Cover Reveal: Storm of Eon

It’s almost time for my very first book of 2021!

It is time to head back into space with the Eon Warriors and the smart, tough Terrans bringing them to their knees.

Actually, to start, in the new Eon Warriors adventure, expect to see a warrior headed to Earth this time.

I am also excited to let you know that you can expect another Eon Warriors book in February. So I hope you’re ready for some action, adventure, hunky alien warriors, and opinionated Terran heroines.

To take a look at the cover for January’s Storm of Eon, scroll down, and don’t miss the chance to win some signed Eon Warriors books to celebrate.

Cover Reveal: Storm of Eon

Eon Warriors #7
Release date: 19th January 2021

Hero: Security Commander Sabin Solann-Ath of the Eon warship, the Rengard

Heroine: Dr. Finley Delgado

When a Terran weapons scientist finds herself the target of deadly alien assassins, only one fierce alien warrior can keep her safe.

Cover Designer: Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Claim of Eon (Eon Warriors #6) featuring Sabin and Finley

Sabin Solann-Ath sat at the desk in the conference room off the bridge.

He was interested to see Earth, and had already packed for his assignment. Weaponry was his area of expertise. If he could help take down the Kantos and protect Earth, it was his duty as an Eon warrior.

Sabin had given a lot in service to his Empire. He was a warrior to the bone. A honed weapon. He liked order, and he liked challenges.

He didn’t think Earth would provide much in the way of a challenge, but at least he could help.

He waited for the call to connect to Earth. He was to make contact with the Terran scientist in charge of the weapons project, Dr. Finley Delgado.

The call connected to show an empty room.

He frowned. “Hello?” He’d made the call exactly at the assigned time.

Someone walked past the camera and sat. “What do you want?”

Sabin blinked at the sharp, female voice. He hadn’t realized the scientist was a woman.

A beautiful woman.

She was tall, with curves, and long, blonde-brown hair pinned up at the back of her head. She had a regal-looking face, with high cheekbones. And brown eyes that looked annoyed.

“I am Security Commander Sabin Solann-Ath of the Eon warship, the Rengard. Are you Dr. Delgado?”

She tucked a strand of hair back behind her ear with a quick flick of her wrist. “Yes. And I’m busy. I have an important project that needs my attention. I don’t have time for an intergalactic chitchat.”

The clipped voice told Sabin that this woman was not very patient.

He dragged in a breath, trying to find his own patience. “I’ve been assigned to assist you. I—”

Dr. Delgado leaned forward and actually looked at him. Or rather his arms.

She frowned. “I don’t see what use I have for a brawny alien warrior.”

Sabin sucked in a breath. She was insulting him?

She waved a slim hand. It was stained with something. Old-fashioned ink, maybe. “The Kantos could attack at any minute and I have to be ready. I have to stop them.” It was the first time he’d heard any sort of emotion in her voice.

“And I’ll be helping you do that, Dr. Delgado.”

Her nose wrinkled. “I don’t need help.”

“You want all the glory for yourself, so you ignore others who could help you?” He detested people who worked for fame and glory, instead of honor and integrity.

Her brown eyes widened. “What? No. I want to be left alone to concentrate, Commander Brawn.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. Infuriating female. But warrior that he was, he noted the way her gaze snagged on his crossed arms. “My name is Security Commander Sabin Solann-Ath.”

The scientist blinked and shook her head. “I don’t need your help.”

“Well, you’re getting it. I’ll arrive in three days.”

Dr. Delgado huffed and touched something. The screen went blank.

She’d ended the call.

Sabin ground his teeth together. He liked and respected the Terrans he’d met so far. It appeared Dr. Finley Delgado wouldn’t be earning his respect anytime soon, but he would still carry out his duty.

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  1. Omigosh, I’m so excited for this story! I love all of your books, and each time I read a series, it’s my favorite! Which means they’re ALL my favorites! I can’t wait! Bring on the Warriors! 🤩

  2. O.M.G. Another amazing cover and now the dreaded wait to get it. Obviously another great book coming out ( One of my fav series) 😍 thank you Anna

  3. What a sexy cover! There’s just something about a man with markings on their bodies! Yea, I might have a tattoo kink ; ) Can’t wait to dive into the Eon Warriors series next!

  4. Very excited for this new installment in my favourite series. I can almost feel the heat from here. Commander Brawn *snort* is in for the ride of his life.

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