Cover Reveal – Mission: Her Security

They are a covert, black ops team known only as Team 52. Their mission: to secure and safeguard artifacts deemed highly dangerous and classified…and protect the women who capture their hearts.

Join Lachlan Hunter and his military team for their high-octane missions.

Today I’m sharing a new Team 52 cover and more amazing Team 52 artwork!

I also have a giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal (signed paperbacks, of course) so scroll down to enter.

Mission: Her Security

Team 52 #3

Release Date: Tuesday November 13th

Mission: Classified

Hero: Former Navy SEAL and mountain man, Smith Creed

Heroine: Team 52 Las Vegas logistics manager Kinsey Beck

Artifact: Classified

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Photographer: Paul Henry Serres

Excerpt from Mission: Her Rescue (Team 52 #2) featuring Smith

The SUV’s lights cut across the squat building of the Bunker and the attached aircraft hangar.

There were no vehicles outside, but Smith saw lights on inside. He hoped beyond hope that she was in there, doing some urgent work.

He cut the engine and the team stepped out of the SUV. As they approached the front door, they all scanned their surroundings.

As they got close, Smith saw that the door to the Bunker was ajar.

Dammit. It was always locked. His chest went solid and he reached back, pulling his SIG Sauer from under his jacket.

The others pulled out their handguns—SIGs, except for Axel who swore by his Glock. Even at a wedding, Team 52 was armed.

With a nod from Lachlan, Smith went first. He kicked open the door and moved inside.

Fucking hell. He froze. He couldn’t breathe.

“Damn,” Lachlan said.

The place was a mess. Filing cabinets had been tipped over, Kinsey’s desk was overturned, and books and papers had been flung all over the floor.

“Stay focused,” Lachlan said in a cool, controlled tone. “Clear the building.”

The team moved in formation, fanning out. Smith went with Lachlan, and they cleared the other rooms. Blair, Axel, and Callie moved to the hangar and the holding cells below.




Smith lowered his gun. There was no sign of Kinsey or anyone else. He felt the blood pounding in his veins like a drum.

Kinsey—delicate, sweet Kinsey. When she smiled, it was like a light shone out of her. She’d watched him. Smith had sure as hell noticed. Once, she’d made a super-cute, drunken pass at him.

It had taken all his willpower to gently turn her down.

She’d avoided him for a few weeks after, but it hadn’t been long before her smile had reappeared. But she still watched him.

And when she wasn’t looking, Smith watched her as well. Oh, he’d looked his fill of her—round ass, long legs, shiny, blonde hair. Hell, even her nose was cute, and the pretty sweep of her collarbones, and her delicate wrists.


Blair moved over to straighten the chair near the desk. Kinsey loved that stupid pink, ergonomic chair.

Then Blair went still. “No.”

Gut curdling, Smith pushed forward. There was blood splattered on the floor.

No. He tried to pull in air, feeling dizzy. No.

Callie knelt. “It’s not enough blood to have killed her. If it is hers.”

“Someone took her,” Smith growled. “The fucker is a dead man.”

“Lachlan,” Axel called out from near the door.

There was a small shelf, where Kinsey kept a bowl of candy. She stocked it with all their favorites. Now, there was a cell phone and a note sitting beside it.

They crowded around, and Lachlan lifted it with his gloved left arm.

We have something of yours, and you have something we want. We propose a trade. Wait for our call.

There was a strange logo at the bottom. A circular, bird-like design.

All Smith could hear was a roaring in his ears. Some bastards had Kinsey.

Smith turned and slammed his fist into the wall. It plowed through the drywall with a puff of dust.

“Cool it.” Lachlan’s golden gaze was no longer cool. The man was pissed, but was keeping a tight hold on it.

“We have to find her,” Smith growled.

“We will,” Lachlan said. “Axel, lock up the Bunker. Blair, call Brooks now, and tell him what’s going on. We’ll use my condo as a base of operations.” Lachlan looked at each of them. “We’re going to find her and get her back.” Lachlan’s gaze landed on Smith’s for an extra second. “We’re going to find her.”

And they’d make whoever had done this pay. Smith’s fingers curled, his knuckles cracking.

Wherever you are, Kinsey, hold the fuck on.

Custom Artwork Reveal

I’ve already shown off the Team 52 artwork by author buddy and artist Lana Pecherczyk for Lachlan and Rowan, but today I have a few more Team 52 couples to share. I love these pics so hard!

Lachlan Hunter and Dr. Rowan Schafer


Seth Lynch and Dr. January James


Smith Creed and Kinsey Beck

Extras for all my series are located on my Extras page.

Mission: Her Protection Audiobook

I am thrilled that the very first Team 52 audiobook is now out! The amazing Stella Bloom is the narrator and she’s done an outstanding job bringing the team and their adventures to life in Mission: Her Protection.

Amazon  Audible  iTunes

Team 52 Signed Paperback Giveaway

To celebrate the latest Team 52 cover reveal, I am giving away THREE signed paperbacks of Mission: Her Protection, Untraveled, and Unmapped (the THS books all have a Team 52 cameo in it) – one each to THREE lucky winners. Open internationally!

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  1. Shannon Ferguson

    Anna, I love ❤️ the artwork! Your author friend Lana has done a fabulous job. Is this artwork going to be available to us to buy, like some of the previous artwork?? Finally…Smith. Hmm ?. He intrigues me. I can’t wait to read his book.

  2. I love all your books.. especially gladiator series. So far I’m loving your mission Team 52 series too..
    Fingers crossed for the new giveaway

  3. Looking good, Anna!! Wow! Once again, you grabbed my interest and propel me toward reading it the minute I get my eyes on it!

  4. I can’t wait to get run my hands all over that rippling….uh oh…I mean read the story that belongs to the awesome cover!

  5. Well, I tried to post a comment, but it didn’t show up. The cover is awesome and I can’t wait to read the story and find out what happened to Kinsey!

  6. I do SO enjoy your books, although I prefer the “regular” action/romance over the paranormal I love and read them all. can’t wait for the next Team 52 – I am re-reading the whole Treasure Hunter Security, then Team 52, again.

  7. This just sounds amazing! I love your books so much! The pictures are beautiful and I’m so excited to hear about your audiobook news!
    Hehe, see what I did there?

  8. Love Love Love your Books Anna. Still hoping for that Signed book from you. Thank you for the escapes into your amazing books.

  9. I love the covers and the art work is beautiful. The team 52 series is fabulous and the characters are dynamic; love them – and I also love that in all your stories you have terrific strong females. Can’t wait to read Her Security,

  10. I am SO looking forward to the next book. I am totally in love with your blend of action and romance. Thanks for sharing you world.

  11. I just love Team 52! I’d like to say it’s become my favourite series by you but that’s a hard one. Can I love them all the same and they all be my favourite?!

  12. This cover is H.O.T.! Seriously, your covers are some of the BEST I’ve seen!!!! I love not just the models but the designs you create around them! ❤❤ Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Btw, sorry if i double posted, i’m not sure if my first comment was posted. ?

  13. I have been a bit worried when THS ended.
    But this series is great! A true following series for the other one.
    The stories are hot, the couples hotter and the covers stunning

  14. I always love your cover art. Makes me think of how I used to buy music vinyls so I’d have the covers to look at. Love the new T-52s too!

  15. I always love your cover art. Makes me think of how I used to buy music vinyls so I’d have the covers to look at. Love the new T-52s too!

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