Cover Reveal: The Powerbroker

This time, it’s Vander Norcross’ turn…but he isn’t going down easily!

In two weeks, the next action-packed, steamy Norcross Security story will be all yours. The Powerbroker is the story of THE Norcross himself.

Our former Ghost Ops commander and powerbroker behind the scenes in San Francisco lives to protect his family and friends. He knows it’s too dangerous for him to ever love a woman, because there is nothing he wouldn’t do, no line he wouldn’t cross, no city he wouldn’t burn down, to protect her.

Then he meets a smart, opinionated, and driven police detective determined to go undercover with the most dangerous motorcycle gang in the city.

Vander is going to learn that sometimes, things don’t go to plan…

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my Powerbroker Cover Reveal Giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal and win signed paperbacks and a special little something I’ve arranged just for the release of The Powerbroker.

The Powerbroker
Norcross Security Series #6
Release date: 9th November 2021

Cover Design: Lana Pecherczyk
Photography: Wander Aguiar

The Powerbroker will be available for pre-order the Friday before release. It will also be going into audio production with narrators Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton.

She’s undercover in a dangerous motorcycle club, and her unwanted protector is the city’s most lethal man.

Police Detective Brynn Sullivan is dedicated to her job and living up to the memory of her cop father. She’s out to prove herself on her biggest case yet—stopping a dangerous drug from flooding the streets of San Francisco. She needs to go undercover with the city’s wildest, most dangerous motorcycle club, and that means using any contact she can to get in there.

Even the dark, powerful ex-military man who rules the city’s streets from the shadows—Vander Norcross.

After years fighting for his country as commander of a covert Ghost Ops team, Vander Norcross has built Norcross Security into a thriving business to keep his family and friends safe. He’s a powerbroker in San Francisco, with his finger on the pulse of what’s happening—both legal and not so legal. When his friend asks a favor putting a detective—a female one—undercover with the Iron Wanderers MC, Vander is not on board.

It goes against every protective instinct he has, but Brynn proves to be tenacious, annoying, smart, and far too tempting.

Brynn and Vander strike enough sparks to start an inferno, but when dangerous players up the stakes, they find themselves with a bounty on their heads. On the run, with only each other to depend on, Brynn discovers she has an even bigger battle on her hands—capturing the heart of a man who thinks he’s too dangerous to ever fall in love.

Excerpt from The Hacker (Norcross Security #5) featuring Vander

A tell-tale tingle ran across the back of his neck, and he looked up to see Hunt coming his way.

The detective looked tired, his shirt rumpled and tie askew.

“Long day keeping the streets of San Francisco safe?” Vander asked.

Hunt grunted. “I know you help out with that. Usually by skirting the law.”

“Who, me?” Vander said, deadpan.

Hunt snorted again and sipped his drink.

“Coffee?” Vander raised a brow.

“Got to head back to the station after. Vander, you know Trucker Patterson, right?”

Vander stiffened. Not Trucker, again. “Yeah. Asshole of epic proportions.”

“But you have dealings with him and the Iron Wanderers.”

Vander stayed silent, waiting to see where Hunt was heading with this line of conversation.

The detective turned to him. “We both know you keep your fingers on the pulse of all the players in the city.”

“It pays to know what everyone’s up to.” It was how Vander kept control of his little slice of the world. He had a strong network of informants, and Ace could access just about anything, and that let Vander do his bit to protect his city.

“You’re a powerbroker in San Francisco. You can connect people, broker deals, and scare the shit out of people when required,” Hunt said.

“Where are you going with this?”

Some party guests jostled them. A woman laughed and Vander saw they were…sucking on candy that was shaped like pacifiers.

“Let’s talk on Ace’s roof deck,” Hunt suggested.

They hit the stairs. When Vander stepped onto the deck, a warm breeze tugged at his hair. Ace had a killer view of the city sprawl, and the water in the distance.

“The Wanderers are running drugs,” Hunt said.

A muscle ticked in Vander’s jaw. “I know, but Trucker keeps it to his club and close contacts. He knows if he sells that shit on the streets, or to kids, he’ll have problems.”

Hunt shook his head. “It’s my job to make sure he doesn’t sell that shit at all.”

“And we both know that life isn’t always black and white, Hunt. Your laws hinder you as much as they help.”

“You keep playing God, Vander, you’ll be tempted to step over the line.”

“I have good balance,” Vander said.

Hunt blew out a breath. “Trucker’s also running weapons. Building up a little arsenal.”

Vander stiffened. “Really?”

“He’s keeping it very quiet. We arrested a low-level member who let it slip.”

Fuck. Then Vander took another sip of beer. “He wants a war.”

“He’s got problems with the Burning Devils MC. But I’m also getting whispers that he’s got out-of-town interest. Looking to muscle in.”

Vander’s mouth flattened. They didn’t need out-of-towners trying to strong-arm their way in.

“Word is, this new player wants to expand the drug trade.”

Hell, no. “I’ll handle it.”

“Let the law try, first.”

“You need proof that will hold up in court. I don’t. Your way will take too long.”

“Not if I have someone undercover in the club.”

Vander cocked his head. “That’s a dangerous game. If Trucker sniffs them out, he’ll send them back in pieces.”

“You owe me quite a few favors.”

Fuck. Vander knew where this was going. “Hunt—”

“Lots. I’ve cleaned up after you and your guys numerous times.”

“And I’ve helped you in return.”

“I know, but you still cause me headaches.”

Vander blew out a breath.

“Trucker trusts you,” Hunt said.

“No, he doesn’t.”

“Okay, he’s scared of you. I need you to vouch for my undercover officer and help them get into the Wanderers.”

Shit. “They get found out, they’re dead.”

“They won’t.” Hunt paused. “Remember, you owe me.”

Vander scraped a hand through his hair. “Fine. Your guy better be good.”

“She is.”

Vander stiffened. A woman? “No.”

“Yes. Come to the station tomorrow, and we’ll talk.” Hunt headed for the stairs. “Bye, Vander.”

Vander felt like throwing his beer bottle. He took another sip, instead. Some female cop wanted to prance into the most dangerous motorcycle club in the city, it wasn’t his problem.

The beer tasted like oil.

Fuck. He headed back inside.

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96 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Powerbroker”

  1. Great cover! So looking forward to this story. It’s not the last one right???? Really hoping Hunt gets his HEA. 😍😍

    1. It is so good and no, it won’t be the last one. The Morgan brothers including Hunt will be part of the serie that will be continued next year

    1. Thanks, Debby. I look through lots of images looking for the right one. No, it’s a different model to The Specialist (although I *almost* used the same guy, especially since Easton and Vander are brothers who look alike).

      1. Easton had on my opinion the best cover so far until today. Now Vander’s is side by side with Easton’s. Love them both.

  2. I have waited what feels like an eternity for this book, not that I haven’t enjoyed the rest of the series, but wow the minute Vander was introduced I wanted more, the cover is so HOT!!!!!!! 🤩, Is it release day yet

  3. Very, very HOT cover!! I fell in love with Vander on day one! He is so intense, know he will be a great lover! Waiting on pins and needles!!

  4. I’ve been waiting for this book since we got a glimpse of Vander in the “Team 52” series! Can’t even contain my excitement!

  5. Holy hotness Batman! 🔥🔥🔥
    I can’t wait!! Vander is the one character that just resonates with my heart ❤ in the Norcross series. Anna, you are a truly Spooktackular Author!

  6. Being in lockdown for 260+ days in Vic I have loved this series for escapism… cannot wait for Vander’s story- the cover is FABULOUS 😎

  7. Thanks God, Vander’s book is soon to be.
    To me he is like the glue of The Norcross serial. His story need to be f
    P.S. thanks for making the female MC a badass.

  8. I just finished The Hacker and loved it. Looking to see more of Vander and so glad I didn’t have to wait long. This is my favorite series of yours!

  9. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your other books and I cannot wait to read “The Powerbroker” and I will definitely pre-order it as I know I will love this book also.

  10. That is one HOT man and even sexier than I imagined !!!! Cannot wait to read Vander’s story. I’ve loved every book in this series and will be sorry to see it end.

  11. A woman? “No.” SO Vander! Why am I not shocked? lol. I can’t wait to read about the woman who brings Vander to his knees. Wish we could see he rest of his tattoo, I’m the curious sort : )

  12. Luring us in with an enticing tease, a hot cover, and fantastic title; great job. I yearn to read this story. Only a strong loyal woman will be able to unlock shackles Vander has around his heart. He is a man with many layers; can’t wait to see him tumble. into love.

  13. Seems like we have been hanging out for Vader’s book forever! Thank goodness it is just a handful of sleeps away. Go Vander!!

  14. Anna! Yes! Vander’s story is almost here! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Do you think I’m a little excited???) ;-o
    Very sexy cover but I pictured someone a lot bigger and much more intimidating- like massive! But I’ll take it. Can’t wait! ;-D

  15. If I could choose a book series to live in the rest of my life it would definitely be Norcross. This cover is the best one yet! Oh my word!

    From : Nora Derrick
    If I could choose a book series to live in the rest of my life it would definitely be Norcross. This cover is the best one yet! Oh my word

  16. OMG I can’t wait for Vander 😍 Plus this cover is gold 🌟❤️
    My paperback copy of “The Hacker” is finally coming next week, I’ll be up to date when I will finally be able to get my hands on Vander 😘

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