Cover Reveal: The Hero She Wants

Tough. Honorable. Scarred inside and out.

Former military heroes turned loners.

These fierce protectors are unbroken heroes.

I am so excited to share the cover for the next book in the action-packed Unbroken Heroes series – The Hero She Wants.

This series stars some tough former military heroes who once worked Ghost Ops with Vander Norcross. The best of the best of special forces, they did the toughest missions in the hardest places. Scarred and fighting their demons, they’re loners who’ve withdrawn from life. But they are always willing to help a woman in danger, and they’ll use all their deadly skills to protect the women who drag them into the light.

This time grumpy Shepherd “Shep” Barlow is getting dragged off his Colorado mountain…to rescue the daughter of the President.

When Hayden Sinclair is abducted off her archeological dig in Central America, there is only one man who can save her.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my The Hero She Wants Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away signed paperbacks of the first Unbroken Heroes book (Boone’s story),

The Hero She Wants
Unbroken Heroes #2
Release date: Thursday 25th January 2024

Cover Designer: Hang Le Designs
Photographer: ADB Imagery

The last thing he wants is to trek into the jungle to save the President’s daughter.

Shepherd “Shep” Barlow left the military behind. All he wants is to stay on his Colorado mountain—alone, with no interruptions, and no people. He especially likes to avoid people.

Then his former commander arrives, asking him to risk his life on a deadly mission to Central America. A mission to rescue the archeologist daughter of the President of the United States.

Once a member of a covert Ghost Ops team, Shep has the skills to get in quietly and rescue Ms. Sinclair. And as much as he wishes otherwise, he can’t leave an innocent woman in danger.

Hayden Sinclair loves her work. It keeps her far away from the liars, cheats, and phonies in Washington D.C. But when she’s abducted from her archeological dig in Nicaragua, she’s plunged into a life-or-death situation. Her captors plan to use her as a bargaining chip, and Hayden knows she has to escape.

What she never expected was to collide with the world’s biggest, grumpiest rescuer.

On the run in the jungle with six and a half feet of rugged, muscular, scowling man, she finds Shep rude and annoying. But as her captors ruthlessly hunt them, she also discovers a man who’ll risk his own life to protect hers.

Neither of them are looking for love, especially when they have to fight to survive…besides, there could never be a happy ending for the daughter of the President and a grumpy, battle-scarred soldier, could there?

PRE-ORDER: The Hero She Wants will be available for pre-order the Sunday before release day (21st January)

AUDIOBOOK: It is going straight into audio production with narrators Ryan West and Mackenzie Cartwright.

Excerpt from The Hero She Needs (Unbroken Heroes #1) featuring Shep Barlow

Gemma’s pulse was still racing, her heart hammering. She clutched Boone’s arm like a lifeline.

He’d stormed in like some warrior—strong and composed. Then she’d been terrified those men were going to shoot him and Atlas.

Now Boone’s friend—who looked big, a little scary, and a lot grumpy—stood there pulling zip-ties from the pocket of his brown leather jacket.

“You have freakishly good timing,” Boone said. “As always.”

Shep grunted, then closed the distance between them. The men hugged, slapping each other’s backs.

“Good to see you, Boone. Even if I did have to haul my ass into the city to find you. I hate the city.”

“Shep, this is Gemma. Gemma, Shepherd Barlow.”

“Hi.” She held out a hand.

Shep took hers. He had a scarred, callused hand that was twice the size of hers. She felt his assessing gaze on her. “Glad you’re okay.”

Atlas leaned into her, and she ran a hand down the dog’s back.

Shep’s lips twitched. “I see Atlas has good taste.”

Boone snorted. “That dog is a born flirt.”

“Come on. I suggest we get back to my place as quickly as we can.” He finished tying up the mercs. “I’ll call a buddy at Denver PD to come and get these clowns.”

The Hero She Wants Giveaway

To celebrate the cover reveal for The Hero She Wants, I have THREE signed paperbacks of The Hero She Needs to give away.

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54 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Hero She Wants”

  1. These warriors have already given their everything to protect and serve. Now they’re just looking for some solitude, a kind of long-term R & R…BUT when they are called to use their special skills to protect an innocent, they are ready. I love these wonderful Unbroken Hero stories. Linda

  2. Great cover, I love Shep since Boone and can’t wait for his story! So glad the guys from Vander’s Ghost Ops time are getting their own stories.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this one!! She’s has always interested me… What is his story?? Can’t wait to find out!

    Btw, my daughter is in Australia as I write this. She has been having a lovely time!! She’s currently in Port Douglas and they are taking a boat ride today to go see the Great Barrier Reef.

  4. Need to start this series! I’ve read everything else and love it. Looking forward to read this also. Can’t wait.

  5. I can’t wait for Shep’s story! I think that this time, the story will have to have an uber strong heroine to save the hero from a solitary existence. I hopes she’s up to it!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh! This series is absolutely wonderful and I can’t WAIT for Shep’s story! It’s going to be AMAZING! 🤩

  7. Impressive cover features a disenchanted man, avoiding the camera and people. Great storyline, enticing blurb and character names. Picked for a solo mission to save the US President’s daughter is an honor. Shep portrayed his worthiness in the book The Hero She Needs. Hayden seems to display courage pursuing her desires, venturing away from DC. I foresee plenty of suspense, action, spicy romance with a great HEA. So, looking forward to reading the second book in this thrilling series! Thank you for the chance to win an exciting paperback.

  8. I can not wait for the new book. I have loved everything else you wrote and am looking forward to adding this one to the collection.❤️

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