Galactic Gladiators: Protector Cover Reveal

Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

In Gladiator, Lt. Harper Adams was abducted by alien slavers and faced tough, tattooed gladiator Raiden Tiago across the blood-soaked sands of the Kor Magna Arena.

In Warrior, scientist Regan Forrest tamed big, wild gladiator, Thorin and uncovered his secrets.

In Hero, outspoken, red-haired engineer, Rory Fraser pursued controlled, military-trained gladiator, Kace Tameron.

Now, showman gladiator Lore heats things up to melt the ice around human survivor, Madeline Cochran in Protector.

Protector (Galactic Gladiators #4)
Out 28th February

Galactic Gladiators

42 thoughts on “Galactic Gladiators: Protector Cover Reveal”

  1. By far, the best cover yet!!!!!!. It’s not some amazingly ripped man just standing there looking sexy. It’s an amazingly ripped man being sexy because he shows so much emotion, passion and action that you are just waiting for him to turn it all onto you. Whew!!!!! Great stuff there. Thanks for the Valentine’s present Anna!!!!

    1. Glad you like Lore’s cover, Pegge! Yes, I wanted something a bit different and thought this suited Lore (-: Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  2. Love the cover, it really shows his fierce spirit. Looking forward to the book release & seeing what happens next with Lore & Madeline ?

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie. I knew I wanted a logo for the series and we had a few options, but Melody my cover artist came up with this one.

      1. Ah! Melody S? I’ve worked with her before. She’s great!

        I love this one because it really stands out from other covers. The hero just looks amazing and I love the “fire” effect around his fist.

        1. Yes, Melody S is awesome to work with!

          I wanted something a bit different for this one and lots of readers have been asking for sexy back as opposed to chest LOL! The fire effect ties to the story.

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