going down to enter the signed paperback giveaway to celebrate.

Stealing from Mr. Rich
Billionaire Heists Trilogy Book #1
Release date: 25th May 2021

Hero: Zane Roth

Cover Design: RBA Designs
Photography: Wander Aguiar

To save my brother, all I have to do is steal from a billionaire.

My brother is in trouble. Again. But this time he’s in debt to some really bad people, and I’ll do anything to save him. Even be blackmailed into cracking an unbreakable safe belonging to the most gorgeous man in New York. And one of the richest.

Steal from Zane Roth—King of Wall Street and one of the famous billionaire bachelors of New York—sure thing, piece of cake.

You see, some people can play the piano, but I can play safes. My father is a thief, safecracker extraordinaire, and a criminal. He also taught me everything he knows. I’ve spent my entire life trying not to be him. I own my own business, pay my taxes, and I don’t break the law. Ever.

Now I have to smash every one of my rules, break into a billionaire’s penthouse, and steal a million-dollar necklace.

What I never expected was to find myself face to face with Zane. Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so-rich Zane. He’s also smart, and he knows I’m up to something.

And he’s vowed to find out.

Excerpt from The Bodyguard (Norcross Security #5) featuring Zane Roth and the billionaire bachelors of New York

Three men in tuxedos moved through the crowd toward them. Titters and whispers followed the trio.

“Oh my God,” someone whispered. “It’s the Billionaire Bachelors of New York.”

The man in the lead was tall and handsome, with thick hair and a strong jaw.

A woman stepped forward to intercept him, but the man sidestepped her with a smile. As one of the famous Billionaire Bachelors of New York, Zane Roth probably had plenty of practice avoiding unwanted attention.

Roth had made his fortune young and was the finance King of Wall Street. Norcross Security did a lot of work for Roth Enterprises. The billionaire had helped them out when Haven had been in danger, and a hundred-million-dollar Monet had been stolen from Easton’s museum.

Behind him, the other two billionaires were night and day. One was blond, with an aristocratic, clean-shaven face that probably drove the ladies crazy. He moved like he’d had money all his life. The other man had olive skin, black hair, and a scowl on his rugged, scruff-lined features. He looked like he’d prefer to be somewhere else.

“Zane.” Vander stepped forward, holding out his hand.


The men shook hands. Zane turned, smiling at their group.

Rome lifted his chin. He had a lot of respect for Zane Roth.

“I’m not sure all of you have met my friends, Liam Kensington.” He gestured to the blond man, then the other. “And Maverick Rivera.”

Kensington inclined his head. “A pleasure.” He had a British accent.

Rome had heard of the real estate billionaire. He had a British father and an American mother, and was in property, construction, and hotels.

The other man just nodded and lifted his glass of what looked like Scotch.

Maverick Rivera was a tech billionaire and inventor. Rivera Tech developed all kinds of technology, including the best safes and security equipment in the world.

Billionaire Heists Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the Stealing from Mr. Rich cover reveal, I have THREE signed paperbacks to give away to THREE lucky winners. These are from my three action-packed contemporary romance series: Treasure Hunter Security, Team 52, and Norcross Security. The giveaway will be open for approx. one week and is open internationally.

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  1. Patricia Storle

    Can’t wait!!!!! So, excited!!! Your books are my life line these days. Thank you so much for writing such awesome stuff. Love it!!!!

  2. Deanna Millwood

    Oooohhhh this cover is super sexy! Love it! Can’t wait to read all about the Billionaire Bachelors! Love all your stories. Definitely a reader of yours for life!!!!! 🧡🧡

  3. Monica Beatriz Murillo Ballve

    Yey!! So many books from you this year Anna! Can’t wait to grab them! And so excited to know there’ll be audiobooks too!🎉🎉😃

  4. Jennifer Meloche

    I am looking forward to reading this, but why are they not listed on Amazon yet? I have tried looking up the first book – Stealing from Mr. Rich – about 4-5 different ways, including just by your name only, name and book title, book title only, name and the word ‘steal’, etc. Nothing!

  5. Christine Bean

    I love the sexy cover and I really like that the heroine is on it too! I can’t wait to read this new series!

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    I love the cover reveals and this one is brilliant…just like the diamonds and the author!!💖💖

  7. Melinda Cheong

    Can’t wait to read this series Anna and as always a beautiful cover for us to be WOWED with.

  8. Awesome can’t wait to read it or the rest. Always a joy reading all your books just love them all 😍

  9. Every book Anna has written is my favorite. So many sexy heroes, so many awesome heroines; how can I be expected to pick just one! just can’t wait to meet Zane Roth. I’m pretty sure he’ll be my favorite too.

  10. Looking forward to meeting Zane and his billionaire buddies and of course any Vander appearances will be much appreciated 😊

  11. The new cover looks amazing! Love tall, dark, handsome, and rich. I’m positive it will awesome as it sounds. Thanks, Anna!

  12. Hoowhee!! This is a pretty steamy book cover, but not too unexpected considering that this is Zane Roth’s book. When I first met Zane, with the Norcross Security men, I thought to myself that he should have his own book because he’s a total hottie plus he’s a billionaire! I can’t wait to read this book 📚

  13. Absolutely love your style! Please keep writing! I think I have ready everything! Norcross books my favorite! But then….

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