A Cover Reveal and a Barbarian Warrior

The next Phoenix Adventure book on my schedule was Dare Phoenix’s book…until a certain stubborn, bossy barbarian warrior demanded his story.

I caved (he did have a big…sword) and Lost in Barbarian Space will be out in late April. It stars Colm Mal Kor (said stubborn warrior) the best friend and right-hand warrior to Kavon (from On a Barbarian World).

This is another clash-of-cultures story, our heroine is a smart, dangerous and intelligent security agent for the Institute of Historical Preservation. Let the fireworks begin! I got my own back on Colm (-:

Here is the cover:


Science Fiction Romance Cover


P.S. And Dare Phoenix will still get his book…it’s coming a little later in the year!

90 thoughts on “A Cover Reveal and a Barbarian Warrior”

    1. Awesome Cover! Not the same old…same old. So many of the books I read have a great looking guy on the cover, but in the same 3-4 poses. This one is a little different and definitely swoon-worthy!!!

      1. Thanks, Pat! I was trying for a little different. I won’t lie…it gets tricky picking images that are different when all romance authors have access to the same pics!

          1. Thanks, Crystal!! And those A’s are for my sci-fi romances…because I thought they looked cool (-:

  1. Love the cover and can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for the sneeky advanced look and the new Barbarian.

    1. Cheers, Paula! And yay for fireworks — nothing like putting a stubborn barbarian and a modern, independent woman together!!

    1. Thank you, Marilynne! I wanted something eye-catching that went with Kavon’s cover for On a Barbarian World. Very happy with the end result.

  2. I really like this new cover. He is a hunk, and looks lethal and intense. Just the man to get the job done while protecting his own interests!

    1. Cheers, Lin! And lethal and intense describes Colm perfectly! He does get the job done…but he’s also hiding a secret (-:

  3. Thanks for the sneak peek Anna and the cover is sexy as hell!! I just love a great set of shoulders and biceps on a man. Your cover pic of Colm hits all the right buttons for me. It would definitely stop me dead in my tracks if I saw it on a bookstore shelf…and the colors are amazing. I can’t wait to read this one. 🙂

    1. Yay, thanks, Sheri! I know exactly what you mean about a great set of shoulders and biceps! The last Barbarian cover was blue and this time I knew I wanted to go with something gold. I think it worked out very well (-:

  4. Ooo, the sword is just as gorgeous as the incredible warrior. The power just radiates off both of them. I can’t wait to read this one! ?

  5. Wow Anna you certainly know your men! Hot hot hot!!! Colours are great and the delicious hunk certainly adds spice – would like to see his eyes looking at me!!
    Can’t wait to read – thank you for all your hard work Im sure your ARC team will love it

    1. LOL, Anne…yes, as a romance author, I feel it is my duty to be an expert in hot men (-: So glad you loved Colm’s cover. Not long until I can hand him over.

    1. Cheers, Antonietta! He does have quite a big, powerful body…and he’s looking down, so I can see what you mean. I can assure you, Colm isn’t all brawns and no brains though (-;

  6. Wow. That’s… quite a sword. And the man… strong, sexy as heck. Love it and can’t wait to read his story! 🙂

  7. Andrea Pettersen

    What a great cover. I wouldn’t waking up next to him every day lol. Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Every girl deserves to wake up next a sexy warrior…unfortunately, we’ll just have to experience in our reading, Andrea (-:

    1. I wish I had one too, Becky…I’m mean Mr. H is practically like a sexy warrior (-: Glad you like Colm’s cover!

  8. Love this cover! The landscape and, of course, that gorgeous barbarian!
    Thanks for share it with us… Can’t wait for the book!

    1. So glad you’re a Phoenix Adventure fan! Won’t be long until release. And yes…a very big sword (-:

  9. Beautiful cover! So excited for the new Phoenix book! I absolutely adore both the Phoenix AND the Hell Squad series, so I just want to say thank you for sharing your gift and creating these truly amazing adventures for all of us to enjoy!

    1. You’ve made my day, Shera (maybe my entire week!) Thrilled you love both series and thanks so much for your lovely words. I’m feeling inspired now (-:

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