Double Cover Reveal: Conqueror and Mission: Uncovered

Today I have not one but TWO new covers to show to you!

In November, I am very excited to have the final Galactic Kings story for you *and* a Treasure Hunter Security/Team 52/Norcross Security crossover novella.

So soak in all the cover goodness and scroll on down to enter my signed paperback giveaway to celebrate.

Mission: Uncovered

Treasure Hunter Security/Team 52/Norcross Security
Release date: 1st Nov 2022

Cover artist: Melody Simmons

Amber Butler is out to prove herself: to her sister, herself, and especially to her bosses at Treasure Hunter Security. If her mission involves trekking into the desert with someone from the covert black ops Team 52, she’ll do it.

But what she doesn’t expect is for that someone to be her smoking hot Vegas one-night stand.

I just *loved* writing this story. I loved Amber and her protective hero (who is a new Team 52 recruit). And I loved seeing favorite characters from Treasure Hunter Security, Team 52, and some of the Norcross men again. You don’t have to have read all the series to enjoy the novella, and if you have read them, then I hope you have fun re-visiting old friends.

This action-packed crossover novella will be releasing on the first of November and will be free as part of the Protector Romance Book Club.

All you have to do is sign up for the book club. You’ll get my novella in November and another free book featuring a protector hero from another author in December.

Mission: Uncovered will not be available for sale at the moment, and to start will be exclusive to the book club.

Sign up for Mission: Uncovered here:

Galactic Kings #4
Release date: 8th Nov 2022

Cover artist: Julie Nicholls – JMN ART

Are you ready to head back to the Sarkany System?

Three powerful warrior kings, all brothers, are united in the fight against their power-hungry father, Zavir. They’ll do everything to protect their planets, their people, and the women from Earth they’ve fallen in love with.

I am so thrilled to share the final Galactic Kings book with you soon. Conqueror is the story of dark, intense Conqueror Graylan Sarkany, the ruler of the planet of Taln.

It’s time for the final showdown with Rhain, Brodin, and Graylan’s power-hungry father, Zavir. Graylan’s only focus is protecting his people and defeating his father, until he meets a tough, feisty survivor from Earth…

Evie Mason has survived two years in alien captivity. She’s free, but she can’t return to Earth and her captors have changed her…left her with a volatile power she isn’t sure she can control.

On top of the fear and nightmares, one man ignites a desire she’s not felt in so long–one dangerous, powerful alien conqueror.

Conqueror Fast Facts:

  • Release date: Ebook and paperback will be out on the 8th Nov 2022
  • Pre-order: There will be a short pre-order which should be live around Friday the 4th Nov.
  • Kindle Unlimited: It will be available in KU.
  • Audiobook: Look for the audio early in the new year – narrated by Vivienne Leheny and Stephen Dexter

Conqueror Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the double cover reveal, I have a special giveaway. ONE lucky winner will win a signed copy of Overlord *and* a special hardback edition of my author buddy Lana Pecherczyk’s fantasy romance. TWO winners will also get a signed copy of either Emperor or Captain of the Guard. Enter using the Rafflecopter below — only do the options you want.

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69 thoughts on “Double Cover Reveal: Conqueror and Mission: Uncovered”

  1. I cant wait for both!!!! By the way, is the crossover book going to released in paperback form too? Love your books soooooo much!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. It’s only a novella, Sterre, so no, it won’t be paperback. Maybe in the future if I write some more I can bundle them together.

  2. My favourite author, I cannot wait to read the new stories. Saves me rereading the old ones, truthful I never really mind.

  3. I love your books and look forward to each new release 🙂 The new covers look amazing and I can’t wait until they are out.

  4. Anna Hackett is my favorite writer. I’ve read all three story lines and more. I’ve travelled through space. I’ve fought unimaginable wars against bad guys and aliens. I’ve lived the life of the rich on earth. I’ve gone on fantastic guests for hidden treasures. I’ve been romanced by the best. What more does a girl want?

  5. I’ve read all of the Galactic Gladiators, House of Rone, Eon Warriors and Hell Squad, plus some of several other series, and I’m dying to read Overlord. If you write it, I want to read it.

  6. can’t wait for the release.
    awesome giveaway as well, i love Lana’s books especially the Seven Deadly Sins series.

  7. Carrie McConnell

    I just read the the security series. Looking forward to the crossover. Eagerly awaiting the galactic kings series.

  8. Oooh! I was looking for cover reveals on your IG yesterday! So this was definitely a treat to see today! Can’t wait for November! As always, love the covers!

  9. I have only just found you, but I am loving what I have read of your books so far. I am looking forward to meeting you at RARE23 in Melbourne. Thank you for the chance

  10. I really want the crossover book have all the THS team 52 and Norcross working on sentinel and galaxy kings however I only want that book don’t want to sign up for the rest Anna Hackett is one of my favourite authors

  11. I love Anna’s books and she always has the most magnificent looking men on her covers. Wet dreams anyone. I so look forward to her releases. I stop reading whatever book I’m reading to read her new book. Enormous fan.

  12. Great! I have been waiting for the last Galactic Kings. This has been one of my favorite Anna Hackett series. BTW the cover is h-o-t:)

  13. Enticing covers and teases- Power radiates off the Graylan cover and Uncovered cover is sultry. Looking forward to fiery, passionate romances along with the suspense and action.

  14. I so want to get the crossover book but the Protector Romance Book Club link doesn’t work. Says there is no website associated with the address. Please help!

        1. The Protector Romance bookclub was only in 2022. It’s finished now. But I am giving my story away to anyone who subscribes to my mailing list here on my website as part of my free box set if you’d like to sign up.

  15. I just finished Treasure Hunter Security (because I read Norcross awhile back first and loved it so i started at the beginning) where does Uncovered fit in? I’m moving to Team 52 next.

    1. Hi Nicole. I’d read Team 52 first, then read Uncovered. BUT, I did try to write the novella so anyone can read it at any time. But chronologically, it is after all three of the series.

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