Cover Reveal: The Protector

For a ballerina in the line of fire, the only man who can keep her safe is a scarred, battle-hardened soldier.

This time, it’s the final Morgan brother’s turn to take the fall!

Former Ghost Ops soldier Camden Morgan thinks he’s too scarred and broken to offer a woman like Saskia Hawke what she needs. But when Saskia is abducted, it lights a protective fury inside Cam, and he’ll tear down the country to find her.

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The Protector
Norcross Security Series #9
Release date: 28th June 2022

Cover Design: Lana Pecherczyk
Photography: Wander Aguiar

The Protector Fast Facts

Pre-order: The Protector will be available for pre-order the Friday before release day.

Audiobook: It is going straight into audio production with narrators Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton. Look for the completed audio around September.

Is this the last Norcross Security book? I don’t think so. I suspect we’ll see more of the Norcross gang, but for now, we are headed over to New York for more of Killian Hawke and his team at Sentinel Security.

For a ballerina in the line of fire, the only man who can keep her safe is a scarred, battle-hardened soldier.

One minute Saskia Hawke is dancing on stage, and the next she’s been abducted by a very wealthy, very powerful man with connections. Whisked away to a country estate, she’ll do anything to escape, and prays the former soldier she can’t stop thinking about will come to rescue her.

What she doesn’t know is that her disappearance will light a protective fury inside Camden Morgan, and he’ll tear down the country to find her.

After a final mission leaves former Ghost Ops soldier Camden Morgan injured, scarred, and riddled with guilt, he comes home to San Francisco. Surrounded by his family and working at Norcross Security, he still can’t settle. He definitely knows he’s too broken to offer anything to the beautiful, raven-haired Saskia.

When she goes missing, Cam knows something is very wrong. He’s the man with the right skill set to bring her home, even as he knows he must protect her from himself and push her away.

But saving Saskia is just the beginning, as her abductor isn’t letting go of his obsession. Cam must go all in, be the protector Saskia needs, and risk his scarred heart. With the help of his brothers and Norcross Security, not to mention Saskia’s dangerous brother and his team, they’ll put everything on the line. And for Saskia, she’ll fight with everything she has to survive…and to prove to Cam that he’s capable and worthy of love.

Excerpt from The Detective (Norcross Security #7) featuring Camden and Saskia

Savannah scanned the room and spotted Camden, lurking in the shadows on the edge of the room. As she watched, a pretty blonde approached him. The woman said something, smiled hopefully, and waved at the dance floor.

Cam shook his head.

The blonde wrinkled her nose, then slipped away. Hmm. Savannah would have to work on the man she considered an honorary brother. Cam deserved someone special. Someone who made him happy.

Then she saw Cam straighten, staring intently.

Who was he staring at? Savannah craned her neck, trying to get a better look. He pushed off the wall and stalked across the room. That’s when Savannah saw that he was following Saskia into the next room.

Savannah’s mouth dropped open. She might be reading too much into it… But the more she thought about it, the more she decided her confident, beautiful friend would be perfect for Cam.

If she didn’t live on the other side of the country.

Hmm, well, any obstacle could be surmounted.

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117 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Protector”

  1. OMG so excited for one more Norcross Security book! And this cover is gorgeous!
    Of course, I’m already following you everywhere 😀

  2. Deanna Millwood

    Damn…..look at the sexy jacked up arm bulging out that suit jacket…..🤤🤤 Can’t wait for this one!

  3. Wow, what a sexy cover! I love this series and can’t wait for the final Norcross story and am so looking forward to the Sentinel series! Great writing!

  4. Anticipation aplenty; sorry this will be the last of this series but look forward to some more great reading.

  5. Dios! Un nuevo libro de la serie Norcross!!! Estoy tan ansiosa por leer esta nueva aventura, y la portada esta hermosa!! Uff

  6. I’m really looking forward to binge-reading and listening to this entire series during the summer. The books have been one-clicked. Great covers- they always grab my attention.

  7. Damnit I deleted my comment accidentally by pushing my ‘back’ button 🙈

    So I’ll type again…I am over the moon happy that it’s finally time for Camden to find his HEA. I think I like him so much, because he reminds me of how Vander probably felt when he came out of Ghost Ops and had to find his way in everyday life again. I hope Saskia can show him that he’s still lovable after everything he has seen and done.

    I would also love to win your book set even if I know there’s not much of a chance, because you have so many devoted fans out here.

    I love your cover by the way – very sophisticated.

    I hope you have fun on your upcoming trip to Europe. Don’t forget to include Germany the next time, I would love to meet you for tea/coffee.

    Lots of love from Germany.

  8. I have enjoyed readiing the Norcross series. Looking forward to reading more. Really like the male characters and their sincerity & protectiveness of the women they pursue,

  9. I’m so hyped for this book! I can’t believe we are coming to the end of this round of Norcross but I am excited for Sentinel!

  10. Patricia Reynolds

    This is one of those series that just keep getting better and better! Can’t wait for the next one!

  11. Really enjoy all of Anna’s books and looking forward to Camden’s story. Thanks for all the hard work.

  12. aaaaah i’m so so excited to read this one!! grumpy guys are the best book boyfriends ever ever.
    thank you so much for writing this amazing series, i have to say Team 52 is my comfort serie and always help me when i’m having episodes.
    Thank You and Hi from Brazil 😚
    I adore you s2

  13. I can’t wait for The Protector!! I have loved all of the Norcross books and I’m sure this one will be no different!

  14. I am sad to say goodbye to the norcross boys, but I am excited to see what the sentinel get up to. and maybe we get a cameo of the norcross gals with at least one of them pregnant(except maggie, she has enough on her hands with Ace and the baby)

  15. I just think you’re wonderful and so are your books. Your characters and your readers (myself included definitely) are very lucky you are an author. Thank you!.

  16. Scrumptious cover! I love the dichotomy of an expensive business suit with a shirt unbuttoned to show a muscular chest…and the muscular arms that look like they are about to rip the jacket sleeves apart at the seam.
    Oh, and the story sounds intriguing. LOL

  17. It will be very bittersweet to see the Norcross gang go. Hopefully we see them in the upcoming Sentinel Security series. Can’t wait for Camden and Saskia. This has been one of my all time favorite series!! 📚

  18. I cannot wait for Cams story!! I have been wanting his story since I first heard about him a couple books back!! Kind of sad to see Norcross security come to somewhat of a close but I hope they show up in the upcoming series as well 🙂 I love the cover as well!!

  19. Carrie McConnell

    Love the Norcross series, and just started the THS series.{little behind]. cant wait for the book to come out.

  20. This series is so good. Looking forward to the Protector. Please don’t ever stop writing. You are one of my most favorite authors!

  21. I love the Norcross series and can’t wait for Cam’s story. Cover is enticing. Comment all the way from South Africa.

  22. I love the Norcross-Series as much as the Treaser Hunter Security Series. And what can I say about the Covers? Gorgeous!

  23. I mean… What’s there to say that hasn’t been said? Guess I’ll just repeat myself, because every single one of your books deserve all the praise: this cover is just gorgeous, you are a goddess and I can’t thank you enough for writing the stories you do. Can’t wait to read this!

  24. Carole Campbell

    The cover looks brilliant as usual cannot wait for Cam’s story such a tortured soul
    Thanks for the chance of winning the entire Norcross books

  25. Sherill Posner

    Enticing blurb with a sultry cover to match. You lure readers into the story making them eager to learn what happens next. Your stories always lift my spirits and I’m glad I found you. Born a protector Cam has all the qualifications and incentive to free Saskia from her captor. I look forward to seeing how Saskia proves to Cam he is not only worthy of love but deserves it too. You have never disappointed this reader.

  26. So so so excited for this book. Not only because Cam…drooling, but also, I hope we’re going to see a bit more of Killian as well 😬😍.
    Never ever a disappointment reserving a day to sit and read your books! ❤️

  27. It’s obvious Cam needs a good woman in his life to help him believe in himself; he IS a good man. And Saskia is just the Tiny Dancer (Elton John reference anyone? lol) to do it, I’m sure. As one of Anna’s females, she may be tiny, but she’s sure to be a fighter with a lot of heart. and oh my, Cam does fill out that suit coat nicely, those arms…to catch me if I faint

  28. I love reading all your series, but especially the Norcross Security! It’s so close but far away 😩 lol

  29. So excited! This is one of the best series I’ve read in forever! Honestly, they’re amazing the first time you read them, and the twelve other times you read them again!

  30. AHHHHH, I’m so excited for this book!! Absolutely LOVE the Norcross series and the cover is 🔥🔥😍

  31. Cam has intrigued me the moment we met him in the Powerbroker. I had an inkling Saskia was going to be the one draw him out. The cover has me on the edge of my theoretical seat. June the 28th can’t come soon enough.

  32. I hope your life is filled with the same love that you are sharing with us. I am eagerly waiting for the next instalment in this series

  33. I just found your books in May and I’ve read everything available on KU twice (yes, I read very fast, lol!). I’m in love with the characters and will be slowly collecting all of their stories. Camden owns my heart just because he already broke it. Haha! This cover is my favorite in the series. The jawline, the hands, the scruff, the angles…beautiful!

  34. I love the Norcross and Morgan brothers. I’m hoping that we will continue to more of them. Please tell me that Cam is not the last,

  35. Julia Strasser

    Ohh I’m so excited 🤩 can’t wait for this new series to start. I love how they are all interwoven 😍

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