Cover Reveal: Overlord

When an experimental starship test goes horribly wrong, a test pilot from Earth is flung across the galaxy and crash lands on the planet of a powerful alien king.

Are you ready for some new science fiction romance starring some big alien warrior kings? I am SO excited to bring you a brand-new sci-fi romance series, GALACTIC KINGS.

What to expect from this new series (all the things I love to pack into my stories!) –

  • Tough, smart heroines
  • Powerful alien warrior kings
  • Action-packed fight scenes (with some scary alien monsters!)
  • Sexy romance
  • Some fierce new alien worlds

I am beyond excited to show you the cover for the first book, OVERLORD. I have been sitting on this amazing cover for months! On the cover we have our first hero, Overlord Rhain Zhalto Sarkany.

There is also a giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal (signed Galactic Gladiators paperbacks and swag!) so scroll down to enter.

Galactic Kings #1
Release date: 14th December 2021

A special shout-out to amazing cover artist Amalia Chitulescu for bringing my galactic kings to life in such spectacular detail.

When an experimental starship test goes horribly wrong, a test pilot from Earth is flung across the galaxy and crash lands on the planet of a powerful alien king.

Pilot Mallory West is having a really bad day. She’s crashed on an alien planet, her ship is in pieces, and her best friend Poppy, the scientist monitoring the experiment, is missing. Dazed and injured, she collapses into the arms of a big, silver-eyed warrior king. But when her rescuer cuffs her to a bed and accuses her of being a spy, Mal knows she has to escape her darkly tempting captor and find her friend.

Overlord Rhain Zhalto Sarkany is in a battle to protect his planet Zhalto and his people from his evil, power-hungry father. He’ll use every one of his deadly Zhalton abilities to win the fight against his father’s lethal warlord and army of vicious creatures. Rhain suspects the tough, intriguing woman he pulls from a starship wreck is a trap, but when Mal escapes, he is compelled to track her down.

Fighting their overwhelming attraction, Mal and Rhain join forces to hunt down the warlord and find Poppy. But as Mal’s body reacts to Zhalto’s environment, it awakens dormant powers, and Rhain is the only one who can help her. As the warlord launches a brutal attack, it will take all of Mal and Rhain’s combined powers to save their friends, the planet, and themselves.

Everything you need to know about Overlord

  • Release date: Ebook and paperback will be out on the 14th of December!
  • Pre-order: There will be a short pre-order which should be live on Friday the 10th of December
  • Audio: It is going into audio production on release day, so I expect it will release about two months later, around mid-Feb. Scroll down for the narrator announcement.
  • Next book: Yes, there are more books coming! The second book in the Galactic Kings series, Emperor, is coming in January and stars one of Rhain’s brothers.
  • How many books are planned for the series? I never know, as things change as I write, but at this stage I am thinking four or five.
  • Links to other series: Galactic Kings is set in the same universe as Galactic Gladiators and House of Rone. You do NOT need to have read the previous series. Galactic Kings is set on different planets with different characters, but expect a few cameos from the gladiators!
  • Rhain: If Overlord Rhain Zhalto Sarkany sounds familiar, he made an appearance in the final House of Rone book, Weapons Master.

Audiobook Narrator Announcement

I am totally thrilled to announce that the Galactic Kings series will be dual narration with narrators Vivienne Leheny and Stephen Dexter! These two are both trained actors and are brilliant. Vivienne has voiced my previous sci-fi romances and I am ridiculously excited to have her and Stephen bringing the Galactic Kings to audio life.

As always, the audiobooks go into production when the book releases and it usually takes about two months for the audio to go live.

Overlord Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the OVERLORD cover reveal, I have a special giveaway. ONE lucky winner will get a signed Galactic Gladiators paperback plus some Galactic Gladiators swag (mousepad, key chain etc) and TWO runner-up winners will each receive a signed paperback.

Enter using the Rafflecopter below — only do the options you want.

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67 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Overlord”

  1. Super excited for this. Hope to wrap up the House of Rone series in a couple weeks so hopefully just in time for this new series!

  2. Brilliant cover, amazing artwork and so nice to see a cover that you know the hero depicted there will match with the one described in the book…a huge bugbear is a gorgeous male or female model on the cover who looks nothing like the main characters described inside.
    Can’t wait to meet him after his cameo in GG.

  3. Yummy cover! (Fanning myself with my Kindle!) Another super hot hero to moon over! The 14th can’t come fast enough! Thanks, Anna!

  4. Oooo, diff kind of cover. I like it!

    Really looking foward to the audio too, huge Vivienne fan so glad she is back!

  5. Cannot wait to read this one! Every book of yours that I have read I have fallen in love with. I can’t wait to start a collection of your books in paperback!

  6. Hhhmmmm okay now have a new man to dream of and wish for lol love the cover. You definitely choose the best covers for your books designed to entice but to me just icing on the cake as your stories are what keep us coming back time and time again to read your stories and be transported to another time and place

  7. Wow! Fast is one hour cover, girlfriend! I am so excited to read this one! I’ve had a crush on him ever since his first appearance!

  8. Stunning cover- can’t wait to read this new series – looking forward to learn what power the heroine has; love the tease.

  9. Awesome cover Anna!!!
    Another brilliant new series to look forward to. Thanks Anna and Merry Christmas to you and your family ❤🎉

  10. I am very excited for this book and look forward to revisiting the Galactic Gladiator universe. The cover is excellent and already one of my favorites!

  11. This is my favorite cover so far. Just something about that face, that hair, mm, mm. I like the plot. the idea of the tension the attraction/suspicion causes will cause sounds intriguing. Very much looking forward to reading this, as always!

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