Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Holmes

I am super excited to share the cover for the next Hell Squad book. Here is our fearless leader, General Adam Holmes…he’s been hiding a lot under that uniform!

If there was ever a man who needed a happily ever after in the post-alien invasion world of Hell Squad, it’s Adam. His book is coming March 8th!!


Hell Squad Holmes AMAZON LARGE


53 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Holmes”

  1. The cover for Holmes is perfect for his character. The button down shirt is a great touch and different from the Tee’s. Love it.

  2. Oh, wow, that’s an awesome cover! I’m so happy that he finally gets someone of his very own! I can hardly stand the wait until his book comes out!

    1. Well, he does have that dash of gray at his temples (but that’s not on the cover). And as I keep telling Mr. H — early forties is not old!

  3. Great cover Anna…I would call it “Subtlety Sexy” because for me, I get the impression that with General Holmes you are unleashing a sleeping beast of a man!! I can hardly wait to read Adam’s story and find out who the lucky lady will be that can make him purr! 🙂

  4. I am so glad you don’t put faces on your leading men only their bodies! The faces never match my imagination of what they should look like and I have one hell of an imagination!! Love your books. Can’t wait for Holmes!!

    1. Glad you like, Penny. Yes, I try to avoid faces so readers can picture for themselves. I must admit, the next Hell Squad cover will have faces…the couple just worked so well. But I usually stick to the mystery of no faces (-:

  5. HUBBA!! HUBBA!! HUBBA!! Who knew that tight lipped Adam also had such a tight bod. Yummy, can’ t wait to see the lucky, lucky female??

  6. Can’t wait! I love that you left his shirt on but open. Just a glimpse of the man underneath! I think the book cover is an excellent indicator of what we can expect from Adam.

  7. First, you should supply paper towels for all the drool… You always seem to find the best eye candy for your readers. tyvvm.. and this one def makes you sit up and purr..

    1. LOL, Semantha! I’m glad you appreciate all the hard work I do staring at bare-chested pics to find the right ones for you (-:

  8. Its about time for him!! You know Im waiting for a different character too but Im very intrigued to read this one! Cant wait!
    And Ive seen Deadpool….DO IT!!! It is absolutely amazing and hilarious! =)

    1. I know you’re waiting…coming soon, I promise (-: Hope you like Holmes’ story in the meantime. I’ve had loads of emails and apparently everyone loves Deadpool. It is now at the top of my To Watch list…not sure when, but I’ll make it happen!

      1. Give us a review when you get a chance =) I think you’ll love it!

        And Ill be patient and gladly get my hands on Holmes to pass the time 😉

  9. Woo Hoo! I can’t wait to read his story. The phrase of still waters run deep always comes to my mind when is encounter him in the Hell Squad stories.

  10. I began reading this series in mid August 2015 with Marcus (i got him as a freebie) and found that I needed to know what happens with the rest of the squad so bought them in one go and read one after the other, and put the new releases on prebooked when they became available, just couldn’t stop till I finished. Can’t wait for Holmes. Thank you for such good entertainment.

    1. Hi Jacqui — you’ve made my day knowing you’re enjoying the Hell Squad gang so much! Hope you enjoy Holmes and plenty more books to come (-:

  11. OMG feels like forever waiting for this one. And the cover is scorching hot!!! It feels like being a kid and waiting for xmas morning to come Lol. The biggest problem is it’s a bit like the selection boxes we used to get where you tend to pig out in one go and then sit there stewing when the box is empty cause you didn’t make it last because I know that I will not stop reading it until I’ve finished so it will be over in a day 🙁

    1. Oh, Elaina, I know that feeling! I feel the same when I read some of my fav authors. But I’m writing as fast as I can so I can bring you as many Hell Squad books as I can (-: Plus, I’m having so much fun with them!

  12. I loved Shaw,well hell I loved them all,but the General has to be strong and tight lipped to keep order,and after reading Shaw I have somewhat of an idea who the woman he gets together with,of course I could be wrong and it could be someone unknown!! (ps I have all the books so I will review them and will put a review in to cover all three that a lot of people may not have read this genre before)

    1. Hi Sharo — yes, I gave you a hint of the general’s heroine in Shaw (-: So you’re probably right. And he’s had to be so strong…he deserves a happy ending! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave reviews — I appreciate it and it really helps other readers work out if a book or series is for them!

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