Cover Reveal: The Hacker

Are you ready to return to San Francisco with the Norcross gang?

Coming in two weeks, I have the next action-packed Norcross Security adventure, The Hacker.

Former NSA hacker Ace Oliveira is the guru of all things tech for Norcross Security. He loves his work and his carefree bachelor lifestyle.

Until a wild one-night stand with feisty helicopter pilot Maggie Lopez turns his life upside down!

But it soon becomes clear that they have bigger problems, as someone is trying to kill Maggie, and Ace will use every one of his skills to keep her safe.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my Hacker Cover Reveal Giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal and win signed paperbacks.

The Hacker
Norcross Security Series #5
Release date: 12th October 2021

Cover Design: Lana Pecherczyk
Photography: Paul Henry Serres

She’s accidentally pregnant and someone is trying to kill her…and now her one-night-stand is her fierce protector.

Helicopter pilot Maggie Lopez is focused on building her helicopter and drone photography business—and she has the loans to prove it. She takes one night off to trade her jeans for a designer dress, and attend a fancy gala…and ends up spending a very steamy night with her panty-melting crush—Ace Oliveira. He’s tall, sexy, and the guru of all things tech at Norcross Security.

She wasn’t supposed to fall in lust, or fall in love, and she really wasn’t supposed to fall pregnant.

Ace Oliveira’s life is just how he likes it. After years protecting his country at the NSA, he now puts his special computer and hacking skills to good use at Norcross Security. He gets paid well. Has good friends. Enjoys the hell out of his carefree bachelor lifestyle. Relationships and kids are not on the cards for him—ever. He has his reasons.

But then feisty, saucy Maggie—who snuck out of his bed like a thief—drops a bombshell.

Before they can even process the surprise pregnancy, it becomes clear someone is trying to kill Maggie. A series of deadly accidents are all centered on her, and Ace will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. With the men of Norcross at his side, he’ll track down a killer, fight his own demons, and convince skittish, independent Maggie to fall in love with her baby’s daddy.

The Hacker will be available for pre-order the Friday before release. It will also be going into audio production with narrators Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton.

Excerpt from The Bodyguard (Norcross Security #4) featuring Ace and Maggie

Rome watched Sofie chatting with a group of guests. One woman gestured to the Sapphire Wave tiara and Sofie nodded.

Turning away, he scanned the crowd. Nothing was amiss.

Ace arrived at his side, looking sharp in a dark gray tuxedo and a checked, silver bowtie. “Hanging in there?”

Rome grunted.

“I almost want something to happen.” Ace crossed his arms, his gaze roving, then it jerked and tracked back to the dancers.

Rome followed the direction he was looking…and spotted Maggie dancing with a tall, tuxedo-clad man.

The man spun her, dipping her back, and Maggie laughed.

“What the fuck is she wearing?” Ace muttered.

Rome thought Maggie cleaned up nicely. Her dark hair gleamed and her eyes were dark and smoky. She wore a sleek bronze dress that showcased her long, lean body, and had a long slit up one side that showed off a toned leg. The dress dipped low in front, but as her entranced dance partner spun her, it showed that the back was virtually nonexistent.

“A dress,” Rome said.

“And who the fuck is he?” Ace scowled. “He could be an asshole, a rapist, a murderer. And she’s letting him paw her.”

The guy was holding the helicopter pilot close, but not overstepping any lines. Maggie would have no problem punching anyone who did something she didn’t like.

“I think they’re just dancing.” Rome let his gaze move across the room to Sofie.

She was with Harlow, Gia, and Haven, as well as Liana. They were all oohing over a jewelry display.

Ace shook his head. “I’m going to tell that pretty boy to keep his hands to himself.” Ace stomped off toward the dance floor.

Shit. Ace was going to get a fist to the gut from Maggie if he kept this up.

The Hacker Cover Reveal Giveaway

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  1. Wow!! I can’t wait!! I love all of your books!!!! So I have no doubt that is going to be another amazing one!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for another sexy start to my day! During these trying times it’s a great distraction and we could all use that! So looking forward to this book! I love all your books! Write faster!! Lol

  3. I am so excited. I was really hoping that you would write more about the Norcross agency. Although I look forward to reading about the female heroine In Vanders story I the whole series and love them all.

  4. Yum! Lovely cover! I love when guy rolls up he sleeves over those beautiful forearms. *sigh* Is that a tat I see? Can’t wait to read this book! Loving this series!

  5. The incredible Anna Hackett does it again, seducing us (especially those of us in the tech world!) with the brains, humor, charm and sexy characters that keep us riveted from start to finish . Can’t wait to start The Hacker’ and continue the Norcross saga!

  6. I can NOT wait for this one! Have been waiting to read Ace and Maggie’s story since The Specialist! Thank you Anna for always giving us these great stories!

  7. Hi Anna
    Sexy cover – enticing blurb that gave me chills when I read it. Fabulous storyline. Looking forward to reading this story. Your books always brighten my day when the turmoil in my life drags me down. Thank you.

  8. I’ve been looking forward to Ace’s book – if it’s anything like the cover and the blurb, it will be one I stay up late on release day to read! So excited!

  9. Cover looks so good, can’t wait for this book. Currently rereading the series, so I’ll be good to go come release day 🙂

  10. OMG!!!! I just read “The Hacker” in one sitting!!! Anna Hackett, you did it again!!! Well done, my Lady…well done!!!! I cannot wait for Vander’s story. When I saw the subheading for Vander, I jumped for joy. He is going to be a bugger to reel in, but I am ready for his story. I might have to take a day off just to read it. Thank you, Anna, for such action-packed and steam stories. I may not be able to find one of your leading men in the flesh, but I can sure as hell dream about them! Brava!!!

  11. Anne Hackett is one of my favorite authors!! And I LOVE this series! I can’t wait for Vander Norcross’s turn to “Turn-it-Out”!!! If Powerbroker is anything like the others, I WILL Be BUYING the whole collection of Norcross Security!!!!!!! I have a feeling Van really is going to be my favorite Person!!!!!

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