40 thoughts on “Hell Squad Quiz: Find Your Hell Squad Job”

  1. I got squad 9 not sure I agree with that! Some of the questions were hard for me as none of the answers worked, doesn’t really matter. Lol
    Thank Anna for the glimpse into your thoughts as to what makes up each part of your different books!

  2. I’m in Hell Squad! Although, I feel like I’d really belong in the MacGyver department. Piecing together what we need out of other things… Or maybe keeping the civllians happy with things like art and toys…? I’m more of a crafter than a fighter. ?

  3. I’m a Command Center Cutie!!! Too bad Marcus is spoken for! ? Good thing there are MANY other hotties available! Woohoo!!!!!

  4. Command center but just missed hell squad by 2%. Maybe if I work hard enough I can make the squad.

  5. I got Command Center, which is not much different from working in the corporate office of a small oilfield services company. LOL
    Guess that one pegged me pretty well.
    Thanks for all the great writing you do to keep us all entertained, Anna.

  6. Jennifer Booth

    Command Center….hhhmmm….not sure I can handle being in an office and not in the field kicking butt!!!

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