Cover Reveal – Sentinel Security: Steel

Are you ready for Killian “Steel” Hawke?

Dark and dangerous Killian Hawke leads his team of security experts — former military, CIA, and international law enforcement agents — who will stop at nothing to save the day…and a woman in danger.

I know a few people have been waiting for Killian’s story (some since he first appeared in the final Billionaire Heists book!) I am very excited for Steel to be my first release of 2023 and to share the cover for his book with you today.

His skills and ruthlessness made him a legend.

The dark, dangerous former spy.

Now the operative turned billionaire known as Steel collides with fiery agent Hellfire when they discover they’re both on the kill list of a deadly assassin.

Pre-order: Steel will be available for pre-order the Sunday before release day (22nd January)

Audiobook: It is going straight into audio production with narrators Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton. Look for the completed audio around March.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my Steel Cover Reveal Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away signed paperbacks of Wolf, Hades, and Striker.

Sentinel Security #4
Release date: Thursday 26th Jan 2023

Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

His skills and ruthlessness made him a legend.

The dark, dangerous former spy.

Now the operative turned billionaire known as Steel collides with fiery agent Hellfire when they discover they’re both on the kill list of a deadly assassin.

CIA agent Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden came from nothing and made herself into one of the CIA’s best deep-cover agents. She’s dedicated to her country. She’s always on the move. She’s a loner. Just the way she likes it. Letting people close is a weakness and she’ll never be weak again.

But when she finds herself under attack by an assassin targeting the world’s best intelligence agents, it sends her straight into the path of the only man who tempts her. The dark, lethal Killian “Steel” Hawke.

Killian Hawke rose through the ranks of the CIA, and knows his name is whispered in fear by his enemies. But when his sister needed him, he left and started Sentinel Security. He protects all those he considers his: his sister, his friends, his employees, and his clients.

But there is one stubborn redhead he also wants to claim.

As Devyn and Killian work together to unmask the assassin hunting them, they are forced to confront their white-hot attraction and their violent need to protect each other. Killian is tired of dancing around what he feels for her. Now that she’s in danger, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her safe, claim her heart, and possess her soul.

Excerpt from Striker (Sentinel Security #3) featuring Killian and his heroine Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden

She swiveled her head and saw a woman in a long, red dress sprinting into the party.

Her dark red hair was pulled back in a slicked back hair style, and bold makeup accented her striking features.

Hadley gasped. She recognized the woman. The redhead leaped onto a table, ran along it, and lifted two large handguns.

She opened fire on the band.

Hadley heard Killian cursing across the line.

Then another man appeared. He wore a dark gray suit, and a black shirt with no tie. His dirty blond hair was pulled up in a man bun that added to his hotness.

He pulled a rifle and fired on the band as well, walking forward steadily.

He had a faint smile on his face.

“Get your ass into cover, Devyn,” Killian snapped.

Hadley blinked. She’d never heard Killian use that tone of voice, or sound like he was so close to losing it.

“Nice to see you too, Steel.” The redhead leaped off the table, ran, and slid in beside Hadley.

“Striker,” the woman said with a nod.

“Hellfire,” Hadley replied.

Devyn “Hellfire” Hayden was CIA, with a habit of turning up in the middle of tense operations.

Steel Cover Reveal Giveaway

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The giveaway will be open for a week and open internationally. TIP: If you are having trouble entering via Rafflecopter or get an error, please try clearing the cache on your browser or try opening in a different browser.

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74 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Sentinel Security: Steel”

  1. Peggy Hellenthal

    Can’t wait for this book! I’m also excited for Hex and Shade’s book wherever that may be. I really love this world and all the characters across all of the series.

  2. I recently signed up for fantastic fiction and when I ticked “Read all”, I didn’t realise how much Anna goodness there was!! the quality never fails and I look forward to all her new releases, thanks Anna

    1. Irene Fernández

      I can’t wait for Killian’s book. I really enjoy all your books, thank you for continuing writing them Anna.

  3. Dear Anna,
    I can hardly wait for Killian’s book. I love the cover by the way…the only thing I would have done different is a black dress shirt for your cover model instead of white. But you probably have a good reason for that.
    Oh and isn’t that glass tower in the background the one in London? So we stay in London with ‘Steel’???
    Lots of love from Germany

  4. I can’t wait to read this book. I have read all the books in the Sentinel Security series so far. I love them all . I was sad when the th Norcross series ended. I’m glad to have this new series to read. Your books are always a good read. You know how to write a suspenseful thriller with some romance thrown in. Your books never disappoint.

  5. Wow! A stunning cover! Really looking forward to Killian and Devyn’s story – the glimpses in the previous novels were amazing, adding to the anticipation in wait for this installment of Sentinel Security. I am certain the chemistry will be scorching!

  6. Wow just love these covers! They so fit the stories you write, Anna! Thank you for the sneak peek and I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  7. Been waiting for this one since Hellfire made an appearance.
    Can’t wait!!!
    PS. Awesome to see a fellow Aussie doing such great work. Love it.

  8. Even though you can’t see his whole face, this is one HOT man!!! Can’t wait for Steel and Hellfire’s story as I am sure there will be some pretty hot sparks flying. It is sure to an awesome adventure.

  9. Looking forward to Killian’s book! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out! I love both the Sentinel and Norcross Security series ❤️

  10. Very sexy cover! I would expect nothing less for Killian! lol Devyn is so kick a$$ and I can’t wait to read their story!

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