Cover Reveal: Knightmaster

Oronis Knights

Are you ready to meet the cool, deadly Oronis Knights?

The knights live for duty and honor. They are dedicated to their planet, their people, and their knightqueen.

I am so very excited to share the cover for the first Oronis Knights book, Knightmaster, with you. When the knightqueen is abducted by the mortal enemy of the Oronis, the ferocious Gek’Dragar, her knights will use all their deadly abilities to bring her home.

And Earth gets inadvertently sucked into the fight…

Space Corps xenoanthropologist Kennedy Black is sent to forge an alliance with the Oronis knights…and instead finds herself framed for abducting their queen.

Expect to see a few cameos by some Eon Warriors and Space Corps favorites 😀 Scroll down for the cover and blurb of KNIGHTMASTER!

There is also a giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal (signed Eon Warriors paperbacks) so scroll down to enter.

Oronis Knights #1
Release date: 16th March 2023

Cover designer: Ana Cruz Arts

She was sent to forge an alliance with the deadly Oronis knights…and instead finds herself framed for abducting their queen.

Xenoanthropologist Kennedy Black loves exploring new cultures with Space Corps. Everyone in her life has left her, so she happily fills the void with exciting adventures. When she’s assigned to escort the new ambassador to the planet Oron for an opulent ball, she’s thrilled to get an up-close look at the Oronis knights, and their culture of honor and duty to their knightqueen. But she never expected her reaction to cool, controlled Knightmaster Ashtin Caydor, head of the Oronis Knightforce.

And she really didn’t expect a savage alien attack that leaves the knightqueen missing and Earth fingered as the culprit.

Knightmaster Ashtin Caydor lives to protect his planet, his people, and his knightqueen. He came from nothing, and the code of knighthood is the cornerstone of his being. When Knightqueen Carys is abducted by their mortal enemies, the ferocious Gek’Dragar, he’s icily enraged, especially when he finds evidence that Earth, and the far too enticing Sub-Captain Kennedy Black, are involved.

But Kennedy vows to clear Earth’s name by helping Ashtin and his knights find the queen. As she and Ashtin embark on a risky mission to a dangerous jungle planet, they’re forced to rely on each other, and their sizzling chemistry is soon undeniable. But love can’t be an option, not for a knight bound only to his duty and a woman whose heart already has too many scars.

Knightmaster Fast Facts:

  • Release date: Ebook and paperback will be out on the 16th March 2023
  • Pre-order: There will be a short pre-order which should be live on Sun the 12th March.
  • Kindle Unlimited: It will be available in KU.

Audio Announcement

The Oronis Knights series will be getting audiobooks! This series will be narrated by the amazing Stella Bloom and Aaron Shedlock.

The first two audiobooks will be released close together in mid-2023. So look out for the Knightmaster audio around July, followed closely by book #2.

Excerpt from Claim of Eon (Eon Warriors #6) featuring the Oronis Knights

Suddenly, a deafening roar of sound cut through the air.

Donovan looked up. Oh, hell.

There was a ship in the sky. A big one.

And it wasn’t Eon, Terran, or Kantos.

The ship was black, sleek and angular, with huge, spiked plates of metal on its hull, almost like armor. Its engines glowed blue.

The gorilla-bugs froze. The large ship started firing blue energy pulses toward the beach.

The gorilla-bugs pulled back, disappearing over the edge of the tower. Retreating.

Airen ran toward Donovan, beaming. He leaped off the loader and was just in time to catch her. She jumped on him, legs wrapping around his waist. Then she kissed him hard.

“I take it that’s a friend?” he asked.

“Yes.” Her smile widened. “That’s an Oronis ship.”

Oronis. Jamie Park, one of the Divergent’s space marines, and her warrior mate, Aydin, had been helped by an Oronis spy. The man had saved them from the Kantos.

“A related species to the Eon, right?”

“The Oronis knights are fierce fighters.”

As she spoke, he watched a wave of black bodies pour out of the Oronis ship.

The fighters flew closer—all wearing kickass, black armor, three-quarter coats flaring behind them. Their heads were covered by black helmets. He couldn’t see any wing suits or anything, but the knights landed in crouches across the beach.

Then, they unleashed hell.

In awe, Donovan watched several knights draw long swords that glittered with blue energy. Others formed blue balls of energy between their gloved palms.

If the Eon warriors were strong, tough broadswords, the Oronis were sleek, deadly rapiers. Across the beach, the knights fought with lethal intensity. Donovan watched a blue ball of energy hit a Kantos soldier. The Kantos writhed, the energy racing over it, before it burned up to a husk.

He hugged Airen closer. “I like your friends.”

Knightmaster Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the KNIGHTMASTER cover reveal, I have some signed paperbacks to giveaway. FIVE lucky winners will win a signed Eon Warriors paperback (winner’s choice!) Enter using the Rafflecopter below — only do the options you want.

The giveaway will be open for a week and open internationally. TIP: If you are having trouble entering via Rafflecopter or get an error, please try clearing the cache on your browser or try opening in a different browser.

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  1. Great cover! I can’t wait to read your new series. Your sci-fi-rom is always amazing.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I am so excited for this new series! The cover is so wonderful and I know the story will be filled with romance and adventure. Thank you Anna 😻💜🎉

  3. I’ve read all your books that’s available, and some series twice. You never disappoint me yet. I look forward to reading the new series 😀

  4. Like all your books anticipation is high will be there 12th to pre-order. Just wish The Phoenix Adventures was still available. Carry on the great works.

    1. Linda, I’m working to get the Phoenix Adventures back up and available! Hoping it won’t be long now.

  5. Rhonda Schumacher

    At last (Etta James playing in the background.) I know I’m going to love this series! Well let’s be frank…I love all your series. 😋

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    I don’t think I’ve seen a cover I didn’t like from you Anna. great work as always 😍😍😍

  7. Love his suit! I can’t wait for this to come out. I read all of the Eon books and loved them and was really interested in the Oronis Knights. I’m so glad you’ve given them their own series. Just want you to know, I tell everyone I talk to about authors I like that I’ll read anything you write. I’ve gotten a good start into your Treasure Hunter Security Series and Team 52. Love them!

  8. To say that I’ve been waiting for this series to come out for a long time now is a massive understatement! soooo friggin EXCITED!!

  9. Such a pretty cover. Anna, will you use the same cover artist for the rest of the series so you have the same tone?

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