Fury Brothers Cover Reveal: Keep

The Fury Brothers: fierce, loyal, and live by their own code

Five men who grew up in foster care and became brothers by choice. They vow to always have each other’s back: no questions, no doubts, no hesitation. They protect their own…always.

Today I have the covers for the second Fury Brothers book, KEEP, to share with you.

This time it’s grumpy single dad and bounty hunter Colton Fury’s turn. His office assistant Macy is a sunshiny temptation he tries to avoid, but when it becomes clear she’s in danger, all bets are off.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my Keep Cover Reveal Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away some signed Fury paperbacks.

Fury Brothers #2
Release date: Thursday 19th Oct 2023

Cover Designer: Hang Le Designs
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Keep will also have a special edition paperback in addition to the main ebook and print cover.

And it will also go straight into audio production with narrators Teddy Hamilton and Callie Dalton.

My boss is a tough, grumpy bounty hunter—and a hot single dad—and now he’s sworn to keep me safe, whether I like it or not.

My name’s Macy, and I always look on the bright side of things. Life’s too short not to. Super grump extraordinaire Colton Fury is the total opposite. Luckily for him, along with the muscled bod, tattoos, and rugged face, it works for him.

When I start getting creepy calls at the office and someone breaks into my house, it becomes clear I’m a target, and Colt sort of…loses his mind. He turns even bossier and more protective.

Now I’m living with him and his super cute daughter, and trying very hard to remember that I can’t let myself fall for him.

Before long, there’s kissing, touching, and a whole lot more. Colt tells me—okay, more like growls at me—that he doesn’t do relationships. And I promise him no strings or complications.

Every day that passes, the complications are growing and I’m starting to realize I want them. All of them.

But soon, it’s not only me in danger, and it’s not only Colt who’ll risk it all to save the people he loves.

Excerpt from Fury (Fury Brothers #2) featuring Colton and Macy

Macy Underwood strode in. She was a tiny, bubbly blonde who currently had her wavy, blonde hair up in pigtails. She was holding two Popsicles in her hands. She looked like she was in high school. But her tiny cut-off shorts, cowboy boots, and fitted, button-down shirt that showed off her breasts said quite clearly that she wasn’t a child.

Colt scowled at her. “What are you doing here? What’s with your hair?” He stared at her pigtails.

“Daisy did my hair.” She handed the little girl a Popsicle. “I’m babysitting tonight.”

“Macy, I’m not a baby,” Daisy complained.

“I know, sweetie. I’m fabulous-little-girl-sitting.”

Daisy beamed at her.

“Where are your clothes?” Colt asked.

Macy shot him a withering look. “I’m not in the office, big guy. And as I’ve told you before, you have no say in what I wear.”

I watched several interesting things cross my brother’s face, before he buried them under his usual scowl.

Macy took a step forward. “Your bowtie is crooked.”

“Dante did it.”

“It’s crooked because you f*$ked it up,” I said.

“Uncle Dante, that’s a dollar for the swear jar,” Daisy announced.

“Sure thing, sweetheart. Run me a tab.”

“Here.” Macy went up on her toes and redid Colt’s bowtie. She looked extra tiny beside my tall brother, but not intimidated one bit.

He leaned down, and I saw him sniffing her hair.

I fought a smile. Colt had been giving me shit about Mila, but I think he had his own thing brewing with his pretty, bouncy office manager.

“There.” Macy stepped back. “You’ll do. Go raise lots of money for charity. Daisy and I have tacos to eat, and a Disney movie to watch.”

Frozen!” Daisy cried.

As Macy headed to the couch, I watched Colt’s gaze linger on her bare legs.

When he glanced at me, I cocked a questioning brow.

His scowl deepened. “Come on, I need a Scotch.”

“Bye, Daddy.”

He gave Daisy a kiss. Macy got a scowl, and behind Daisy’s back, the blonde shot him the finger. I barely controlled my laugh.

As we headed out, Colt stalked ahead. “Not one word.”

Keep Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the Keep cover reveal, I have FOUR signed paperbacks of the first Fury Brothers book, Fury, to give away — two of the main cover and two of the special edition cover.

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    1. Oh this is going to be so good! Wish it was out next week…we have a week at the beach and this would be such a good read!

  1. Super excited!! The first book was one of my favourites from you! Really excited to read the second book in the series!

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  3. Can’t wait for Keep! He is so grumpy and cute and loves his daughter so much. And I love cute, bubbly Macy. She sounds like the perfect counter to Colt. I think Keep will be the perfect follow up to Fury (and that book was so great I’ve read it multiple times.).

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    My favorite? All of the above, with a smart mouth attitude. Thank you Anna, I can’t wait!

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    I can not wait for this book! Keep em coming!

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