Cover Reveal: Eon Warriors

The fierce warriors of the Eon Empire want nothing to do with Earth…but when ravenous insectoid aliens threaten to invade, the humans of Earth need to get the Eon warriors’ attention.

That all starts with one wrongly-imprisoned space captain from Earth being offered her chance at freedom…if she abducts a fearsome Eon war commander.

I am SO beyond excited to share my brand new, science fiction romance series with you. Eon Warriors has a few things I love to write about:

  • Tough heroines from Earth – check
  • Sexy alien warrior heroes – check
  • Lots of action-packed fight scenes – check
  • Sexy romance where our Earth heroines bring fierce warriors to their knees – check

Today I’m sharing covers for the first two books AND some amazing custom artwork!

PLUS, I also have an COOL giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal (included signed sci-fi romance paperbacks from myself and some of my favorite sci-fi romance authors) so scroll down to enter.

Edge of Eon

Eon Warriors #1

Release Date: Tuesday December 11th

Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, wrongly-imprisoned Sub-Captain Eve Traynor of Earth’s Space Corps has one chance at freedom (and to save the Earth and her sisters)…but only if she abducts a fearsome Eon war commander.

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

 Touch of Eon

Eon Warriors #2

Release Date: Tuesday January 8th

Special Forces Space Marine Lara Traynor will do anything to free her sister and save the Earth from invasion…even if she’s blackmailed into stealing sacred Eon artifacts. And even if a dark, deadly warrior is sent to hunt her down.

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Custom Artwork Reveal

The super talented artist, MyCKs, has done a simply amazing piece of artwork of the hero and heroine from the first book, Edge of Eon.

I give you War Commander Davion Thann-Eon (and his symbiont-created scale armor and weapon) and tough Sub-Captain Eve Traynor.

Artwork by MyCKs

Eon Warriors Signed Paperback Giveaway

To celebrate the Eon Warriors cover reveal, I have some amazing signed paperbacks from some of my favorite authors. ONE winner will receive signed paperbacks by me, Nalini Singh, Susan Grant and Michelle Diener! TWO runner-up winners will each receive a signed Galactic Gladiators paperback. Open internationally!

You DON’T need to do all the options below to enter. Just do the ones you’d like.

Eon Warriors Paperback

135 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Eon Warriors”

  1. This cover is enticing and beautiful. Love the description of the heroine. She sounds awesome. The art work is fantastic. Can’t wait to read. thank you for the chance. Have a Great Day.

  2. I love syfy (it was my favorite as a kid and I never grew out of it!) and now that I’m older, the romance part is that much better. I can’t wait for this series!

  3. Crystalrose Brewer

    I am so glad that we get a new series and that 2019 is almost here so I can get my hands on another Berserker book, it has been FOREVER.? Thank you Mrs. Hackett for all the great books you keep pumping out.

  4. Judy Forehand Lewis

    Love the cover and the new artwork! I’m so excited about the concept of the Warriors having a symbiont and can hardly wait to read the first book! Soooo intriguing!

  5. Judy Forehand Lewis

    Love the cover and the new artwork! I’m so excited about the concept of the Warriors having a symbiont and can hardly wait to read the first book! Soooo intriguing!

  6. Books sound good. Am looking forward to reading when out. Great covers for the two you showed keep the same cover artist for the series.

  7. I’m so excited for this new series. I love All your books Anna. Thank you for sharing your talent and imagination with us. <3

  8. Yay! SO excited for the new series!!!! Can’t wait, although I know I a have not been waiting as long as Karen, Lol

  9. I’m so excited for your New Series; well I’m always excited for ALL your books. Thank you for sharing your Talent and Imagination with us. I can’t wait.

  10. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for this since you announced it! The covers look awesome *drool*, the plot sounds amazing *squee*, and the hero’s sound, well sexy as *ahem*!
    Anna you’ve done it again and I haven’t even read it yet ?
    Also congrats on the next stage of your house! You have to post pictures once it’s complete & I hope you have a kickass writing space to hold all your kickass stories & creativity

  11. I love all your books, I am really looking forward to a new crew of hunky aliens and strong interesting women. Harper won me over with the beginning Gladiator book. I can’t wait

  12. New series.. that too sci-fi, YESSS!!!
    Love your gladiator series so much. And always your covers are awesome. This time the giveaway is too good to miss.
    Happy reading and writing??.

  13. Ahhh, a new one. I’d say Book One in a series is my favorite, but we know that’s not true. I love them all, and I’m looking forward to all 1,000 books in this series. Just kidding about the 1,000 books. Fantastic, tho. Thank you for being so prolific!

  14. Wow, awesome artwork! Not just the cover but the custom sketchbtoo — love it! Can’t wait to read these — always ready for some fun SFR! And Anna, I’m amazed you can produce so many terrific stories with everything you have going on! YOU are amazing!

  15. Love the cover, and am anxiously awaiting the release. Another escape from reality, even if only for a few hours.

  16. Always excited for another adventure Anna – new setting, new concept, more swoon worthy, sexy & talented characters, amazing cover art 🙂 can’t wait!! Thanks for keeping us wonderfully entertained & able to escape reality for a few hours xx

  17. Love the artwork on the new books, looking forward to reading the new series, coming out just in time for my birthday!

  18. I’m so excited about this news series. I’ve read all of your books and I’m happy to report that I’m an addict. I can’t get enough of the action, adventure and romance only the way you can relative it. I’m so looking forward to Eon warriors!!! ❤️

  19. Awesome!!! Can’t wait to dig into your new series!!! Keep ’em coming!!! Love the covers and character artwork. Thanks so much for all your hard writing work. 😀

  20. I can’t wait to read this new series. I live all of your books though my favorite I’d the Galactic Gladiators. Looking forward to your new series and I already have pre-ordered the ones that I can’t

  21. I can’t wait to read this new series. I live all of your books though my favorite I’d the Galactic Gladiators. Looking forward to your new series and I already have pre-ordered the ones that I can.

  22. Love the two new covers- Very Nice- but the guy on both covers looks like the same guy. Are they supposed to be brothers? Can’t wait to read them.

  23. Scaly Space Warriors?????? Where do I sign up?!?!?! This new series looks am-ah-zing. These tough warriors may be all that but I doubt their symbiont will be able to save them from Earth females and cupids arrows!

  24. Hi Anna! You’ve been teasing us about the Eon Warriors for a long time and so I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!

  25. Anna, fabulous covers! I love the action, intrigue and romance of your books and am sooooo looking forward to reading these new books! Thank you for sharing the gift of your writing talent with us.

  26. I can’t wait until New series begins loved the gladiators. I had just gotten the email annwen staght to website to see cover and read the synopsis.

  27. I’m dancing with impatience to read the stories, but what gives with the covers? Is Eve’s sister her twin? Because it’s obvious that it’s the same two models on both covers, undoubtedly shot at the same photo shoot. One photo is just flipped from the other. (Check out that smallpox vaccination scar.)

  28. I saw this posting on Nalini Singh’s FB page and was curious. This is honestly a very interesting series for me. I enjoy paranormal/non-normal romances, and I’m a science fiction fan too! Strangely, I haven’t read a sci-fi romance yet (either there’s not a lot out there or I just keep missing them). This looks like a great combination and I’m looking forward to picking this up!

  29. I have just recently discovered your writing, and am SOOO excited about reading more! Your cover art is awesome, brilliant graphics… I can’t wait to see it in person!

  30. I am actually excited by this new series, it looks to be as wonderful as my favorite…Hell Squad! Not that any of Anna’s books are bad, quite the opposite in fact. I just love my Hell Squad.

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