Cover Reveal: Burn

The Fury Brothers: fierce, loyal, and live by their own code

Five men who grew up in foster care and became brothers by choice. They vow to always have each other’s back: no questions, no doubts, no hesitation. They protect their own…always.

Today I am so excited to share the cover for the third Fury Brothers book, BURN.

This book stars powerful, charming billionaire Kavner Fury. This story is packed full of some billionaire enemies-to-lovers goodness as Kav faces off with a smart, dedicated Treasury agent out to take him down.

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my Burn Cover Reveal Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away some signed Fury and Keep paperbacks.

Fury Brothers #3
Release date: Thursday 14th March 2024

Cover Designer: Hang Le Designs
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Burn will also have a special edition paperback in addition to the main ebook and print cover.

And it will also go straight into audio production with narrators Tim Paige and Nicole Small.

The Burn pre-order will go live the Sunday before release day (10th March)

I have one goal—arrest billionaire businessman Kavner Fury.

I’m dedicated to my job as a Treasury agent, and taking down crooked financial criminals. Just like the one who destroyed my family.

Kavner Fury is wealthy, powerful, and ambitious, a combination I know too well. He’s New Orleans’ favorite billionaire. Sure, he’s also handsome, charming, with a hard body no man who sits behind a desk should have, but I have no plans to let that distract me.

He’s my enemy, my nemesis…and pure temptation. I won’t let our scorching attraction derail my investigation. But as my money laundering case leads me into dangerous territory, I find myself under attack.

Injured and betrayed, I’m shocked that there is only one man I can turn to. One man who can keep me safe.

Now I’m working with Kavner, side by side, and I uncover a protective man who’s taking a blow-torch to my icy defenses. I get to see the real man beneath the gorgeous exterior, and I’m having trouble keeping my hands off him.

Suddenly, the only man I trust is my enemy, and we’re both caught up in a fiery attraction that could leave us both burned.

Excerpt from Keep (Fury Brothers #2) featuring Kavner and Treasury Agent London Coleman

I saw Kav straighten. He was glancing down one of the paths, frowning. I followed his gaze, and spotted a tall woman striding down the path. She wore fitted black pants and a sleeveless white shirt. She walked with purpose. A woman on a mission.

Her gaze was locked on Kavner.

Kav stared back.

I frowned. “Dai, go get some fried chicken before Uncle Beau eats it all.”

“Yum.” She ran off, dragging the kite behind her.

“Friend of yours?” I asked my brother.

“Not really.”

The woman got closer, and I raised a brow. She had smooth brown skin, and striking features. Her long, black hair was in a ponytail.

“Mr. Fury.”

“Treasury Agent Coleman. Fancy meeting you here.” Kav smiled. “Are you here for a picnic?”

Treasury agent? I watched the woman carefully. I pegged her as smart, driven, and with a hard on for Kav.

And not in the usual way women wanted my brother.

“Don’t tell me you’re working on a Sunday,” Kav continued.

“I was just in the neighborhood,” Agent Coleman said. “And I’m always working.”

“It’s not good for your stress levels. You have to learn to live a little.”

The agent stepped closer. “You know I’m here to uncover money laundering, Fury. And I know you’re tied up in it. I will find the evidence I need.”

Kav sighed. “I’m a legitimate businessman, London. Everything I own is above board.”

“That’s Treasury Agent Coleman to you, Mr. Fury.”

My gaze narrowed. Kav’s businesses were legal now, although they’d had a few…gray areas when he’d first started out.

“Hi, I’m Macy.” My woman stepped forward, grinning.

The agent blinked. “Hello.”

“Would you like to join us for a picnic?”

Kav’s brows went up. I scowled at Macy. What was she up to?

“I promise you that Kavner is a good man,” Macy said. “You just need to get to know him.”

Agent Coleman straightened. “Sorry, I have to go.” She shot a glare at Kav.

My brother smiled at her.

Then the agent stalked off on her long legs.

“What did you do to piss her off?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Kav was still watching her walk away. “Yet.”

The Burn Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the cover reveal for Burn, I’m giving away some signed Fury Brothers paperbacks to FOUR lucky winners.

Each winner can pick either Fury or Keep in either the regular cover or the special edition cover – their choice!

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The giveaway will be open for a week and open internationally. TIP: If you are having trouble entering via Rafflecopter or get an error, please try clearing the cache on your browser or try opening in a different browser (and if you’re still having trouble, just email my assistant Deanna – assistantdeanna (at) annnahackett (dot) com)

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    1. Not to be left out, like everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting the latest Fury Brother book release!

      14 days and counting.

      1. Janette Anneken

        So am I. Ever since they connected with the “Security Books(forgot actual title) I had to get all of the “Fury” books. Cannot wait. Jan

  1. Yep. My ovaries just shot up and took notice! Definitely a hawt cover!!🤯🥵🥵. I’m gonna really love Kav and London!!

  2. So so so excited. I came across the first of the Fury brothers and was hooked, and it’s only gotten better with each book. I can’t wait for Kavner!!!!! Also holy hot LOL!!

  3. I can hardly wait to read this next installment in the Fury brothers series! So far, I’ve found these bad boys to be as fiery as the book titles suggest. So much action and excitement! Bring it on!

  4. I can’t wait for this. So glad that they seem to be released on a Thursday which happens to be a non working day

  5. I love ALL of these covers! Nothing says hot like those beautiful flames, except those fiery, beautiful men…

    Is it just me, or is it getting a little steamy in here?

    1. I love ALL of these covers! Nothing says hot like those beautiful flames, except those fiery, beautiful men…

      Is it just me, or is it getting a little steamy in here?

  6. I have been waiting!!! I think I read the other 2 in a day 🤣🤣🤣… beside Jackie Collins ( Lucky was the very first real noveli read outside of school and have been hooked on reading ever since) … you are my favorite author 🖤🖤🖤

  7. Can’t wait for the next Fury book and Knightsqueen! Do you know if you’ll start any new sci-fi series soon? Those are my favorite of yours! 🩷

  8. Can’t wait for this new book ! I’ve been reading all your books since last year Anna. Greetings from France ! Thank you for your hardwork !

  9. Not to be left out, like everyone else, I am eagerly awaiting the latest Fury Brother book release!

    14 days and counting.

  10. As sexy as the regular covers are for this series, I love the special edition ones! They are so cool!

  11. Mosina Kendrick

    These are the books you reach for more than once. First time, hard to stop until the end. Next round, take your time.

  12. Enticing cover and blurb. Looking forward to loads of suspense, action and sizzling
    toe curling romance.

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