Cover Reveal: The Hero She Craves

Tough. Honorable. Scarred inside and out.

Former military heroes turned loners.

These fierce protectors are unbroken heroes.

Today, I am so excited to share the cover for the next book in the action-packed Unbroken Heroes series – The Hero She Craves.

This series stars tough former military heroes who once worked Ghost Ops with Vander Norcross. The best of the best of special forces, they did the toughest missions in the hardest places. Scarred and fighting their demons, they’re loners who’ve withdrawn from life. But they are always willing to help a woman in danger, and they’ll use all their deadly skills to protect the women who drag them into the light.

This story stars a handsome, charming Lorenzo “Ren” Santoro. The last thing he expects on his research ship is the off-limits woman he can’t stop thinking about—his best friend’s daughter.

Halle Bradshaw is too young, too innocent, and too off-limits, but when she’s targeted due to the top-secret project she’s working on, Ren will do anything to keep her safe.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my The Hero She Craves Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away some signed paperbacks Unbroken Heroes paperbacks.

The Hero She Craves
Unbroken Heroes #3
Release date: Thursday 13th June 2024

Cover Designer: Hang Le Designs
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

The last thing he expects on his ship is the off-limits woman he can’t stop thinking about—his best friend’s daughter.

After a tough military career as a Navy SEAL, and a member of a covert Ghost Ops team, Lorenzo “Ren” Santoro now calls a research ship home. The ocean, very few people, and solitude…it’s all he needs.

Then as a favor to his best friend, he agrees to take a research team to sea to test a top-secret Navy project. He’s shocked to discover his best friend’s daughter is one of the scientists. The beautiful Halle Bradshaw who Ren once kissed, who ignites a powerful craving inside him. She’s too young, too innocent, and too off-limits.

When strange things start happening to Halle, Ren suspects she’s in danger…and he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Marine biologist Halle loves the ocean, her work…and Ren Santoro. Being aboard his ship, she finally has the chance to show the stubborn man how good they could be together.

But someone is targeting the highly classified project she’s working on. One she can’t let fall into enemy hands.

The only person she can trust is Ren. Forced to abandon their ship, they will face the danger of the sea and the wilds of a jungle-covered island, all while being hunted by a relentless enemy.

Ren and Halle will no longer be able to hide from their white-hot desire or their demons. She’s determined to convince him to take a chance on love…but first, they have to survive.

PRE-ORDER: The Hero She Craves will be available for pre-order the Sunday before release day (9th June)

AUDIOBOOK: It is going straight into audio production with narrators John Lane and Stella Bloom.

Excerpt from The Hero She Wants (Unbroken Heroes #2) featuring Lorenzo “Ren” Santoro.

Hayden willed her racing heart to slow down. Her body couldn’t quite comprehend that she and Shep were all right.

They were safe.

For a moment, it had seemed that everything was lost. She’d been terrified that she’d have to watch Shep be killed.


She clung to him as one of the zodiacs pulled up alongside their disabled boat.

“Shep, fancy meeting you here.”

Ren stood with his feet apart, a rifle in his hand. He smiled.

Hayden blinked. He was handsome in that way that dazed you a little. He had a long, chiseled face, tanned skin, and deep, brown eyes. His smile was wide, with a sinful edge.

“Ren, you’re a sight for sore eyes,” Shep said.

“I knew you missed me, even if I never missed your surly, brooding ass.”

“He does know you,” Hayden said.

Shep squeezed her hip. “Permission to come aboard.”

Ren inclined his head. “Permission granted.”

Shep helped Hayden over. Ren took her hand, and guided her into the zodiac, shooting her a wide, sexy smile.

“Ms. Sinclair, it’s a pleasure.” He was talking like they were meeting at a party—not in the middle of a shootout on the ocean. “I’m Lorenzo, but please call me Ren.”

“Thanks for the rescue.”

“Believe me, I’m well practiced at saving Shep’s ass.”

Shep, with his backpack over his shoulder, stepped aboard. The two men smiled at each other, then hugged, slapping each other’s backs.

“How the hell did you end up here?” Shep asked. “I thought you were somewhere in the middle of the Pacific.”

Ren smiled. “Vander. I’ll share all the details once we’re back on my ship.” He waved a hand at the seats.

They sat, and the zodiac’s engines fired up. The boat sped off, rising and falling on the waves as they powered farther out to sea.

That’s when Hayden noticed the white ship in the distance. It looked large and fancy, with lots of antennas on top and a crane built into the back.

Shep slung an arm around her shoulders, and she leaned into him.

They were safe. She couldn’t quite believe it. Elation pushed up through the fear, shock, and adrenaline.

They pulled up at the back of the ship. There was a lower deck with several people waiting for them. They were helped aboard.

Ren handed his rifle off to someone, calling out orders to a few people. She saw several of the people looking at her with interest, and realized that they knew who she was.

Turning, she took in the large crane and several underwater submersibles stored on the ship’s deck. They looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

Ren turned, smiled, and slapped Shep’s shoulder. “It’s damn good to see you. Welcome aboard the Atalanta. The finest research vessel on the sea.”

“You always loved the water.”

“Once a SEAL, always a SEAL.”

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  1. Jennifer Carson

    I am so excited for more Unbroken Heroes books and the sexy Fury Brothers!!!! They cannot come fast enough!!!!

  2. I can’t wait!! You’re my new favorite author!! Every book I have read has been awesome!! I love Vander!!!

  3. Robin Stillwell

    So love the sexy cover! Can’t wait for the book!!!! I am on pins and needles waiting for it and the next Fury book. Anna Hackett you write such exciting and romantic stories. Thank you. 🔥💜🎉📚😺

  4. Lisa Iacobucci

    I love all your series but I think the unbroken heroes series is one of my favourites! I can’t wait to read Ren’s story!

  5. I’ve looked forward to every book written. Fury Brothers and Unbroken Heroes are great, but I have to say Vander and the whole series is still my favorite.

  6. Just another great book I can’t wait for. Have enjoyed each and every book written by Anna and always am glad to hear another one is coming.

  7. Great-looking covers, I really like the design choices you’ve made here which set your work apart from the crowd. The clean no-nonsense layout (with some flair) looks great and I like the emotive look of the characters.

    Have to say that anything with SEALs is red-flag for me as it’s super-overdone and a trite genre trope. I’m hoping that your work supersedes that; I did rate The Hero She Wants, with some reservations. Also, what is the age difference here? Going for your best friend’s daughter seems… icky at the best of times. Not sure about this premise…

    Also, the summary mentions Ren and ‘Halle Bradshaw’, yet the excerpt features Ren and ‘Hayden Sinclair’ (and Shep) who is from the previous book. Where is Halle? Don’t keep us on tenterhooks! 🙂

  8. Love the covers of all the books. Can’t wait to read Halle and Ren’s story. I am loving the Fury brothers and Unbroken Heroes series.

  9. I cannot wait for Ren’s story! I have been re-reading Anna Hackett’s other books until the new ones release. I am too excited!

  10. Just love the cover and can’t wait to read. Love this series and all your other books. Have started to reread all your books again.

  11. This cover is yummy… I’m really looking forward to this story. I’ve been a fan since I discovered Vander.

  12. I’m very much looking forward to The Hero She Craves: ahoy mateys, we’re back on the boat! The cover is great, a a broody dark haired hero will simply turn into in putty in arms of the woman he’s vowed to protect and release.
    As if that ever happens…I can’t wait. Hurry Anna pleeeze!!!

  13. Love these books and am super excited about The Hero She Craves. Thank you Anna Hackett for getting me into the military romance books genre!!!

  14. Love your books! Wish all of them came in paperbacks. Can’t wait to see and read Rem’s story too.

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