Cover Reveal – Sentinel Security: Hades

Time to meet the next Sentinel Sentinel hero — Matteo “Hades” Mancini!

Dark and dangerous Killian Hawke leads his team of security experts — former military, CIA, and international law enforcement agents — who will stop at nothing to save the day…and a woman in danger.

I have another action-packed, sexy romance for you. One former Interpol/mafia hunter hero and a CIA analyst heroine collide when a simple information hand off turns deadly.

He’s a gorgeous former Interpol agent.
Tall, dark, and Italian.

He’s way out of her league, but when danger explodes around them, she finds herself on the run with the sexiest man she’s ever met.

Pre-order: Hades will be available for pre-order the Friday before release day (16th September)

Audiobook: It is going straight into audio production with narrators Stella Bloom and Teddy Hamilton. Look for the completed audio around November/December.

When is it Killian’s turn?! His turn is coming, I promise!

Take a look at the cover and blurb below, and scroll down to enter my Hades Cover Reveal Giveaway to celebrate. I’m giving away signed paperbacks of Wolf.

Sentinel Security #2
Release date: 20th Sept 2022

Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Photographer: ADB IMAGERY

He’s a gorgeous former Interpol agent.
Tall, dark, and Italian.

He’s way out of her league, but when danger explodes around them, she finds herself on the run with the sexiest man she’s ever met.

CIA analyst Gabbi Hansley has a plan—escape her dysfunctional family, excel at her job, and build a safe, stable life for herself. Boring? Maybe, but she likes boring. When tasked to meet a security contractor and give him an encrypted drive, a quick, simple job goes terribly wrong.

Gabbi didn’t expect her contact to be the hottest man she’s ever seen. Nor was she expecting the bad guys who turn up and spray the restaurant with bullets.

After years of wading through the muck, dismantling mafia crime syndicates in Italy, former Anti-Mafia officer and Interpol agent Matteo “Hades” Mancini likes his job at Sentinel Security. He also knows he has nothing permanent to offer any woman, so he keeps things fun and temporary.

But when his dangerous past rears its head, he finds himself trapped with the tough, no-nonsense Gabbi, and on a second glance, he sees past her sensible exterior to the tempting woman beneath.

Now Gabbi and Matteo are in a race for survival. While they work to track down who’s after them, attraction burns hot and bright. Gabbi knows a man like Matteo won’t be interested in her for long, and she asks him to show her all the things she’s been missing in the bedroom. But the possessive need to keep her safe is growing in Matteo, and soon he has two mission objectives: take down the bad guys, and convince Gabbi Hansley that she’s his.

Excerpt from Wolf (Norcross Security #1) featuring Matteo “Hades” Mancini

“Sorry, Hades,” Killian said. “No cocktails for you. I have a job for you.”

Hades groaned. “I just got home.”

“It’s a simple one. I need you to meet a CIA contact in D.C. to get some important files. They can’t be transferred electronically.”

Hades tipped his head back and muttered in Italian.

Killian smiled. “I’ve reserved you a room at the Hay-Adams.”

At the name of the exclusive hotel near the White House, Hades perked up. “I’m charging dinner at Lafayette and the best bottle of Valpolicella I can find on my company card.”

“Deal,” Killian said.

Hades headed for the doorway and gave them a salute. “Duty calls. Enjoy the cocktails.”

“Stay out of trouble, Matteo,” Killian called out.


Nick shook his head. “That man couldn’t stay out of trouble if he tried.”

“It’s only one night in D.C. to collect a file. Should be simple enough.” Killian slapped Wolf’s arm. “Now, how about a cocktail?”

Hades Cover Reveal Giveaway

To celebrate the Hades cover reveal, I have some signed Wolf paperbacks to give away. THREE winners will win a copy if Wolf!

The giveaway will be open for a week and open internationally. TIP: If you are having trouble entering via Rafflecopter or get an error, please try clearing the cache on your browser or try opening in a different browser.

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69 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Sentinel Security: Hades”

  1. I read Norcross Security series and LOVED it! I have downloaded Wolf but have not started reading yet. Can’t wait to dig into this series as well! Thanks for writing wonderfully entertaining books for us!

  2. So excited for the new book. Every time a new one from any series comes out I feel compelled to go back and read all the previous books in that series. Love all the families!

  3. Having fun meeting all the Sentinel Security gang, even if it means waiting (im)patiently for the mysterious Killian’s book! 😀 Love the cover, kinda Bond-esque!

  4. Yes yes yes love the cover and yes I have I think all your books. I’ll keep getting them until I’m old and gray
    Thank you Dixie

  5. LOVE ❤️ all your books! Can’t wait for each one. They are distracting me during this third bout of cancer. Looking at these hot guys is like the perfect medicine…h

  6. Just what I need right now 😍
    Sounds great and the cover is hot!
    A restaurant sprayed with bullets? Where have I read that before? 🤔😅

  7. I loved Wolf and I’m really excited to read the rest of the Sentinel Security books. Can’t wait for the next sci-fi also!

  8. I’m looking forward to your next adventure! No one writes “it was supposed to be an easy meeting” quite like you. 😁

  9. mmm, I truly appreciate a handsome man with is shirt sleeves rolled up. Just something about those strong arms. Anna, have you given any thought to my life-size cardboard Hackett hero men? I really could use one. In my studio, to keep me safe or bedroom to inspire sweet dreams….

  10. Totally scheduling my “me” time around Anna’s new releases! Really enjoying the Sentinel Security Series. Can’t wait for Hades! Have to agree with a previous post-these cover models really help set the scene! Wow….

  11. I’m so excited for this! I love, love the cover. It’s ridiculous how invested I am in the Norcross/Sentinel Security crews. <3

  12. Oh how exciting! Matteo will set the book on fire, for sure!
    Thank you Anna, for this book which will also be loved like the others.:))

  13. Sultry cover and luring tease-love it. Can’t wait to read all the action, romance and happy ending. Your stories are uplifting and a fabulous escape for me with our current situation and always make me smile.

  14. Not me trying to ignore these new books until half the series, at least, is done because I LOVE myself some Anna Hackett so much I binge them all as fast as possible and then I’m left bored and wanting. 😭🤣

  15. How much trouble, indeed??? Oh, Anna—I’m betting you wrote the entire story about that trouble! Can’t wait to read it!

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