Cover Reveal: Soul of Eon

I am so excited to show you another Eon Warriors cover today!

I was thrilled to hear from so many readers who absolutely loved Sabin and Finley’s adventure in Storm of Eon…and I know I left a huge big tease for Thane and Kaira at the end. But I promised not to make you wait too long.

Soul of Eon is coming in two weeks, and just below is the gorgeous cover for the book. I also have some awesome Eon Warriors swag to celebrate, so scroll down to the very bottom to enter the giveaway (there are Eon mugs, magnets, mousepads and stickers up for grabs).

Cover Reveal: Soul of Eon

Eon Warriors #8
Release date: 16th February 2021

Hero: Medical Commander Thane Kann-Eon of the Eon warship, the Rengard

Heroine: Commander Kaira Chand – Australian Air Force

The last thing she expects is an instant mating with a handsome alien warrior…just before they are abducted by the deadly Kantos.

Cover Designer: Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Soul of Eon (Eon Warriors #7) featuring Thane and Kaira

Kaira tried to relax.

It was a party, so there were lots of reasons to have fun.

She sighed. She was still acutely aware that there were Kantos out there. The StarStorm was a huge win, and would stop a large-scale attack.

But only when they saw the enemy coming.

It wouldn’t stop small strike teams, or assassins sneaking through. She couldn’t relax yet.

She glanced over and saw Finley in Sabin’s arms. The scientist and the warrior were smiling at each other, and Kaira could practically feel the love from where she was standing.

Kaira was happy for them. A pang hit her under her heart. She’d had that once.

No, she wasn’t going to have a pity party. She’d grieved for Ryan, and would always miss him, but life marched on, whether you wanted it to or not.

She dated. She even caught up with a buddy with benefits occasionally, but she’d never let herself fall in love again.

It hurt too much to lose someone you loved. And she’d worked too hard putting the pieces of her life back together to have them shattered for a second time.

The doors to the roof opened, and two couples stepped onto the roof terrace.

“Eve! Lara!” Wren ran for the women.

Both of them were tall and athletic. The taller one was Lara Traynor. The one with a small, round pregnant belly would be Eve.

Wow, these women were Space Corps legends.

Kaira watched the three sisters embrace. The big warriors with them would be War Commander Davion Thann-Eon, and Security Commander Caze Vann-Jad of the Desteron.

Kaira wanted to meet the women. She had to admit she had a small girl crush on them both.

She grabbed a drink from the bar table and sipped. As she scanned the party again, her gaze snagged on a sexy, silver fox of an Eon warrior.

The man was talking with Sabin and Finley, so she guessed he was off the Rengard. Yum. Kaira felt a tingle. It’d been a long time since she’d felt much for a man. She drank him in. He’d be good fantasy material for when she was busy with her vibrator later.

Dragging her gaze off him, she noted when Lara and Eve were alone. She took her chance.

“Sub-Captain Traynor, Lieutenant Traynor. I’m Commander Kaira Chand, head of Woomera Security. It’s an honor to meet you both.”

“Likewise.” Eve held out a hand while the other one rested on her belly. “And it’s Ambassador Thann-Eon these days.” The woman winced. “Although it’s a hell of a mouthful.”

“I heard you did good work here, Commander Chand,” Lara said. “You helped fight off the Kantos.”

“We desperately needed a giant can of bug spray,” Kaira said.

Lara snorted and Eve smiled.

“Isn’t that the truth?” Lara said. “With the StarStorm operational, though, it improves the odds.”

Kaira nodded. “It’s thanks to you both we have the alliance with the Eon in the first place.”

Eve smiled. “Sometimes it’s a giant pain in my ass. The Eon king is planning to have a delegation from Earth visit the planet of Eon soon. I’m dreading it.”

“Isn’t that good news for the alliance?” Kaira said.

“Except I’ll have to babysit them.” Eve sighed. “A bunch of pretentious politicians from Earth, no doubt.”

“You might be too busy giving birth,” her sister added.

Eve winced. “Don’t talk about giving birth.”

Suddenly, the pregnant woman went pale and swayed.

“Eve?” Kaira was closest and grabbed Eve’s arm.

“I’m just a little lightheaded. It keeps happening. I just need some space and fresh air.”

“You’re outside,” Lara noted.

“Fresher air. There are too many people.”

“I’ll take you out front,” Kaira said. “There’s a small garden there.”

“I’ll find Davion,” Lara said.

Kaira helped the pregnant woman inside and into the elevator.

“I’m feeling better already,” Eve said. “I just needed to get away from the crush of people.”

Finally, they headed out the front doors of the Woomera main building. There was a small rock garden, with native plants and a metal sculpture, out front.

“Being pregnant with the first Eon-Terran baby is full of surprises,” Eve said.

“You’re okay now?”

“Yes, but I have an overprotective warrior baby daddy.” She glanced at the building. “Uh-oh, incoming.”

Kaira saw Davion Thann-Eon striding out the doors, his brows drawn together. He walked like he owned the place. Clearly, a man used to being in charge.

And with him was the sexy silver fox she’d spotted earlier.

Kaira straightened.

The man’s gaze met hers and she felt a jolt through her body. He had black eyes crisscrossed with strands of bright green.

“Eve.” Davion moved to his mate.

She held up a hand. “I’m fine. Just a bit dizzy, and I needed some air.”

The big warrior put his hand on her belly, a tender move. “Let Thane check you over.”

Thane. Kaira had heard the name. Medical Commander Thane Kann-Eon of the Rengard.

As the doctor checked Eve over, he murmured quietly to her.

Davion nodded at Kaira. “Thank you for assisting Eve.”

“It was no problem.”

“You’re fine, Eve,” Thane proclaimed. “You just need a little more rest.”

Davion let out a gusty sigh. “My mate isn’t good at sitting still.” He slid his arm around her.

“Your baby is healthy,” Thane said.

The couple smiled at each other, then Davion pressed a kiss to Eve’s lips.

Kaira moved away to give the couple some privacy. She skirted the metal sculpture and Thane followed her.

“We haven’t been introduced. I’m Medical Commander Thane Kann-Eon.”

“Commander Kaira Chand. Australia Air Force and head of Woomera Security.”

“I’m friends with Sabin. He told me you were excellent to work with.”

“That’s high praise.” She held out her hand.

Thane took it.

As soon as their fingers touched, electricity skated up her arm.

She gasped.

He jolted.

Instant desire flooded Kaira. The green strands in Thane’s eyes glowed.

“What the hell?” she breathed. Their fingers twined together.

“Kaira.” His voice was deep, guttural. He pulled her close and their bodies collided.

Heat. She felt like flames were licking her. “What’s going on?” she whispered.

“I don’t know.” Thane lowered his head, his hands tightening on her skin. “Can I kiss you, Kaira?”

Her belly clenched. It was what she wanted. More than anything. “Yes.”

Then his mouth was on hers firm, hard, and demanding.

The kiss exploded. As their tongues tangled, he pulled her off her feet and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They devoured each other.

“God. God.” She bit his bottom lip.

He growled and they writhed against each other. She felt a very sizable bulge rub against her. Mmm. Kaira wanted to strip her clothes off, and feel this big warrior move inside her.

“What’s happening to us?” she panted.

Suddenly, his black-scale armor flowed over his skin.

“Thane?” She lifted her hands.

He frowned. “I’m not controlling it.”

Then, without warning, the scales flowed onto Kaira. Her mouth dropped open.

The armor covered them both.

Their gazes met.

Thane looked shocked. “Instant mating is unheard of.”

“Mating?” A crazy mix of emotions churned inside her. “No. No way.”

Then, without warning, a Kantos soldier burst out of the darkness.

Hurriedly, Thane set Kaira down and they spun.

A second and third soldier appeared.

Even with the new armor on, it hadn’t covered her holstered blaster. She grabbed it and fired.

“Davion, Kantos!” Thane yelled. “Get Eve inside.” A long sword formed on Thane’s arm.

Kaira and Thane attacked. She fired on the Kantos soldiers, and Thane’s sword slammed against another’s sharp arms.

Suddenly, something hit Kaira, wrapping around her.

She fell, struggling against the bindings. It was some sort of net made from a sticky brown substance.


Thane slashed with his sword and knocked a Kantos back. He ran toward her.

She saw another net hit him. He managed to stay upright, but his sword was trapped against his body. He fought the bindings.

Then the Kantos soldiers were on him. They hit him and Kaira felt a pulse of pain through her body. No.

Thane went down. They held up some black substance and slapped it over his wrist. Her scale armor dissolved, and so did his.

A Kantos stepped in front of her, blocking her view. She took in its hard, jointed legs. Then she was lifted and hefted over the alien soldier’s shoulder.

She tried to fight, but it was too strong.

The last thing she saw before the Kantos marched into the darkness, were two soldiers carrying a trussed-up and horribly still Thane between them.

Fucking hell. They’d just been abducted by the alien enemy.

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  1. Peggy Sue/Dragon Darrow

    mean woman, so mean, but at least I have something for 2 wks from now!! whoop whoop, nice cover it’s hot

  2. Can’t wait, love all of your books! When is “Storm of Eon” being released in audible? Also, would like to know why the audio versions are not released on the same schedule as kindle versions?

  3. Now the 16th of February seems very far away, specially when you are in cold snowy Scotland in lockdown. Well it will be a nice belated Valentine’s Day present.

  4. I don’t normally do this – but what can I say – I’m not a romance reader – but I love this series. Covers are gorgeous and your writing is very engaging. (from one artist [my tag-line is: likes to draw cartoons all day] to another)

  5. Ugh I am so behind on my reading because of work. Plus side is I will get to have a nice little mini binge session once I can read again.

    I love the instant mating for this story. Starting out great and I really can’t wait to read it. Yay!!

  6. Great cover! Kiara is just as I pictured her- small but pretty and tough. Thane is quite sexy too, but where is his silver fox hair?

  7. Loving the purple shades in the back ground of this cover. I’m most impatiently waiting to find out more about how this instant mating works!

  8. Kristina Alexander

    So addicted to Eon Warriors series. Actually anything by Anna Hackett is addicting. I hope no one does an intervention. I plan my reading time around her release dates.

  9. I can’t wait! That teaser was not enough. I don’t know how I’m going to to wait now. Also the cover is amazing as usual.

  10. Hi, I don’t know if you’re still reading these comments, and I haven’t read through them myself, but Thane is described as a silver fox, and the book cover doesn’t reflect that. I haven’t read the book yet, so I don’t know if there’s a reason for the color change. Just curious. Thank you.

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