Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Survivors

In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

We’ve watched Hell Squad, Squad Nine, and the berserkers fighting back against the aliens. Now, as the final endgame of the Gizzida rushes to its conclusion, we’re taking a look at some other survivors outside the Enclave and in different parts of the world.

Today, I have the cover of the next Hell Squad book, Survivors, to show you. I LOVED being back in the Hell Squad world and writing these stories. This book contains a collection of three action-packed novellas (and you’ll get some glimpses of characters you know and love).

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Hell Squad: Survivors
Hell Squad #19
Release Date: Tuesday February 11th

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Survivors contain three novellas:

Nate — starring off-grid, loner Marine, Nate Caldwell. He lives alone in a cabin in the Blue Mountains avoiding the aliens and any survivors…until a young woman on the run from the raptors explodes into his life.

Dak — starring Captain Dak Vaughn, the head of security for Groom Lake Base in North America. He only has room for his job — keeping all the survivors alive — and no room for the tough, attractive new recruit who gets under his skin.

Alexander — starring engineer turned base leader, Alexander Erickson, brother of Hawk pilot Finn. He leads a tiny base of survivors in the snowy climes of Norway and has to join forces with an independent, older woman whose attention he’s been trying to capture.

Excerpt from Hell Squad: Dom featuring Nate Caldwell

Nate Caldwell made his way silently through the trees, his axe resting on his shoulder. As he neared the clearing ahead, he heard a sound overhead and froze.

A quadcopter shot by, an alien ship following closely behind. Laser fire arrowed through the air, and then he lost sight of them.

Quietly, he stayed in the shadow of the trees, waiting to see if he could glimpse or hear anything else. He’d heard the commotion to the north earlier. The humans had fought another skirmish with the aliens.

He hoped the soldiers had given the scaly bastards hell.

He stared into the sky where he’d seen the aircraft. A part of him, the warrior, wanted to grab his weapons and join the fight.

Fight. Kill. Protect.

Gritting his teeth, Nate tamped the battle urge back down. Thinking of soldiers made him think of his old team. For a second, the Blue Mountains disappeared, and instead there was hot desert sun, the sound of laser fire, the shouts of his fellow Marines.

Then there was pain and the rich scent of blood.

His fingers dug into the handle of his axe. He dragged in a deep breath. Then another. And another.

For the next few minutes, Nate worked through his breathing routine until his pulse rate slowed.

The breathing techniques were the only thing he’d taken from the short time he’d spent with a therapist after he’d left the Coalition Marines. That had been long ago. After a different, long-gone war.

That battle was long gone, like his fellow Marines.

Nate let out a sharp whistle and his dog bounded out of the trees. The blue heeler was lean and fit. He rubbed the dog’s head. “Come on, Blue. No more fighting for us.”

After several deployments in the Middle East, Nate had come back from war to his family home in Colorado. He’d had trouble adjusting and settling back into regular life. PTSD, they’d told him. There had been medication, group therapy, prolonged exposure therapy.

He shifted the axe, and crouched down to pick up the pile of wood he’d chopped earlier. He tucked the wood under his arm.

Nothing had helped him back then. He’d had horrific nightmares, angry outbursts at his worried family, then he’d started drinking. After that, he’d started fighting.

He blew out a breath

Nate had been drowning, and when he’d broken a man’s jaw and another man’s arm in a bar fight, he knew he was spiraling down and nothing could stop it.

Then he’d learned that he’d inherited a cabin in the Australian Blue Mountains, from a great-aunt. Old aunt Janine had been a battle-axe. The few times he’d seen her as a kid, she’d scowled at him and told him not to bring his dirty shoes inside her house.

He had no idea why she’d left the cabin to him, but she’d saved his life.

Through the trees, his cabin came into view. It was small, made from wood, with a tiny deck at the back. It hadn’t changed much from when Janine had lived here. He’d repaired parts of it, including most of the roof. He enjoyed working with his hands.

Pausing, Nate breathed deep, pulling in the crisp mountain air.

He’d come here just a few months before the alien invasion and gone off-grid. He’d disappeared from the regular world, keeping in touch with his family via email. He’d left all the responsibility and expectations of life behind. The cabin had a generator, water from a stream, well-used garden beds. It was completely self-contained.

Then the aliens had come and destroyed the world.

After the invasion, he’d followed the news on the radio until the stations had gone silent.

He’d tried to contact his family, but there’d been nothing.

Shit. He blindly scanned the trees and hoped his parents and brother and sister had survived. He wished he’d talked to them more. Wished he hadn’t caused them so much worry and heartache.

Nate had seen plenty of the aliens in the mountains. Luckily, the bastards didn’t like the trees. He’d done recon, gathering intel on them, but steering clear of their big ugly, scaled asses.

He dumped the wood by his back door.

He also knew about Blue Mountain Base, and the survivors who’d gathered there. He’d watched them, too. Knew about the squads.

He’d seen them fighting back. He’d watched the Hawks in the sky, seen the armor-clad soldiers. A part of him had yearned to help.

With a huge swing, he thrust the axe into the wood pile. Then he reached up and yanked his damp T-shirt over his head. He rubbed his sweaty face with it.

Nate barely had any body fat. Living off the land and what he hunted, as well as being active every day, kept him in better shape than his Marine days.

Sometimes he missed a beer with friends. Conversation. Sometimes he missed women—their soft bodies, sweet smells, and sliding his hard cock into warmth instead of his callused hand.

Shaking his head, he stomped up the steps and into his cabin.

Blue Mountain Base had been destroyed by the aliens months ago. The survivors had left in a convoy, and he assumed they’d found another shelter. He still saw Hawks in the sky on occasion, so he knew they hadn’t died.

The battle-hardened Marine in him rose up again. You could be helping, using your skills to fight.

No. He stomped over to the old-fashioned kitchen, pulled out one of Aunt Janine’s heavy, etched glasses, and filled it with water. He drank it in two large gulps.

 He’d done all the fighting he could. He was thirty-seven years old and still had nightmares. Even if he’d wanted to, he couldn’t face fighting the aliens on top of that.

Wrenching open a cupboard, he grabbed Blue’s bowl. He had to feed his damn dog. The blue heeler was sitting beside him, waiting patiently. He watched Nate with soulful, gold eyes.

“Just you and me, Blue.”

Blue’s tail thumped the faded, lino floor.

With a grunt, Nate dumped some meat from a rabbit he’d caught that morning onto the bowl and set it on the floor. Blue dove in.

Being alone kept Nate sane. He straightened, looking out of the window at the trees beyond. And alone was how he was going to stay.

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97 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Hell Squad: Survivors”

  1. Wow. Just the thought of Hell Squad ending gets me shivery. I love love love this series. The new cover is great! Frankly, I’d be overjoyed if this series went on for a lot longer–other characters outside the teams, even. But I’m sure at some point, Anna wants to be done. I support that!

    1. A part of me feels very bittersweet sadness about Hell Squad ending. Really, I just want to give these amazing characters an ending they deserve!!

      1. I love, love, love the Hell Squad Series! It makes me so sad that it will be ending! I have read each book in this series multiple times! I think you’re one if the best authors I have read!

  2. Ahhh! I’m so excited for more stories!! I know hell squad is ending, but will there be a series about one of the other surviving bases?

    1. Never say never! I loved writing these novellas outside the Enclave. We’ll have to see where my imagination goes 😀

  3. This looks like an intriguing set of novellas. I’ve often wondered about how the rest of the world is coping in this alien-rich environment. Can’t wait!!

  4. Now I am freaking bouncing around trying to be patient! I love Nate on the cover! And of course I seriously want the trading cards!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait but at the same time don’t want to see Hell Squad end! A part of me hopes some more survivors — or maybe rebuilders? — jump into your head and bug you until you decide to write their stories, too! Ok, so I don’t really want you to be annoyed by your characters, I just really don’t want this series to end!

  6. As always your cover is a tantalizer!! Drawing us in to want read what’s inside. I love your books and will be sorry to see the Hellsquad series end.

  7. I love the look into other survivors and how they are facing the Gizzida. Bring on the fun! Nate sounds a lot like my late brother.

    1. So excited for the next instalment of Squad, this series was my first of Anna’s and I have adored her ever since.

  8. I discovered your writing in 2015, shortly after the first Hell Squad book was published in April. By the time I reached the end of the first chapter, I was head over heels in love with Marcus, the series, and your all-consuming prose. In fact, I loved it so much that I raced back to Amazon and purchased more of your books and now, five years later, I own every single book you’ve published on Amazon. Hell Squad holds a very special place in my heart and is currently tied for first as my favorite science fiction romance series of all time. Coincidentally, you’re competing against yourself since my other favorite is Galactic Gladiators. lol… I am deeply saddened to hear that the end is near for our beloved Hell Squad, but I’m sure you have many more fascinating worlds, riveting adventures, and memorable characters planned for your fans, and I’ll be here to read them all. Thank you, Anna Hackett, for the many hours of reading pleasure you’ve given me.

    1. Uh oh. We must be sisters separated at birth, because I feel the same way! I adore Anna’s writing, and the characters.

  9. Love the cover and enticing blurbs and tease. – Can’t wait to read. Love reading your books they make me smile- thank you.

  10. My absolute Favorite Series. Although I love them ALL. So excited and sad at the same time. Thank you Anna for all your great stories.

  11. Oh I cannot wait for this one to come out! I’m so excitted.

    One step closer to the end though…… Moxed feelings going on about that.

  12. So excited to find out what’s been happening elsewhere around the world in this series! Also the cover is hot… is that Nate? Looks like a rugged woodsman… 🙂

    And those earrings…! SO CUTE! Will you let us know who made the earrings, just in case some of us are obsessed and need them in our collections, stat? 😀

  13. Joeletta Mummert

    I am so excited to read the new novellas! I have loved the Hell Squad series and will be so sorry to see it end. I know you will have something equally as amazing in the near future. Can’t wait! Thank you for the many hours I’ve spent with the Squad!

  14. Very nice cover. Can’t wait for Hell Squad to finish off those awful alien Gizzda but I will really miss those awesome warriors and the human survivors.

  15. I cant add anything else to the previous comments…..ecstatic for another book in this series and sad that it has to end…
    this and the gladiators are definitely on my read again list…
    your imagination is exceptional, your storytelling more so…I’ve loved reading all of your books
    thank you x

  16. Awesome. I think there was a short cameo of Nate at some point. Love to learn more about him. And the others as well off course

  17. Love the cover and I can not wait for this book. Someone recommended Hell Squad when I was looking for books with action, and this series was exactly what I was looking for.

  18. I can’t wait for more He’ll Squad! I love reading about them and all their fighting! Will they ever be free?

  19. Cant wait for this to come out. Love all the Hell Squad, never know how much until I realized that they might end. So Sad

  20. I love the Hell Squad series and can’t wait to see glimpses of other survivors around the world! I devour every book you put out and can’t wait for this one!

  21. absolutely loved this cover. Im so excited to read this, just as i was all the ones before it. Its sad to see them go, but Im more than sure youll have new awesome adventures for us to read about and be overcome by. (Funny thing about this giveaway, my friends call me Trex, so I had to enter this lol) Good Luck to all.

  22. So sad Hell Squad is ending as it was this series “Marcus” that lead me to your books and I have devoured them ever since. Enjoy all your worlds

  23. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is Hell Squad book nineteen! How exciting! The cover is gorgeous, as usual, and I can’t wait to read this book with all three characters! I was wondering if one of Finn’s brothers would get a story, yay!

  24. Such a sexy cover with that ax. It’ll be nice to see how other survivors have fared.

    I’m happy and sad about Hell Squad ending. I so much want them to kick the Gizzidas’ butts and take back Earth. I’ll miss the whole crew, and thinking about how they’ll leave the enclave and scatter once it’s over is sad, too.

  25. I just can’t imagine a conclusion- then I feel guilty at the thought that Hell Squad would have to keep fighting forever ?

  26. I have been lucky enough to read these from the beginning and have always been blown away by the story and character development. Each time, I’m swept right into the world you’ve created and, if being totally honest, am somewhat saddened when the book ends and I have to leave it and the characters to whom I’ve become so attached. Awesome job as always.

  27. Once again Anna, you manage to find the perfect cover for who the book is about. Great job with another book of yours that I can’t wait to read. Now I need to hurry and catch up before release day!!

  28. From the first book I read (Marcus) I feel in love with you. I read every book you had at the time in like a month… and I just continued and couldn’t wait four you to publidh the next one. I’m sad that this series is ending but I love rereading it no mather what.
    The new cover looks great and I can’t wait to read it.

  29. Hi Ms. Anna,
    Are you going to write Tane’s story before you close Hell Squad! I was kinda hoping that he and Selena would get together.

  30. Hey Anna,
    I get your books on Google Play. I just purchased book 12. That’s all they have… Your email says your up to book 19. I read your books back to back. I hate to have to wait. Please get them up to speed. I love your adventures. Congratulations on the new house, that’s so exciting. Keep the adventures comming. Thanks are you on scribd? I like them too but they are an up and coming and need support from Arthors. I have no connection just like their format. I like the audio you gifted thanks again.

    1. Hi Linda. Only the first 12 are available at all retailers. They others are exclusive to Amazon but as soon as their exclusive contracts end, I am getting them up at Google and other retailers. About one new one each month!

    2. Some of my books are on Scribd but they don’t always put them all up as Scribd only selects the romances they choose.

  31. Currently working my way through the Hell Squad. Absolutely enthralling! I cannot stop, goodbye weekend!

    Anna, I’ve loved every book I’ve read from you. You have this gift to keep a very long series fresh and entertaining, with each book blending seamlessly with the next. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. ❤❤❤

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