Cover Reveals: Treasure Hunter Security

Welcome back to Treasure Hunter Security!

This is high-octane action-adventure romance featuring tough, sexy former Navy SEALs turned security for dangerous archeological digs and daring treasure hunts.

Today I have not one but TWO THS covers to show to you (and if you’re already a fan, then YES, Darcy and Agent Burke’s cover is down below!!) I’ve been sitting on these for a while and I am soooo excited to finally share them with you.

I also have a huge Treasure Hunter Security Signed Paperback Giveaway to celebrate the cover reveal.  Scroll down to the bottom to enter the giveaway.

But first up, to get in the action adventure mood, here is the trailer for the series:

A Novella Duo
Treasure Hunter Security #7
Release Date: Tuesday June 12th

Unidentified contains TWO novellas. Novella #1 (The Emerald Tear) is the story of how Professor Oliver Ward met his feisty treasure hunter wife Persephone (Dec, Cal, and Darcy’s parents). It’s set in the 1970s (yeah, baby!) and be prepared for a dangerous treasure hunt in the dense jungle of Ecuador on the hunt for a lost Incan emerald.

Novella #2 (The Emerald Butterfly) is set in present day in the Florida Keys. It stars sexy former SEAL Diego Torres who is captain of the salvage vessel the Storm Nymph (from Morgan’s book Unfathomed). Diego has scars from his past and a meddling family, and add in a ballsy DEA agent (who once handcuffed him and boarded his ship!) plus the hunt for a lost emerald called the Emerald Butterfly in a ship wreck, and we have an adventure.

Oh, and expect a few cameos from Silk Road, the THS team, Darcy, and Agent Arrogant and Annoying.

Cover art by the awesome Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Undiscovered featuring Oliver and Persephone Ward

“How did you know what that hieroglyph was? It’s an obscure variant, not known to many.”

“My parents are pretty interested in Egyptian history.”

“No history teacher would know this, Declan.”

A faint smile on his lips. “My parents aren’t history teachers. Well, I guess you could say my father is. He’s a professor at Denver University.”

The name clicked and Layne gasped. “Your father is Dr. Oliver Ward?”

Declan nodded. “And my mother is—”

“Persephone Ward.” Shock filled Layne. She couldn’t believe it.

Declan’s smile widened. “Yeah, she’s—”

“A treasure hunter,” Layne said.

A rueful look crossed his face. “I prefer artifact acquisition specialist, but she prefers treasure hunter.”

Layne couldn’t believe one of the greatest teachers of ancient history was Declan’s father, and one of the wildest, most daring treasure hunters was his mother.

Excerpt from Unfathomed featuring Diego Torres

A man appeared above, on the balcony surrounding the bridge. He came down the stairs in smooth, easy movements that said he’d done it a hundred times before.

His dark hair was even shaggier than Zach’s, his skin tanned a deep brown, and he had scruff on his face. If there was ever a man who looked more like a sexy, salty man of the sea, she’d never seen him.

“And here comes our captain now.” Morgan grinned at Diego. He still had the hard body of a SEAL, but ragged cutoff shorts and a dark T-shirt were now his uniform. Tattoos peeked out from under one sleeve, and terrible scars graced the other arm. “Everyone, this is Captain Diego Torres.”

Treasure Hunter Security #8
Release Date: Tuesday September 4th

Undetected will be the final Treasure Hunter Security book and will star series favorites Darcy Ward and a certain FBI Agent!! Undetected will be available for pre-order soon!

Cover art by Melody Simmons

Excerpt from Unfathomed featuring Darcy and Agent Alastair Burke

Darcy looked up and noticed a guy waiting for his drink across from her, scrolling through his phone, too. Hmm, Mr. Businessman was wearing a nice suit and looked like he had a nice bod under there. Even better, he was definitely not twelve.

The barista set a takeout cup on the counter. “Skinny hazelnut latte.”

Both she and Mr. Businessman reached for the latte at the same time, hands bumping.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Darcy said. Ooh, he was really nice-looking, in a clean-cut kind of way. He even had sexy wire-rimmed glasses on. “I don’t know why they bother asking for our names and then don’t use them.”

“Please, you take it.” He gestured to the coffee.

“No. You were here first—” she eyed the scrawl on the side of the cup “—Aaron.”

He took the coffee with a smile. “Well, since you clearly have excellent taste in coffee, maybe we should sit and drink it together?”

She was about to answer when she felt someone step up behind her.

Mr. Businessman’s smile evaporated, and his hands clenched on his coffee cup. “Or maybe not.” He turned and hurried out of the coffee shop.

Every nerve in Darcy’s body was twitching. She smelled cologne: crisp, clean, with a hint of lime. Her belly tightened.

She turned slowly, and found herself staring at a man’s broad chest. It was covered in a crisp, white shirt that looked like it would never dare to wrinkle. He was wearing a dark-blue suit, and had one hand resting on a lean hip that pushed his jacket back just far enough to show a glimpse of his holster and handgun.

Darcy wrinkled her nose. Why did a gun and holster under a suit have to look so damn sexy?

She looked up. The rugged jaw with a hint of stubble wasn’t quite handsome, but it rated interesting. And the green eyes were as direct and intense as always. “Special Agent Burke.”

“Ms. Ward.”

“What are you doing here?” And why aren’t you far, far away in Washington DC?

“You left a message saying you needed to speak with me.”

Her mouth dropped open. “I meant for you to call, not show up here.”

His serious face didn’t change. “I was in the area.”

Of course he was. Even FBI agents couldn’t just dash around the country as they pleased.

“Skinny hazelnut latte for Darcy,” the barista called out.

Darcy pushed past Burke and grabbed her coffee. “Thanks.”

The barista set another cup down beside hers. “Black Americano.”

As Burke leaned forward, his shoulder brushed Darcy’s as he grabbed his coffee. “Shall we sit?”

She sighed. She didn’t see any way out of it. “Fine.”

The coffee shop was busy this time of day, with office workers grabbing their caffeine before heading to their offices. There was one table left at the back, with two small chairs pushed close together.

As she slid in, hanging her handbag on the back of her chair, Agent Burke sat beside her. His hard thigh bumped hers and she barely stopped herself from jolting.

She’d always envisaged FBI agents as older, overweight, and balding. They spent a lot of time sitting behind a desk, so it seemed unfair that Alastair Burke looked the way he did.

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  1. Melinda Cheong

    You know how to tease us with the covers Anna and a brilliant giveaway as well. You’re the best. #hacketterforlife

  2. They look great! I can’t wait. Just a wee bit sad that you are closing the series. I am looking very forward to the next installment of the Gladiators series. I love your work! Thanks for a your time, effort and crativity!

  3. The cover is enticing & so is the tease – I know that Undetected will be a WOW of a story – and though their story marks the of the summer – I can’t wait to read it.

  4. I am so happy that I discovered Anna Hackett books. I have finished reading all of them to date and look forward to the new Treasure Hunter Security books, especially Darcy’s story.
    Worth placement on my tbr again shelf.

  5. Omg I have been waiting so very patiently for THS!!! I can not wait for these books!!!! Fan for life ???

  6. I can’t wait to read Unidentified and Undetected! The cover reveals are as always great–love the tattoo! And I loved the video! Hot men doesn’t hurt.

  7. Awesome covers I’m kinds crushing on Mr. Tattoo …..can’t wait to read them. Miss Mel his mind I got dibs. LOL .

  8. I haven’t had a chance to read any of the Treasure Hunter Security books yet but I have loved all of your books that I have read and I am looking forward to this series too!

  9. OMG! I. Can. Not. Wait! Especially for Darcy and Agent Burke’s story. I have been itching to get to know their relationship more and am going to be sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for September to finally be here! Eeeeeee!

  10. Great covers!! I look forward to reading these books, especially Datcy and Agent Arrogant and Annoying. Awesome giveaway ?

  11. So very excited for all the stories! But sad to see the series ending. Looking forward to what comes next!

  12. Elize van der Merwe

    I love that video, what a great idea! And thank you for those snippets from the previous books, it brought back a lot of memories again. Now I have to re-read the books I have.

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    The covers are great but I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work!

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    Love the look of these… yet to read, but archaeology made sexy! (I can say that as an archaeology student 🙂 )

  15. Oh boy, I’m sad it’s going to be over, but I’m really really looking forward to Darcy. And hopefully the end of Silk Road :P.

  16. Maria Michelle Varley

    Wow Oliver’s book is smokin hot, and Darceys is good but to clean for me although AAA is good lookin

  17. Double the love this time around! Agent arrogant has morphed to looking like Luke Evans!!! I’m going back to the decade of my birth with the elder Wards too! I cannot wait to see how Lara Croft and Indiana Jones met! LOL

  18. Connie Hutchings

    I have yet to delve into the treasure hunter security series so knowing that the last book is almost out, although upsetting for some, is amazing news to me! I can go on a THS binge read and won’t have to wait FOREVER for the next book (looking at you HS & GG) thanks Anna! Congrats on another book finished and published ?? Always a pleasure to read your work. Your one of my top favourite authors ❤❤❤

  19. The covers are gorgeous.
    And I can’t wait to read Darcy’s and Agent Burkes story! I am so impatient.
    Thank you for the looks inside and the release date info.

  20. Shannon Ferguson

    You always have such fabulous covers Anna! ?? And you manage to also have fabulous giveaways too, and this one is no different. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the THS world.

  21. The Galen cover reveal is great–I’m looking forward to another fantastic trip with the Gladiators!

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