Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Griff

Welcome back to Hell Squad!

It seems like forever since we checked in with Hell Squad, Squad Nine, and the Squad Three berserkers as they are busy trying to save the world from the invading aliens.

Hell Squad is sci-fi romance, with a heavy dose of action, and some post-apocalyptic, end of the world adventure, but at its heart, this series is about heroes, hope, and love.

Today I am thrilled to be showing you the cover for the next Hell Squad book, Griff. This story stars ex-cop, ex-con berserker Griff Callan and Squad Three’s bold, tattooed comms officer, Indy.

PLUS, I have an awesome giveaway to celebrate the reveal!!  Scroll down to the bottom to enter the giveaway.

But first up, to get in the Hell Squad mood, here is the trailer for the series:

Hell Squad #17
Release Date: Tuesday March 19th

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Manu featuring Griff and Indy

As the others headed down the corridor, Indy moved to follow them. Griff saw the tight lines bracketing her mouth. She was still worried. He gripped her arm, his hand wrapping around the bright rose tattoos on her skin.

“Manu and Kate will be all right,” he said.

She nodded. “It’s hard listening to the fighting over the comms, and not knowing if you guys will come back in one piece.”

No way he’d be able to sit behind a desk and listen to the fighting. He’d always been a guy who preferred action, a man who believed in the law, and did whatever he had to do to protect it. He’d always thought right beat wrong, good beat evil. But life had taught him that wasn’t always the case with a big fucking betrayal he’d never seen coming, followed by the damn alien invasion.

Without thinking, he tugged Indy in for a hug. She went still, then stiffened, and tried to pull back.

But Griff didn’t want any distance between them and held her in place. She was a long, curvy handful, and smelled like she had years ago—of coconut.

“Let me go,” she said.

“You’re always avoiding me.”

“No, I’m not. I see you every day.”

“You look through me. You only look at me when you’re busting my balls.”

She glared at him. “Your balls are safe from me, Griff.”

Some indefinable mix of emotion roared through him at her words, and he backed her into the wall.

Her gray eyes narrowed on his face. “Back off.”

“I think it’s time we talk about us.”

“Us?” Her dark brows rose. “There is no us.”

“Let’s talk about why you’ve been avoiding me for years.”

“Ah, you were in jail, Griff.”

“Before that,” he growled. He wanted no reminder of the years he’d spent in that hellhole.

“We grew up. You became a cop and left.”


“I’m not doing this.” She shoved at him.

He grabbed her wrists, but she yanked one free and, quick as a snake, she slammed her open palm into his nose.

“Goddammit.” He staggered back, checking she hadn’t broken his nose.

“You taught me that self-defense move, remember? So I could deal with pushy guys who wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to talk.” He glared at her.

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“We are going to talk, Indy.”

With a glare hot enough to melt his skin, she stomped off down the corridor.

Griff stayed where he was, watching the sway of her ass under her tight jeans. She was fighting him, but he’d been a cop a long time. He was good at reading people. He’d seen the flare of panic in her eyes when he’d told her they’d talk.

He thought of Kate’s words to Manu. That he’d brought color to her life.

Griff had been ignoring the shades of gray around him for a very long time. Life had ground him down, but now he was finally ready to risk it all to get some color back into his world.

To get Indy back into his world.

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  1. At long last a new Hell Squad book. I love this series. I think this is the first series of yours that I discovered, and it made me a forever fan Thank you for all the good reads. I share your name with all my friends.

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  4. Norma-Anne Lopez

    Mmmm oh yes another yummy hell squad
    Anna you always have the best covers.
    It always makes me want to flip the book over and read the description and of course then you are caught. A must read instantly.

  5. Elize van der Merwe

    Oh my word, that intro video! It is amazing! Now I actually want a series or movie about Hell Squad.

  6. I absolutely love all of Anna’s series but Hell Squad is Hand downs my favorite. I can hardly wait for this next book. It seems like it has been forever

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    CANNOT wait for the book Anna!

  8. Leena Tahtinen

    OMG what a cover, you have outdone your self this time I just can’t literary wait to read this book.

  9. Love the cover. Can’t wait to read this one. I’ve been interested in his story since he was first introduced.

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  14. AWESOME cover! And I’m REALLY lookin forward to Griff’s story! He’s so mysterious, I’m excited to learn more about him!

  15. Absolutely love Griff’s cover! Can’t wait for his book to come out. Hell Squad (Marcus) was the first book of yours I ever read and have been hooked on all of your series ever since. I must admit that the Hell Squad group has a special place in my heart. The situations you put them in and somehow manage to get them out of boggles my mind!

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    Love this series. How many books are you planning?? I’m dying to find out what happens in the end! …And how DO you clean up a planet of now mutated animals!? Now that 3/4 of the population is gone, how will they move forward-ultra tech or no tech? These last books should be longer to tie up the loose ends. It’s been a great run, for a former Navy girl I still appreciate a hot Marine or even better, the hotter Navy SEAL! (I’m reading the Phoenix series now but it’s not the same)!

  20. Sherill Posner

    The trailer is awesome – special effects are great – The cover is enticing and the teaser inviting. Looking forward to another great read. So glad I found you.

  21. Hell Yeah…Hell Squad is back!!
    Awesome cover as always Anna and Griff’s story sounds fantastic, can’t wait.

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    So glad that you’re going back to visit Hell Squad. I’ve missed them!

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  25. Carrie McConnell

    HOT, HOT, HOT !!! Eagerly awaiting Griff. Thank you ,Anna for Hell Squad. Also happy to hear another Eon Warriors upcoming.

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  27. Alexandra Fries

    This is definitely my favorite cover!!! It seems like forever since the last one came out (although I’ve loved all of the other books in the meantime) Now that there’s a cover, I guess it’s time to finish re-reading so I’m ready as soon as it comes out. And then it’ll just be waiting for the next Eon. Ah well, love them all!

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    I think this maybe my favorite cover of Hell Squad yet! I am so excited for Griff and Indy’s story! I can’t wait to read it!

  29. Christine Bean

    I just love the Hell Squad covers and this one fits in perfectly with the others while still being unique for the couple!

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    You’ve truly outdone yourself with this cover, Anna! I think it’s the hottest one that I’ve seen yet. If this is a trend then I can’t wait to see the next HS cover!!

  34. Love your books, it’s a given they will be good. Also really like that you happen to be a fellow Aussie but buck the trend & live on the west coast, as to the east

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