Cover Reveal: Heart of Eon

The fierce warriors of the Eon Empire want nothing to do with Earth…but when ravenous insectoid aliens threaten to invade, the humans of Earth need to get the Eon warriors’ attention.

That all starts with three sisters: one sent to abduct an Eon war commander, one sent to steal sacred Eon gems, and one sent to hijack an Eon warship.

The Eon Warriors series is chock-full of my favorite things:

  • Tough heroines from Earth
  • Sexy alien warrior heroes
  • Lots of action-packed fight scenes
  • Sexy romance where our Earth heroines bring fierce warriors to their knees

Today I’m unveiling the cover for the upcoming book, Heart of Eon. This story features computer genius Wren Traynor (who’s hijacked an Eon warship) going toe-to-toe with the ship’s captain, War Commander Malax Dann-Jad.

AND because I love to give things away to celebrate, there is an awesome giveaway as well.

Heart of Eon
Eon Warriors #3
Release Date: Tuesday April 23rd

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Touch of Eon featuring Wren and Malax

Shit, shittity, shit.

Wren Traynor ran through the narrow maintenance conduit. She heard the rumble of voices—deep, male voices—reverberating from nearby.

She ducked into a small alcove. In the pitch darkness, she dropped to her knees, pushed open a small panel, and crawled in. She fitted the panel back into place, and turned to face the tiny space that had been her hidey-hole for the last few days.

Dropping to her butt, she leaned against the metallic wall and sighed.

She was tired. Stressed out. And she didn’t smell very good.

That’s what happens when you hijack an alien warship, Wren.

God, her life sucked. She let her head thunk back against the wall. One day, she’d been working at her tech company, creating amazing, cutting-edge programs and being a badass with a keyboard. At night, she’d done some…creative hacking. Just to keep herself busy and her skills sharp.

Then, just over five months ago, things had gone sideways. Her sister, Eve, had been imprisoned for a crime she hadn’t committed. Wren still felt the wild rush of anger at the injustice of it all.

She pushed her mass of dark curls back over her shoulder. She winced. Her hair was greasy as hell. Gah. She needed a shower and would sell her soul for one. Wet wipes weren’t cutting it anymore.

Sighing, she pulled her tablet out. The screen glowed, lighting up the small space around her. She’d been damn grateful to find this space. Tucked between some internal maintenance access conduits, she was pretty sure the warriors didn’t know it existed.

She stroked her tablet. Her baby. She’d built the device herself. It had top-of-the-line, experimental components.

With it, and her mad skills, she’d managed to sneak aboard an Eon warship, take over their systems, and take control of the ship.

She’d then spent four days sending them jumping around distant space.

The ship’s war commander and his crew had been working tirelessly to find her. Wren had spent that time ensuring they didn’t, usually by creating havoc on the ship and keeping them busy.

She needed to get the warship to the rendezvous point with Earth’s Space Corps. Her sister’s freedom depended on it. The survival of Earth depended on it. How the Space Corps planned to subdue an entire ship of pissed off Eon warriors, she had no clue. She didn’t care. Her job was to get the Rengard to the rendezvous.

Wren rubbed her brow. She had a headache forming. She rifled through her backpack and pulled out some food packs and water.

Somehow, War Commander Dann-Jad had disabled the ship’s star drive. They were now stuck at standard speed.

It was going to be a long trip to the rendezvous. She’d run out of food and water far before then. Which was no doubt what the war commander had in mind.

She munched on the bland rations, dreaming of a thick, juicy steak. And a slice of cheesecake. Fresh strawberries. So, she could either die of thirst and starvation, or she could die at the hands of an angry Eon war commander who’d likely wring her neck. And take pleasure in doing it.

Hmm. Choices, choices.

She tossed the empty wrapper in her backpack. This was why she preferred her computer lab to spending time with people. In her lab, she was queen of her domain, and the few people she allowed in were awed by her crazy-good skills.

Wren thumbed her tablet screen, and a picture of her with her sisters appeared. Eve and Lara. Love filled Wren. She was the baby, and her sisters had always protected her, looked out for her.

In the picture, her sisters had Wren squeezed in between them. Wren was laughing, Lara had an arm outstretched to take the picture. Eve was smirking and looking badass. It was over a year old, on the last vacation the three of them had managed to take. They’d sunned themselves on a beach in the Caribbean, and the rest of the time, Wren had fought their attempts to make her go parasailing and jet-skiing.

Her sisters were both taller and more athletic than Wren. They both loved space and fighting. Both were tough, accomplished, and badass.

And then there was Wren. Her nose wrinkled. She was shorter and curvier, with five pounds she couldn’t shift. Okay, so she had a serious chocolate and latte addiction that she had no intention of giving up. And she didn’t exercise—she shuddered—unless she had to.

She touched the image of Eve’s face. God, she prayed her sister was okay. The Space Corps had forced her on a dangerous mission to abduct an Eon war commander. Air whistled through Wren’s teeth. And not any Eon war commander, the deadliest one.

Not that War Commander Malax Dann-Jad was a slouch. The man was proving way more intelligent than she’d assumed.

The Space Corps had approached Wren and offered her a deal too. Hijack the Eon warship, the Rengard, and they’d recall Wren’s sister and grant Eve her freedom.

God, her sister Lara would be going crazy with worry for Eve and not knowing where Wren was.

And here she was. Stuck in the bowels of an alien ship while its war commander tore it apart to find her.

Suddenly, her tablet screen went black, plunging her into darkness. She frowned.

Then words appeared on the screen.


Her eyebrows rose. He’d hacked her tablet? The prick. Her fingers flew.

She and the war commander had traded a few messages over the last few days. But they were messages she’d sent him when she’d tapped his system. He did not get to hack her baby.

Wren quickly checked her system and released a breath. They didn’t have a lock on her location.

She replied. War Commander.

Earth now has an alliance with the Eon. Stand down.

What? Wren chewed her lip, studying the words suspiciously.

She tapped the screen. I don’t believe you.

Stubborn woman. Your sister brokered a deal.

Wren chewed on her lip hard enough to wince. Could it be true? Was Eve okay?

Return control of my ship.

His anger practically throbbed off the screen. She didn’t need to be anywhere near the man to know he was pissed to the nth degree.

She’d seen a photo of him. Eon warriors all looked similar—big and muscled, long hair framing rugged faces. They all had hair in shades of brown. But there was something a little harsher about Malax Dann-Jad. The firm line of his square jaw, or maybe the scowl she suspected was his permanent expression.

She tapped her screen. No.

She suspected the war commander would do just about anything to get her to surrender control of his ship. Including lie to her.

You will regret your actions.

Wren snorted. I already do, but I have no choice.

There is always a choice, Terran. Relinquish control and turn yourself in. I can assure your safety.

Another snort. Yeah, right.

Woman, do not test me. You won’t like the consequences.

Okay, Wren felt a little tremor in her belly. She never, ever wanted to come face-to-face with War Commander Dann-Jad.

Don’t threaten me. I haven’t had a latte in days, and my chocolate stash ran out a long time ago.

The screen stayed blank, and she figured he wasn’t quite sure what to make of her.

Last chance. Surrender.

Annoying man. You can’t see me right now, but I’m poking my tongue out at you. I don’t follow your orders, War Commander.

Wren tapped the screen, found the command she wanted, and hit it. Right now, lights were turning off across the entire ship.

It was childish, but she couldn’t help herself.


Just that single word on the screen. Wren imagined she could hear the war commander’s angry roar from here.

Game on, War Commander.

Heart of Eon Cover Reveal Giveaway

I have a super cool giveaway. Remember the awesome custom artwork of Davion and Eve from the first Eon Warriors book, Edge of Eon? Well, I am giving away a print of that picture to one lucky winner!

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67 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Heart of Eon”

  1. I really enjoy this series; its got a special quirk different from the other, still amazing, series’. Its hilarious, but packed with action and romance! Cant wait to read Malax and Wren’s Story!

  2. Carrie McConnell

    Ahhh…. While the hero looks hot, to me, this cover has more of a sweet vibe to it. Love it!! Can’t wait.

  3. Love the cover! This story reminds me of the notion of what do you do when you have a tiger by the tail. You can’t let go so you hang on for dear life. Can’t wait

  4. I cannot wait for this. Oh, to be a fly on the wall watching the War Commander’s reaction to Wren’s challenge!

  5. Wren is a girl after my own heart, a nerdy chocolate lover! The fact that she can run rings around a certain captain is just superb! These sisters are no damsels in distress!

  6. Elize van der Merwe

    This sounds like it is going to be a sexy, happy read. On the edge of your seat like all your other books. I can’t wait to read what mischief Wren is up to.

  7. Is it bad that I love the fact that Wren is tormenting the war commander? Should make for some super awesome foreplay:-)
    Can’ wait!!!!!

  8. Thanks as always for the awesome books, you write what I absolutely LOVE to read! This series is second only to Treasure Hunter Security/ Team 52 for my favorite.

  9. This sounds like it will be SO good. I love space stories and I love the humor. But I just have a teeny, tiny question… what does Wren do when she has to use the restroom? I know, a minor detail, but still… enquiring minds and such.

  10. Rachelle Westcott

    I’m not sure what I love more… The color of the book or the book itself! ?

    Can not wait for this one!

  11. Malax is going to have his hands full with sassy Wren. She may not be a warrior like her sisters but she has enough spunk to keep Malax on his toes. Enticing cover – and tease; Looking forward to reading –

  12. I just read the first book in this new series and I was hooked.
    I downloaded right now the second one, so I will be ready for this new one when it comes out.

  13. Can’t wait for the next Eon Warrior! The cover is awesome! I love the Davion & Eve print, I loved their story! Thank you for everything you do!!!!! ❤

  14. I’m so excited to read this Anna. I love your books and fingers crossed I can win some artwork of your great series.

  15. I can’t wait to read this story! This is the final sister of the group, and I can’t wait to see what happens to her, and what happens when/if the sisters get reunited! Squeee!!!

  16. I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for Wren story ever since I finished book 2. Of course Wren is not going to believe Dann-jad; he’ll need to come up with proof. I’m still sitting on the edge of my seat. All these sneak peaks are driving me crazy. I keep check Amazon to see if I can pre-order it.

  17. Hello I want to say I found you by chance I bought a book off amazing and they sent me the wrong book I was in the middle of re turning it and started to read it the book i that i bought was (Rhapsodic The Bargainer) and the book i got was Warrior Galactic by you I am very happy that they made such a mistake I ended up keeping it and ordering the remainders of the series I am so hooked I can’t wait for your next book as i said on the Facebook message 5 minutes is not enough time I really can’t wait for this one I Love the first one, I liked the second one and I can’t wait for the this one to come out my only question are you going to have more coming after this one on the same series? or will there be more coming from a different one?

  18. It looks amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win and congratulations on another successful (I already know it will be) book!

  19. Every time you write a new series, I think it cannot possibly be as good as your others, and every time I’m wrong. I love the worlds that you write, and that your heroines kick ass! I cannot wait for this book!

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