Eon Warriors Custom Artwork

A little piece of me didn’t want to let the awesome characters of Eon Warriors go. I commissioned an amazing artist, Vivien Gintner, to complete a scene from King of Eon, featuring a special moment between King Gayel and his heroine Alea.

King Gayel and Alea by artist Vivien Gintner

Isn’t it so pretty?

I have added the artwork to all kinds of swag like mugs, mouse pads, and magnets in my Zazzle store. Just take a look at the Eon Warriors collection.

Latest Sci-fi Romance Release

Don’t miss the first in my new Galactic Kings series, Overlord.

When an experimental starship test goes horribly wrong, a test pilot from Earth is flung across the galaxy and crash lands on the planet of a powerful alien king.

Pilot Mallory West is having a really bad day. She’s crashed on an alien planet, her ship is in pieces, and her best friend Poppy, the scientist monitoring the experiment, is missing. Dazed and injured, she collapses into the arms of a big, silver-eyed warrior king. But when her rescuer cuffs her to a bed and accuses her of being a spy, Mal knows she has to escape her darkly tempting captor and find her friend.

Overlord Rhain Zhalto Sarkany is in a battle to protect his planet Zhalto and his people from his evil, power-hungry father. He’ll use every one of his deadly Zhalton abilities to win the fight against his father’s lethal warlord and army of vicious creatures. Rhain suspects the tough, intriguing woman he pulls from a starship wreck is a trap, but when Mal escapes, he is compelled to track her down.

Fighting their overwhelming attraction, Mal and Rhain join forces to hunt down the warlord and find Poppy. But as Mal’s body reacts to Zhalto’s environment, it awakens dormant powers, and Rhain is the only one who can help her. As the warlord launches a brutal attack, it will take all of Mal and Rhain’s combined powers to save their friends, the planet, and themselves.

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