Cover Reveal: The Hero She Needs

Tough. Honorable. Scarred inside and out.

Former military heroes turned loners.

These fierce protectors are unbroken heroes.

I am thrilled to bring you the cover of the first book in my brand-new romantic suspense series, Unbroken Heroes.

This series stars some tough former military heroes who once worked Ghost Ops with Vander Norcross. The best of the best of special forces, they did the toughest missions in the hardest places. Scarred and fighting their demons, they’re loners who’ve withdrawn from life. But they are always willing to help a woman in danger, and they’ll use all their deadly skills to protect the women who drag them into the light.

I hope you love the cover for THE HERO SHE NEEDS. This book stars Boone Hendrix, who you’ve caught glimpses of in the Fury Brothers, Sentinel Security, and the Billionaire Heists (along with his dog Atlas!)

Boone’s quiet existence in Vermont is turned upside down when he goes fishing…and catches a half-drowned billionaire heiress in danger.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my The Hero She Needs Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away an amazing set of signed paperbacks from some amazing romantic suspense authors.

The Hero She Needs
Unbroken Heroes #1
Release date: Thursday 7th Dec 2023

Cover Designer: Hang Le Designs
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

The last thing he expects to catch in his river is a billionaire heiress.

Loner Boone Hendrix left the military with ghosts that haunt him. He lives with his dog Atlas on a farm in Vermont. Alone. Just the way he likes it. Until he rescues a half-drowned, beautiful brunette from his river.

Gemma Newhouse is the daughter of the richest man in America, and from the abrasions on her wrists and her drugged state, she’s on the run from someone dangerous. She’s nothing like Boone expected—sweet, smart, and likes baking—and she ignites a fierce need inside him.

Being a member of a covert Ghost Ops team taught him deadly skills, and he’ll use them all to keep her safe.

Gemma can’t remember the last twenty-four hours. All she knows is that someone abducted her. Someone dangerous. Her only goal is survival and she’s used to taking care of herself. She’s a constant disappointment to her driven, successful parents. She doesn’t want a brilliant career, all she wants is to bake and make people smile.

Finding herself in Boone’s strong arms wasn’t on her plan. Nor was his rugged face, hard body, and gold-brown eyes. She sees how much he’s cut himself off from life, how he believes he’s broken.

Thrust together, she realizes this quiet hero will do anything to protect her. Despite the danger around them, they can’t resist their growing attraction, but her captors are hunting her…

And Boone is the only thing standing in their way.

PRE-ORDER: The Hero She Needs will be available for pre-order the Sunday before release day (3rd December)

AUDIOBOOK: It is going straight into audio production with narrators Aaron Shedlock and Ava Erickson. Look for the completed audio around the end of January/early February.

Excerpt from Excalibur (Sentinel Security #5) featuring Boone Hendrix (and Atlas)

He looked out the window. Killian stalked down the steps toward a man waiting beside a battered truck.

Boone Hendrix was tall, with brown hair, and an All-American look. Bram would guess he’d been the quarterback of his school football team. He had broad shoulders, long legs, and wore a red flannel shirt, jeans, and boots.

He lifted his chin and shook Killian’s hand.

“He’s a good guy,” Nick said, from the seat across the aisle. “Was a hell of a soldier.”

Bram knew Hendrix would have been special forces, and to get selected for Ghost Ops, you had to be the best of the best.

“He has a farm up here,” Nick continued, “but he does odd jobs, mostly for friends. Keeps his skills sharp. Norcross uses him occasionally.”

Bram knew these odd jobs didn’t require hammers or saws.

Shade shifted in his seat. “I’ve heard of him. Good reputation. He keeps in touch with a few of his former Ghost Ops buddies.”

“He was in New York last year to help out Remi and Maverick Rivera,” Nick added.

Bram nodded. He watched as Boone pulled a duffel bag out of the back of his truck, then opened the passenger-side door.

A large German Shepherd leaped out.

The handsome dog wasn’t just a pet. In an instant, Bram could see the animal was well-trained and fit.

The Hero She Needs Giveaway

To celebrate the cover reveal for The Hero She Needs, I have an awesome set of signed paperbacks from some of your favorite romantic suspense authors to give away. ONE lucky winner will get all five books which have all been signed by each of these amazing authors.

Set includes books by: moi, Janie Crouch, Julie Weaver, Kris Michaels, and Nyssa Kathryn. I had the pleasure of catching up with these ladies earlier in year.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will be open for a week and open internationally. TIP: If you are having trouble entering via Rafflecopter or get an error, please try clearing the cache on your browser or try opening in a different browser (and if you’re still having trouble, just email my assistant Deanna – assistantdeanna (at) annnahackett (dot) com)

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  1. I love your writing Anna! I have read almost all of your books to date! I swear each book i read is my new favorite! Lol. I want all of the characters to be my real life friends!
    Thank you for all you do writing and sharing these amazing books with us! ❤️❤️

      1. Anything that mentions or has to do with Norcross is going to be great! Every character is awesome.
        I can’t wait to read this! And it will be in Audible…woohoo

    1. Love all of Anna’s books. I just read to fast and then wish the next one was already available. I’m always waiting for that next book. I can not wait to meet Anna and the book signing in Perth.

    1. I have read all your books and will continue reading them as soon as they come out. This will be an early Christmas 🎁 gift to us readers from you. love the cover reveal. Thank you 😊

  2. I’m really looking forward to this release! It is so enjoyable that you include characters from your other series so we can keep up with them.

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  5. I have been looking forward to Boone’s story. This looks interesting. A Billionaire heiress? I can’t wait to read it.

  6. WOW-Adore the country look on this enticing cover; love the tats, Boone’s blurb gave me chills as I read it. I pity the ones hunting Gemma; never mess with a Ghost Ops Hero. Can’t wait to see Boone get his deserved happy ending.

  7. I have been looking forward to Boone’s book! OMG! What a gorgeous hunk of man! You are the only author I will drop whatever I’m reading to read your new books!

  8. I’m so excited for this! I’ve read all of Norcross Security and have started Sentiel Security. Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. Anna, you keep publishing such amazing books, I can’t keep up anymore! 😂 I’m currently working my way through Norcross & I’ll get around to reading the rest of your amazing series 🥰 Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway with not only your work, but other authors that I’m intrigued by!

  10. What a great Christmas present for your fans, Anna! Love the cover. Boone looks like he could almost come to life and walk right off the cover. I have read most of your series and can’t wait to start Unbroken Heros.

  11. Thank you for continuing to do what you do.. Im sure we all appreciate the hard work and thought process that goes into each and every book.

  12. I can’t wait til the hero she needs comes out and also for the next Fury brother in the series! thank you for making awesome characters and even better stories 😊

  13. This was such a nice surprise to find in my emails today! 🙂 As per every Anna Hackett book that comes out, I am SO excited!

  14. Datum! That’s rugged Boone in a nutshell. I am so excited for this book! I can’t wait until it’s released! I know I’m going to devour it!

  15. While I prefer the Sci fi and Paranormal, my love for you Anna Hackett allows me to enjoy all you share with your hacketteers! Can’t wait!

  16. I was wondering if Boone was getting his own story. Can’t wait for this new series! Just finished re listening to the Sentinel Security series.

  17. I’m so excited to Boone’s book!! he pops up in various books and is always mysterious. can’t wait to meet the one he falls for!!

  18. Great cover! Finally in my neck of the woods- New England! You’ve kept him so mysterious, it will be great to finally meet him. And the heroine sounds perfect for him! Yes please. Can’t wait!

  19. It’s not every day one rescues a woman from their river, now is it? Let alone a beautiful, half drowned brunette….

    But I do have my priorities straight. The dog: it’s all about the the DOG! I want to know about Atlas; does he get a happy ending? Please?

  20. One of my favorite things about your writing is how you’ve created a universe that is real, relatable, and all connected!

  21. I absolutely love your books! The suspense, drama, and flawed characters always pull me back to any new releases. I adore the passion, steam, and conflicts between love interests. Your books have the perfect balance of suspense and passion. At the heart of each book is a real story that pulls you in, has you rooting for characters, or trying to determine “who done it?” Please keep these amazing books coming!

  22. I love reading all of Anna Hackett’s books. Each series takes you different places and you get engrossed in the story. Even when a character from another series of hers show up they still stand out and the storyline is just awesome. I can’t wait for the next book.

  23. I am soo excited about Boone’s story. And pre-order is on my birthday so happy birthday to me. With all the cameos of Boone I am so excited for his story.

  24. The cover looks great! Your books are well worth waiting for… but not too long please!! And I love how you see/meet characters from other series, too!

  25. This series is going to be so good. Wonder if Vander will pop in and say hi? Guess we will have to see. Can’t wait for Boone’s book!

  26. I love Anna Hacket’ work. She keeps it fun, intense and entertaining, spicy too. The fact that I can read one of her books and then I have to listen to it and will read it again is fascinating to me.

  27. The cover is another winner. Been waiting for this one a long time! Binge read for sure! Never stop writing! Your books are such a great escape.

  28. I love your writing Anna!
    I’ve read all your books and am slowly working on collecting them in paperback for my home library. Can wait for this new series!

  29. Carmen Della-Rocca

    Love,Love your books, story lines are absolutely fantastic. have all your books on kindle, audio, and I too am buying them in paper back, can’t wait for this new series. Love your work.

  30. I’m still stuck in the Eon Warriors phase but I have to say The Hero She Needs cover is great. It eschews the typical defocussed model-perfection and has a raw intensity the story needs. I also think the sample is excellent, showing your style to its best. Better than Sentinel/Norcross imho.

    I very much against billionaire romance and war veteran tropes are getting almost as overdone as shifters, but a cute loyal doggo, a gritty troubled loner and the right romance done in Anna Hackett style could sell it to me. 🙂 Good luck!

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