Cover Reveal: Knightqueen

It’s time to head back to Oronis space!

The Oronis Knights live for duty and honor. They are dedicated to their planet, their people, and their knightqueen.

I am so excited to share the cover for the final Oronis Knights book, KNIGHTQUEEN.

Knightqueen Carys has escaped her enemy’s prison. Now, she and her dedicated knightguard Sten Carahan are on the run on an alien planet deep in enemy space. It’s just the two of them, and lines get blurred fast when they’re fighting for survival. Can Carys make it home to save her people, AND convince her older, battle-scarred guard that he’s the man she’s in love with?

Scroll down to see the cover for KNIGHTQUEEN.

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Oronis Knights #3
Release date: 2nd May 2024

Cover art: Ana Cruz Arts

Knightqueen Fast Facts:

  • Release date: Ebook and paperback will be out on the 2nd May 2024
  • Pre-order: There will be a short pre-order which should be live on Sun the 28th April.
  • Kindle Unlimited: It will be available in KU.
  • Audiobook: The audio of Knightqueen will go into production with Stella Bloom and Aaron Shedlock. The finished audiobook will release in August.

Excerpt from Knighthunter (Oronis Knights #2) featuring Knighqueen Carys and Knightguard Sten

“A probe on the planet’s surface detected something.”

Nea clutched Kaden’s hand.

“It picked something up north of the Gek’Dragar prison location. Deep into the mountains, down in one of the ravines.”

A blurry image appeared on viewscreen. It was in the base of a ravine, the darkness making it hard to see anything. Nea made out a jumble of rocks.

Then she saw movement.

A woman climbed over the rocks, and a second later, a much larger man came into view.

The woman turned her head, scanning the ravine, then the pair disappeared deeper into the ravine.

The ensign zoomed in on a still shot of the couple. Nea’s heart beat hard.

It was Carys. She was dirty, with a scrape on her cheek and her hair tangled, but it was the knightqueen. And Sten was with her.

“They’re alive,” Nea said.

“Where are they?” Kaden barked. “Can we get to them?”

Ensign Noth winced. “Um, no. About thirty seconds after this, something destroyed the probe. I’m guessing they took it out. We’ve lost them.”

Kaden cursed.

Nea pressed a hand to her husband’s arm. That gave her thrill. Her husband. “Sten and Carys have no idea that the probes are ours,” she said. “They’re not an Oronis design, and the probably think that they’re Gek’Dragar.”

Kaden ran a hand through his hair.

“I’ve sent another probe to the area to keep searching,” Ensign Noth said.

“Thank you, Ensign,” the captain replied.

“They’re alive,” Nea said. “That’s the most important thing. There’s nothing more we can do right now except wait.”

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70 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Knightqueen”

  1. OMG, love, love the Knightqueen cover! Cannot believe that it’s already book 3 of the Oronis Knights series! What a great series!

    1. Can’t wait to read this and really love the cover
      It’s fantastic Anna you have out done yourself with this one

  2. This cover is gorgeous. I can’t wait to read it, I have been curious about the two of them since “Knightmaster” came out 🤭

  3. I have set a reminder and written down in my planner, media journal, and book journal! Ready very impatiently 🙂

  4. Love the cover – Carys looks exactly how I imagined her! I love your sci-fi books and can’t wait to read what your imagination has in store for us.

  5. Love the cover for Knightqueen! Super sexy! Looking forward to reading some hot sci-fi action and adventure, along with steamy romance!

  6. love this cover! can’t wait to read! I need a year long vacation just so I can do nothing and read all of your books! 😂

  7. Seems like I’ve waited forever for this book! The end is in sight! Thank you Anna!! Your books are always worth the wait!

  8. Words can barely explained how happy I am that we are getting Carys and Sten’s story. I have been patiently waiting since reading about their characters at the end of Knightmaster, so I will just be over here counting down the days until May 2nd 😊. As always beautiful cover!!!

  9. The only thing better than being the Queen is being the Queen with the “hot and hunky” Knight by her side. I can’t wait to see some Gek’Dregar boot meet butt!

  10. The allure of this cover is incredible; it radiates strength, beauty and beckons any science fiction reader to discover the story. I eagerly await loads of suspense, action, and fiery romance, and to witness how the Knightqueen persuades her loyal Knightguard that his place is by her side as a man and guard. (Your work has opened my eyes to the joy of reading sci-fi.)

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