Cover Reveal: Paladin

Fighting for love, loyalty, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

Join Imperator Magnus Rone and his lethal cyborg gladiators as they risk it all to rescue abductees from Earth.

Today I am SO excited to share the cover for the next House of Rone book, Paladin. This story belongs to Toren and Simone. Cyborg Toren was horribly injured by the alien Edull, leaving him deluged by unfamiliar and overwhelming emotions. But there is one calm in the storm, the newly rescued survivor from Earth, Simone (and her genius and a little wild daughter, Grace).

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Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #4
Release date: 24th March 2020

Huge shout out to cover designer Melody Simmons!

Excerpt from Centurion (House of Rone #3) featuring Toren and Simone

“I want you to fix me!”

Sage winced at Toren’s rage-filled roar.

They were standing in the middle of Medical, and she watched as the cyborg grabbed a stool, spun, and tossed it against the wall.

It crashed down, hitting a cart of medical equipment. Items spilled across the floor.

“Toren.” Avarn advanced, hands outstretched, looking resigned.

Toren stood there, his chest heaving, his muscles strained.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Toren,” Sage said. “Most people feel like you do.”

His hot gaze hit her almost like a physical blow, and she fought the urge to step back.

“All I feel is rage, pain… It’s too much.” He pressed his hands to his head.

“Give it some time,” she said calmly. “It’ll settle down, and you’ll learn to deal with it.”

His head jerked up. “I can’t function like this. I’m not allowed to work.”

Avarn stepped closer. “Once your emotions are in control—”

“I don’t want to feel!” Toren’s hands curled into fists. “I don’t want to be like this.”

“Toren.” Acton’s cool voice cut through the tension.

Sage felt a flood of relief at the sight of her man in the doorway.

“What do you want?” Toren snarled.

“I want you to calm down,” Acton said.

“You still have dampeners,” Toren bit out the words like an accusation.

“Which I don’t use now. If I can do it, you can.”

Toren’s shoulders sagged. He looked broken, beaten.

Then he dropped to his knees and let out a roar of frustration. Sage moved straight to him, wrapping her arms around him.

“You’re not alone,” she told him. His body vibrated with emotion under her touch.

The doors opened behind Acton, and Toren’s head snapped up.

Simone stepped inside.

The woman wore a fitted blue skirt and patterned white shirt. Her glossy, black hair rested over one slim shoulder.

She stared at him, and his face twisted, different emotions crossing his features.

Simone walked over and Sage stepped back, watching.

What was this? She knew that Simone and Grace had been in to visit Toren a few times over the last few days since their return from the desert.

“You’re strong, Toren,” Simone said. “You’re not just your enhancements. Use that strength now.”

They stared at each other—Simone standing, Toren on his knees. Toren made a sound—part pain, part rage—then lunged at Simone.

Acton took a step forward, Sage stiffened, and Avarn moved.

But Toren just wrapped his arms around Simone’s waist and buried his face against her belly.

Simone stroked his blond hair. “It’s going to be okay.”

The damaged cyborg held on like the woman was a lifeline. Sage sensed the storm of emotion in the room ease a little.

Acton took her hand and together, they quietly left Medical.

“He’s hurting so badly,” she said.

“He needs time to heal and adjust.”

“Simone seems to be a calming influence.”

He tugged on Sage’s hair. “I’m beginning to think that you women from Earth are capable of anything. He’ll be fine. We’ll make sure of it.”

That was the House of Rone. They got on with it and did what needed to be done, no matter the obstacles in the way. Just like the way they’d rescued, protected, and helped the Helios survivors.

The House of Rone took care of their own. They’d help Toren. And Sage suspected the cyborg would have a little extra help from a new pair of residents as well.

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80 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Paladin”

    1. Jacklyn Roberts

      I love the cover. Looks great. Can’t wait for the book release. I own both the house of Galen series and all the books for the House of Rone series that is available so far. I love your works so much. Keep up the amazing writing.

      1. So excited! As usual I’m on pins and needles was waiting for the next release! Paladin is going to be amazing!

  1. Sarah A Rodriguez

    I have been waiting so long for paladin. I have been in love with every single gladiator and the non gladiators and their earth women. You have made it addicting and I start reading the series over just waiting for the new book. Thank you Anna Hackett for fueling my love for reading and your amazing characters.

  2. The cover looks awesome! I wasnt able to enter the giveaway though. Rafflecopter isn’t working right for me.

  3. Michelle Hickman

    Hello Anna,
    I love your books. Were you not asked to add a story for the book “Rising from the Ashes.” it is a book put together by Ann Gimpel to help Australian people and the wildlife too. They sure missed out by not asking you to join in!!!! It would have been a perfect fit, for them and you.

  4. Another fantastic cover, Anna! I can’t wait to read the story behind it. Your stories are a wonderful reprieve from reality and I’m so grateful for every moment of it.

  5. I am really looking forward to Theron! For some reason, he snagged my heart the most. Him and Grace. As always, the cover is drool-worthy!

  6. Love it! I do think that this might be the first gladiator cover with long hair (Saff’s story not withstanding)

  7. Grace is a total little cutie. Genius level pain in the tushie probably but a cute one! I cannt wait to see what she gets up to – probably trying to “fix” Toren!

  8. Jacklyn Roberts

    I love the cover. Looks great. Can’t wait for the book release. I own both the house of Galen series and all the books for the House of Rone series that is available so far. I love your works so much. Keep up the amazing writing.

  9. Hi Anna, l love theses books. You have the gift of making easy to visualise the characters and the landscape. If Netflix or HBO pick up any of your amazing books l want to be on the committee to pick the guys and girls for the series. God wouldn’t that be fun time in Australia. Kept up the good work. Samantha Brown.

  10. Hi again,
    As usual the cover is awesome! Especially the sword, my son is gonna love it. Can’t wait to read the book. It’s been so long since I read one from this fav series of mine.

    Love you.

  11. Hi Anna!
    You have once again shown your extraordinary ability to choose really hot men for your book covers. Even though you don’t need it, I’d be happy to help you out with this anytime. Just offering. Cuz that’s what friends/readers do. We help out ur authors. Email me, ok?! 😂🤣

  12. I am so excited for the new cover and new story. Just what we need in this crazy world. Thank you. Love your books.

  13. I’m literally so excited for this. Once I found your books I devoured all of them and then kept rereading them so much that I bought everything. But I’ve lovedd the House of Rone series and can’t wait for this one!

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