Cover Reveal: King of Eon

It’s time for some more action-packed sci-fi romance with the Eon Warriors!

Earth and the Eon Warriors have been battling the Kantos, and it’s time for the final conclusion of the fight.

The final Eon Warriors book, King of Eon, is coming in two weeks. This time, it is the powerful King of the Eon Empire, King Gayel Solann-Eon, who has all his well-laid plans upended by a tough Terran woman and the deadly Kantos.

Take a look at the cover for King of Eon below! To celebrate the cover reveal, I have two things: one, a brand new box set of the first three Eon Warriors books releasing for only 99c AND a giveaway of signed Eon Warriors paperbacks.

Cover Reveal: King of Eon

Eon Warriors #9
Release date: 7th September 2021

In order to strengthen the alliance between Earth and the Eon Empire, King Gayel has decided to take a Terran as his bride. As the bridal candidates arrive on the planet Eon, the Kantos launch deadly sneak attacks and Gayel finds himself shocked by a stunning, instant attraction…to the tough, beautiful Space Corps officer in charge of his potential brides’ security.

Cover Designer: Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Soul of Eon (Eon Warriors #8) featuring King Gayel

King Gayel Solann-Eon sat at the head of the long dining table. The senior warriors from the Rengard and Desteron, and their mates, talked and laughed and ate.

The kitchen of the Woomera Range Complex had worked hard to prepare a feast they believed was worthy for a king. The sunset outside the window of the testing facility was impressive. Red, pink and gold streaked across the vast sky.

He was heading to Space Corps Headquarters in Houston tomorrow, before traveling back to Eon to prepare for the Earth delegation to arrive. He was glad he’d managed this short visit to Earth.

And it was good to see his warriors and their mates.

A sensation moved through his gut. He recognized it as envy. It was a familiar emotion. As a young prince growing up, he’d had a lot of lavish extravagances, always known that one day he would be king. But he’d always envied his people the simple things of life. Things far out of his reach.

Yes, he envied his warriors and their mates. That deep connection between the couples.

His father had been set in his ways, but Gayel had never doubted that the man had loved his mate, Gayel’s mother. But mating was rare for the Eon, although their best scientists were working to discover why so many mates seemed to be coming from among the Terrans.

Maybe he’d get lucky and his mate would be one of the candidates for his wife.

He squashed that thought. It didn’t matter. He would marry a Terran. The new genetic material to the Eon line would be beneficial, and the marriage would cement an alliance with Earth. He’d been impressed with the Terran resilience, fortitude, and ingenuity.

Gayel had been raised knowing he had a duty.

To his people.

To his Empire.

His own happiness wasn’t a factor.

He would do what was best for the Eon Empire, even if he had to sacrifice his own wants and needs.

He hoped he could find a wife with intelligence and compassion, a partner to stand at his side.

Gayel had spent a lot of time undoing the restrictive rules of his father’s reign. He wanted to do more for his Empire, to watch it flourish.

He watched Davion lean close to his mate, the two of them smiling. Then he looked at the newest mated couple. Thane and Kaira shared a private look, their attraction tangible.

Gayel lifted his drink. He was unlikely to have a mate, but he would do his duty and treat his wife with respect.

And he would do what had to be done to protect his empire and end the Kantos threat.

Eon Warriors Box Set

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King of Eon Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the King of Eon cover reveal, I have signed Eon Warriors paperbacks to give away! THREE winners will win a signed paperback each (winner’s choice).

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64 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: King of Eon”

  1. Hristina Georgieva

    I really am looking forward to the King of Eon book. I am totally hooked on this series and can’t wait to read the next story.

    1. Mary E Pennington

      Love it, Love it, Love it !!! Waiting patiently soooooo close will audio book follow close behind? I’ve listed to all the rest looks like it’s Time to start over🤗

  2. Carrie McConnell

    Sad to see the end of another series…. Anticipation for the book though, is very high. Can’t wait to read!

  3. Been looking forward to the king’s story since book one — so excited that it’s almost here! That’s an awesome looking cover design, very regal. 🙂

  4. I have been waiting and waiting for a signed paperback. I hope this is my lucky day. Love your books so much. Hell Squad has my Heart.

  5. The cover is great. I love the Eon books, especially the first three. I can’t wait to Read King of Eon. I’m most of the way through both the Hell Squad and Galactic Gladiators series. They are both awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t checked them out yet.

  6. Very sexy cover. Love it. Can’t wait for the ARC.
    I was so excited to see the 3 book Eon set on sale until I realized I already had them. I need the next 3 books please. Hint, hint.
    Still dying for Vander. ;D

  7. Never been interested in a sci-fi romance before. Anna Hackett has changed my mind. I’ve almost finished the books currently available, but absolutely cannot wait for this book!

  8. The cover for King of Eon looks great. The King’s profile looks good. Looks like another licking will be in the works if not already done for hubby rights. I’m looking forward to read the King’s story. Counting the days…

  9. The new Eon looks wonderful. Wondering if you were planning to do the Galactic Kings series– a spin off from the Gladiator (Carthago) series with Overlord Rhain Zhalto Sarkany (found at the end of Weapon’s Master- promised in 2021)?

  10. Thank you for your writing! I have enjoyed everything I have read, which is almost everything you have written! LOL Hell Squad was my first and of course my favorite. Thank you!

  11. Sterre van Ooijen

    I can’t wait !!!!!!! And I would loooooooooove to win the giveaway!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🤞🤞🤞🤞

  12. Claudia Rodriguez

    Ahhh this is so exciting!! I can’t wait to see who his mate is, but I also hope King Gayel can understand that focusing on himself and his happiness is not selfish!!! So excited to see all of the Eon Warriors again 💜

    Good luck to everyone that participated in the giveaway!

  13. I love this series! I must admit I love all your books. I can’t wait for Gayel & to catch up with the previous couples, their pets & of course Sassy!

  14. Totally looking forward to King Gayel getting blindsided.

    And I have every faith we’ll see Terrans of Earth rejuvenating procreation for the other two space faring humanoid Eon relations species (and via Eons, distantly related to Terrans 😉

    I’m multi-racial (for generations) so reading romances with Eons is like my mana from the Milky Way.

  15. I saw the cover 2 weeks ago and bought the box set of vols 1-3. I loved the fast pace of these 3 books and 2 days later, I turn around and bought 4 to 9 and never regret buying this whole series. The fate of Earth and so many more planets in the hands of 3 sisters, action, romance , sci-fi and now a sneak view into the Allies of the Eons. Thank you for the gorgeous covers and great series. Now on to discover other series.

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